Day 313 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today I’ve been relaxing, spending the day on Discovery and on the canal.

The canal has been super busy, with lots of walkers all day.

The Coffee Boat has had a continuous queue since 9am this morning!

But it has also been a lovely day, warmer, the sun out and no rain.

This morning, when I went to take the usual photo for the start of the blog, the Leamington Lift Bridge was lifted due to boats being filled with diesel, pump outs, etc…so no usual photo 🙁

A relaxing walk along the canal for our morning walk, to Bridge No. 2 which was nice.

The canal was still frozen at parts.

A longer walk this afternoon, to Redford – which is not far from Bridge No. 5.

It was super sunny on the way there, with the sun in our eyes.  Honey seemed ok not being on the lead, which was easier for me.

However, on our way back, somewhere between Harrison Park and Meggetland, she stopped starting at a large grass area.  I looked to see what she was starring at, suddenly noticing there were about six massive rabbits happily eating the grass.  As soon as I realised they were rabbits, I said out loud “they are rabbits”, and Honey was away.

Not sure, if this was the exact point that she also worked out they were rabbits, or she understood what I was saying, or she saw it as some kind of command to go?

She ran down an embankment and onto the grass where the rabbits were, they all ran through a fence.  I called her and she came back, taking a biscuit from me for coming back, then turned round and ran back to where they were.  Now trying to squeeze under the fence, I ran after her and grabbed her as half her body was under the metal fence.

If she had got under the fence, not only would I have not managed to get under the fence as well, but the other side of the fence was also the railway line, with a few tracks.  Thank goodness she didn’t get under the fence.

She walked back the rest of the way to Discovery, on the lead.  I’m sure she could tell I was not too pleased with her.  From now on, she will be put on the lead, when we get near that part of the canal.


Back near Lochrin Basin where Discovery is, the sun was setting, with a gorgeous sunset (blog cover photo).

This evening I listened / watched Elephant Sessions, on the virtual Celtic Connections.  I’ve watched a few Celtic Connections videos in the last few weeks and I must admit, it is no where near as good as being at a gig in person.


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today, the whole of the Western Isles of Scotland went into Level 4 of lockdown.

Barra and Vatersay (these are interlinked by a causeway) have already been in Level 4 due to a rapid increase in Covid cases (10% of the population), but with an outbreak in the hospital in Lewis, Level 4 lockdown is to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed.

Things We No Longer Use

Where are we at?  Kilts (Day 300), Irons (Day 301), Suit and Tie (Day 302), Passports (Day 303), Massive Travel Delays (Day 304), Clothes (Day 305) and High Heels (Day 311) and Taxis (Day 312).

Today, is another one suggested yesterday (Day 312), more to do with things we no longer do rather than use and probably for the younger population –

A random snog in a nightclub.

Do you miss random snogs in nightclubs?

The discussion went onto, whether random kissing in nightclubs post-Covid would continue?  Knowing, the virus will still be about, would you kiss a stranger in a nightclub?  Or maybe on New Year’s Eve / Hogmanay…or even anyone, anywhere for that matter?!

Readers Coner

One post today.



Anna shared another painting with The Paint Republic, saying:

“My latest The Paint Republic painting as always done as a birthday card”.

Thanks for sharing Anna 🙂


As I come to the end of this blog, it has been so warm today.  I have hardly had to have the wood burner going and it is still warm on Discovery.  Well, that is in comparison to previous weeks/days.

I’ve had a great day relaxing and chilling out, just what I needed.

Tomorrow, I am picking up a City Car Club van and driving to Linlithgow to collect a corner sofa for my flat.  I am a little worried if the sofa will fit through the door of my living room, as it is quite narrow.  But that is the case with buying any second hand sofa and this one is the perfect colour for my flat.

Today it has been dry, warm and a pleasant day.  Snow is forecast again from Tuesday next week for a few days!

Hope you’ve had a Splendid Saturday 🙂

Stay Safe!

Jim x


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  1. Hunter

    Nice photos Jim.
    Passed by your boat yesterday to see if you were around, but you were off chasing rabbits!

  2. Julie Ellam

    I miss random snogs anywhere, anytime. I can’t wait for lockdown to be over!

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