Day 310 – Reflections on Lockdown

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I had a great sleep last night 🙂

Before going to bed I had some Bedtime Tea (Yogi Tea), which includes valerian root.

I slept really well all night, waking up early – my bladder was calling 😉

The advantage of living on the boat, that  when if I need a wee, I might as well get dressed to head the 100m to the toilet.  In the flat, I would nip to the bathroom and go back to bed/sleep!

This morning, there was a layer of fog and mist, it created a stillness in the air.

Like yesterday, I bumped into Kevin who owns the Coffee Boat and we chatted for a while, realising that this is the time he is always delivering milk, etc…to the boat.  He said that he was viewing the boat next to Discovery later which is for sale.  I asked if I could come along too and take a look – he said fine.

So after Qi Gong I had a look round Gosling, which is for sale, owned by Scottish Canals and then James, who was showing me round, showed me the other Scottish Canals boat next to it.  This is 11 ft wide with a massive space for dances, weddings, etc…

Looking round both boats, made me realise just how small Discovery is.

Then after doing some work, Honey and I went for our afternoon walk along the canal to Bridge No. 4 and back.

On the way back Honey went to the Coffee Boat, which I call the ‘Biscuit Boat’ to her as they have lots of dog biscuits and we met a photographer who took some photos of her.

This evening, I headed to the flat for a short visit, to give a guy the glass table I was giving away.

This table was given to me many years ago by my friend Henry.  He made it at Grays College of Art, for his final exhibition.  The glass is from the emergency back window of a bus, the legs are bus steering wheels.  On the ends of the steering wheel columns are suction pads, which stick to the table.  I haven’t used it for years, but its easy to store.

The guy who collected it, said he has a bus seat in his home, so this would go well with it.

And so another item of mine goes to a new home 🙂

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

It seems that Westminster has started reading my blog!  After yesterday’s blog (Day 309), today Boris announced that people arriving into the UK from countries on the ‘red list’ Covid hotspots will now have to quarantine in government provided hotels – he listed New Zealand as being one of the places that already do this, just like I mentioned in yesterday’s blog!  Can it be a coincidence or are they reading my blog?! 😉


In countries like Australia and New Zealand that already have this in place, people are charged to stay in the hotel, paying for the accommodation and food, which according to this article says it’s ‘the luck of the draw’ on the standards and food you get.

New Zealand charges £1,630 for the first adult, with an extra £500 for each additional adult and £250 for each child.

Australia (New South Wales) charges £1,700 per adult and £2.800 for a family (2 adults and 2 children).

Which on top of flights, which are higher due to Covid, can seem pretty steep!

But in these countries they have largely eradicated Covid, with people living a ‘normal life’.

What do you think?

Will the ‘new normal’ limit people going abroad,?  Will only the wealthy be able to go abroad?  Will easy travel abroad become a thing of the past?

What if you are away in a country that is not on the ‘red list’ and then when you are away it becomes on the red list?


The government also announced today that people travelling out of the UK have to proof it is essential.  If it is not classed as essential, they will be turned away or given a fine.


Essential Travel is defined as:

  • Work that cannot be done from home
  • Medical appointments
  • Educational reasons


Readers Corner

One post today.



Pat left a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 309) saying:

“Agreed With The Comments On Inward Travel To The UK It’s. Bloody Joke… Something Needs To Be Done…It’s No Good People Doing What We Are Told Yet The Virus Could Be Brought In…. Stay Safe and Stay Well All…☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿“.

Thanks for that Pat!  Looks like Westminster are reading our words 🙂



It Made Me Smile

A friend sent me this and it made me smile 🙂



As I come to the end of this blog, I am feeling tired again, but it’s slightly earlier, not even 11pm.  The good nights sleep last night has definitely given me more energy today, so hoping I will sleep well again tonight, with some Bedtime Tea.

Will be interesting to see how the new government hotels being rolled out goes and how effective they will be at reducing the spread of Covid.  I am guessing, this may be in place for a number of years, to reduce the reintroduction of Covid back into the UK or a new strain of it.  Perhaps for the next few years we will be holidaying in the UK.  We will have to wait and see.

Today there has been a misty feel in the air all day, I don’t recall it raining, but certainly a wet feel in the air.  The canal is just about all defrosted.

Hope you’ve had a Wonderful Wednesday.

Jim x

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  1. Jill Richardson

    I love your blog. I live off Easter road (said before) but it seems folk far further afield are reading. I understand it takes a bit of time but it’s great to read so when you feel it’s a struggle please know it’s appreciated. PS, things no longer used for me is high heels.

  2. John Meikle

    Hi Jim, thought Gosling and Lochrin Belle were owned by Re-Union, and not Scottish Canals.

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