Day 31 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Day 31 – one full month since we started lock-down!

What a long month it seems – one of the longest months I can ever remember!

I remember reading about lock-down in China, way before lock-down was even being talked about the in UK and thought how hard it sounded.  I met someone, who said their friend was living in China on lock-down and she said the hardest thing was there was just nothing to do – she was bored!!  I certainly can’t relate to that – life has been busier for me than it has for years!

But reflecting over the last month and thinking about reading about it in China a few months ago.  I feel really fortunate to be put in this situation.  To have my freedom restricted so much.

There’s few people (in the UK) who can say they have had these kind of mass restrictions placed on them.  How lucky we all are!

Maybe I won’t be saying that on a day when I have no energy and am fed up with everything 😉

Today, my energy and mood has been upbeat.  I’ve worked out – that by 3pm, when I’ve lost motivation to do anything else in my day, that is the perfect time to get outside!  Today, Honey the Dog and I did pretty much the same run as yesterday – 8km.  My body is aching now!  But I am definitely getting faster.

I then came home, got into my pyjamas and relaxed on the sofa.  Today I watched Star Wars II – The Clone Wars.

Since my 7 day free trail of the Disney Channel finished a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been missing having access to all the movies.  So I subscribed for a month.  But this gives me access to all the Star Wars films 🙂

Check out the video of me running up the gradual 1 km – 1.5 km hill.


Honey swam the full length of this lake !

After the near miss of Honey and a cyclists – I kept her running on the pavement.  When she would refuse to run on the pavement – instead on the other side of the road – I would run next to her to shield her from cyclists!

On our run today, Honey the Dog decided to go for a very long swim in the lake (where the toad is migrating).  She was trying to catch a duck – without success.  Despite my calling, she just would not come in.  She was right across the other side of the mini lake.

After 15 minutes there was quite a gathering of people watching and I worried I was going to get into trouble.  She pretty much swam a full length of the pond which is about 200 metres (see photo)!!

I was considering whether to jump in and swim over to get her!!

But I did get some good photos whilst she was swimming.  Check out the one at the top of the blog.  Can you spot Honey the Dog right over the other side?

Eventually, a swan flew over and started heading for Honey.  She turned and started heading to the shore with the swan ‘chasing’ her.  She made it back to the shore before the swan caught her.  Phew!

As we headed through the start of the valley, we took a different route up the ‘passing places track’.  I saw a boy coming towards me – but was doing a good pace – so let him find a ‘passing place’.  This then brought us to a series of hillocks to run down.  On the second one, Honey was not coming – despite me calling her.

When I looked again, she was having a good roll in something – maybe fox poo?  She certainly rolled for a good 5 minutes!

On the way down Easter Road we saw Miles (see Readers Corner).


Due to Honey the Dog’s rolling she had to have a full Shower & Shampoo.  She doesn’t mind having a shower, but she doesn’t enjoy Shower & Shampoo!  I’ve learnt the easier way to do this is naked – as she shakes so many times through the whole process!

Check out her Instagram Story, you can follow her on –

A positive, is that I use Baby Shampoo so she smells great afterwards and her fur is really soft.

Readers Corner

Thanks for all those who shared today for Readers Corner.  Ultimately, if you now share anything about how you are doing, I will ask if it can go into Readers Corner!  You can say no!  But everyone says yes – although sometimes a bit of editing on what to include 🙂


Jan is my neighbour who lives directly above me.  We often message each other, to check we are not making too much noise and disturbing each other.  Jan sent me a message today saying:

I’m enjoying reading your blogs – your honesty is refreshing, when most people post only the ‘happy clappy’ stuff and ignore the negative emotions. Keep up the good work. 

I have to say, most of my days are ok – but I’m used to this sort of life. I know it’s harder for everyone who is active and sociable (or working!). Looks like the sun might make an appearance 🤞

Thanks Jan!  It’s good to hear how Jan is doing and weird that she is so close, above me!



For regular readers, you will have heard about Miles.  He featured in yesterday’s blog about the volunteering work he is doing designing face visors.

I bumped into Miles on Easter Road, as he was heading out of Co-Op on his way home to cook dinner.  I think today was the first day he had read my blog and was saying (in a surprised voice) that it was really good.  He had only dipped in and had read parts of it, but really enjoyed reading about the Toad Migration.

He also commented that he thought Honey was starting to get some muscle.  With all these runs/walks and swimming, I am sure she is!

Thanks Miles for the photo and letting me share.


You will also know Robin from various blogs, the most recent being a Zoom Photo-shoot a few days ago!

Today Robin sent me a link of him being at work, making bread.  When I asked if I could share it, he said it wasn’t that interesting.  But I pointed out that most of what I write in this blog isn’t very interesting, but everyone seems to enjoy it.  So if you are wanting to bake some bread, check out this 30 minute video!


Thanks Robin!  Looking forward to the next video!



Finally, Helen shared lots today.  You have heard a lot about Helen over the blogs.  In the early days I shared parts of her story.  Check out what she wrote and some photos too:

“Good evening! Sorry I didn’t join Chi Gong this morning. I hope tomorrow isn’t cancelled ❤ there’s a slim chance I can join the session tomorrow 🙏.   I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog a couple of times today and appreciated it as always.  One of the best things about your blog is that you share every day.  On all other social media, people only really share their occasional highlights.  It was refreshing to see that I wasn’t the only one “frustrated with life, hating everything” and you took us on a mini journey pulling yourself out of the rut.”

It’s so true about Social Media.  People often post on Facebook the good parts of their day or times when they are struggling.  But not everything, every day!  I’m glad that my blog yesterday was so helpful for Helen.

She continued….

“My youngest got sent home from school yesterday with a bit of a cold (primary schools in Sweden are still open, but with zero tolerance for sniffles) and my oldest managed to twist her ankle.  Nothing serious, but just something else to deal with while my energy reserves are running on absolute empty.

I also got a phone call from the lady coordinating my rehab while I’m on sick leave and until I’m fit to return to work.  It was a disappointing reminder that my life is still in limbo for the foreseeable future.  The river analogy really struck a chord with me.  This is my “deep still pool”.  It’s hard to fully appreciate this time of quiet, stillness and complete absence of direction or action.

Like your run, I was able to go for a walk today and it brought me out of my head and into the moment. I’ll send you some photos”.


I like the river analogy too that I shared yesterday.  For the end of my counselling training, we had to write a description of our journey and do some kind of art piece.  I mapped the 2 years of my training, based on the river analogy, with a drawing of a river, going over rocks, going down tributes, going down waterfalls into plunge pools and sitting in deep still pools.  I have this on my wall in my bedroom and often think about it in relation to my life.  Just like yesterday.

Here are the photos Helen shared,  In a Photo Gallery, with a description/sharing of each photo.  If you click/tap on the photo – the full picture opens and you can see the description / caption.

Thanks Helen for sharing your day / thoughts of yesterdays blog and the lovely photos.

As I come to the end of today’s blog.  I reflect on all that I have written.  I love how I am now including more and more of how other people are doing.  It’s great to get a bigger picture of lock-down and I’m sure you will be getting bored of me 😉

My body is soo tired today.  But the tiredness is so much better than just being stuck in doors all day on the computer!  I don’t usually run two days in a row.  Maybe I will take a break tomorrow and head to Portobello at the weekend for another day trip.

Honey the Dog has slept all evening – all that swimming has exhausted her!

The sunshine definitely helps my mood.  This morning it was dull and cold and my mood did dip – thinking “Oh no – we are back to this weather“.  But then the cloud cleared and such a sunny afternoon.

Plus all the beautiful colours on the trees as they “wake up” after winter.

I think this is my favourite time of the year – when it feels like the whole of nature is coming alive after winter.  You can feel the energy and beauty of mother earth!

Looking forward to another day tomorrow, whatever that brings.

Lots of Love

Jim & Honey xx

  1. Aileen

    I agree with the comment of spring time being the time of year when if feels as if nature if coming alive. What’s nice is that we get time to appreciate it properly this year, as our lives are less busy than normal (apart from yours, Jim!). We also have time to properly relax and slow down without any guilt or fear of missing out – FOMO – which I think everyone needed even if they didn’t realise it themselves.