Day 309 – Reflections on Lockdown

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The blog is starting to feel like a chore rather than something I enjoy doing!

I can’t relax in the evening as I have the blog hanging over me, knowing at some point I will have to muster the energy, switch the computer on and start.

I guess, that’s why not many people write a daily blog, I wouldn’t recommend it!

My motivation and energy to keep it going is very minimal – does anyone fancy writing it for a while?!

Less than 60 days to go and then I will have done a year and my commitment to write it for a year will be over 🙂

Last night it rained most of the night, the sound of rain on the roof of Discovery was unfamiliar, making me realise it can’t of rained heavily for a while.

I couldn’t sleep last night and when I finally did at about 4am I woke up roasting, sweating pouring off me – I feared it was Covid.  Honey was sleeping on the floor on her bed, I guess as its cooler down there.  The boat was no hotter than normal, but I guess as it was warmer outside, it feels hotter inside?

No further symptoms of Covid – phew!

Today it has rained on and off for most the day too.

I was up early, as I was going to an HMRC online seminar straight after Qi Going.  I usually leave the boat to take Honey for a morning walk about 8.30am, then return for breakfast, before switching the computer on about 8.55am.  This morning I left the boat at 8.15am, but then got chatting to Kevin who owns the Coffee Boat Business, he gave me a free coffee, and before I knew it time had slipped away.  I returned to Discovery at 9am, just in time to give Honey her breakfast and be at Qi Gong for 9.10am.


I must admit I felt the HMRC seminar was a waste of my time and it took 4 GB of data!  The seminar was on how to do your tax return/self assessment renting out a property.  However, the property part was only about 10 minutes, mainly signposting to HMRC documents.  The rest of the 1 hour long seminar was how to complete your self assessment, which I’ve done for 13 years and don’t need to learn.  But it did reassure me, that I am doing everything correctly.  I think they could have provided a bit more description at the seminar registration, as I wouldn’t have signed up.  I will need to send them some feedback.

I then spent the day doing some paid work, before taking Honey for her afternoon walk about 4pm.  It was our usual walk through Bruntsfield Links and The Meadows.  The queue outside the coffee hut was even longer than yesterday (Day 308).

On the way back to the canal I spotted an innovative café which can serve at the door, but not have to have the door open – an intercom!


Also I spotted a Chinese restaurant / café with a table at the door.

This evening, I put together my laminate model (see yesterdays blog, Day 308).  Creating small pieces of paper, to scale, to represent the laminate which are of a variety of shapes.  Some of the laminate panels have interconnecting sides on every side, some on three sides, some just on one.  So I marked this on the paper too.

I then created a paper model of my kitchen floor space, to scale – it’s an odd shaped kitchen.


Before arranging the laminate pieces to see if they would all fit and connect.  With some sawing, I think they will 🙂

Hard to really see from this photo.


The last part seeing if the laminate would fit was easy, as I just needed to find a piece of paper to fit the size of the kitchen floor.

The harder part, will be returning to the actual laminate and working out which pieces they all are and putting it all together!


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

This morning I woke up to hearing Chris Evans talking about Covid in the UK on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show.  He was suggesting that the UK should put everyone arriving in the country in hotels, so we know they quarantine for the full 10 days.  He pointed out that other countries have done this and proven it works.  He said in New Zealand, they did this and the country is back to normal, giving the example that festivals are now happening there again.

I then spotted this article in The Guardian, published 3 days ago, saying that Heathrow airport is really busy with people complaining about long crews at border control.  Although everyone was wearing face-masks there was little social distancing going on.

This made me think that maybe the safest way forward, is to provide hotels for people arriving?  Otherwise, Covid will continue to spread across the world and be brought into the UK.

What do you think?


As I come to the end of this blog, I am glad I have finished and can now go to bed!

Good Night!

Jim x

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