Day 308 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today has been a day of work, which has been good.

The temperature is definitely starting to increase, doesn’t feel so cold outside, although the canal is still frozen, it is thinning.

Although this morning it was still cold and canal was a lot thicker.

There’s been less noise today of people trying to break the ice, although I noticed a large stone outside my kitchen window, I wonder if someone through it and it hit Discovery, which may have been an actual noise of something hitting her rather than an echo down the ice?!

At 3.30pm, Honey was pestering me to go out for a walk, so we took our usual walk up Leamington Road to Bruntsfield Links and then through The Meadows.

The snow is starting to melt, although on our walk, the snow was solid ice, so quite slippery!

Honey found a melted igloo 🙂

As we walked past the outside coffee hut in The Meadows, there was a big queue, with barriers, I wondered what everyone was queuing for – were there some tickets on sale?  Then I realised it was for the coffee hut!  There has always been a few people queuing there, but since the latest lockdown restrictions, ‘The Six New Lockdown Rules’ (see Day 299), the queue has got bigger.  Today, the queue stretched for at least 100 metres.  That coffee hut must be making a fortune!


Then back via the Kings Theatre, I noticed flowers on the door, like you see when there has been a death – who had died?  Then I remembered  Andy Gray died recently, he used to appear in Panto every year at the Kings Theatre.  Brian and I have been the last few years, check out article –

This evening, I was heading to the flat for some pick-ups of something I was giving away, which I had advertised on a Meadows Share Facebook – a page where you give things away.  The lady who was going to collect the glass table cancelled, but I have found someone else who wants it.  The other lady was collecting the underlay I had left over from the new carpets.

However, when I went to get my bike, I couldn’t get the key to open the lock, so I had to get the bus.  The lady collecting the laminate was nearly 1 hour late, so I played around with the new laminate in the kitchen 🙂

Returning to the canal there was a beautiful sunset.

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

This morning after Qi Gong, one of the regulars was talking about a virtual Burns Supper he went to on Saturday and how some of the Burns poems which he had never made sense of before, was really clear.  This seemed to be my experience too at the Zoom Burns Supper I was at on Saturday.  I thought about this and wondered whether when we are at Zoom meetings, Zoom events or virtual events, we have less senses in use and so its easier to understand?  Ultimately, the main sense being used in a virtual gathering is sound and maybe some visual stuff.

In Real Life, there’s lots of other things going on and so more senses being used – people moving around, full room view, etc…in a virtual event it’s just one box, which is also in 2D rather than 3D – our senses are having a lot less of an overload.  Will we all find it hard to return to IRL events because of this?  Will we find IRL events more exhausting?  I certainly remember feeling tired when I started meeting groups of people in the summer!

I also thought about what happens IRL when we start to get tired or bored, we start looking round the room, observing other things.  Where as in a virtual gathering, if I find my energy dropping, I may get up and make myself a cup of tea or get something to eat – as I have bluetooth speakers I can still hear everything that is being said, but that movement and change of energy, for me, really helps to get my concentration back.

What do you think?

As I stood waiting for the bus to go home on Leith Walk, I reflected about life in lockdown, the place was pretty quiet.  I realised, that this has been my reality for so long – these restrictions/lockdown, that this is 100% ‘normal’.  For me, it doesn’t feel like we are in anymore lockdown, it is just the way that life is.

An interesting way to look at life, we have been attuned to these restrictions so much and for so long that it is now ‘normal’.

Do you feel the same way or are you aware of the restrictions so much more?



As I come to the end of this blog, it is later than I had hoped, I am desperately wanting to get back into the blog curfew time of starting it by 8pm and finishing it by 10pm, it is now 11.15pm.  My delay was the bike being out of action, so having to wait for the bus to come home, which I think runs a Saturday service with these current restrictions – hopefully tomorrow I will get back to my curfew!

It’s been a good day, pretty laid back and a lovely walk with Honey this afternoon.

I have now measured all the laminate lengths and taken measurements of my kitchen.  I plan to create pieces of paper, to scale, to represent the laminate pieces and draw my kitchen on paper, to scale, so that I can work out how to fit all the laminate in the kitchen.  I concluded this would be easier, than than trying to do it with the actual wood in the kitchen – its going to be like doing a jigsaw 🙂

Today it has been another clear sky all day, it hasn’t rained, but as I said previously slightly warmer, I think maximum temperature was about 3 degrees.  More snow is forecast over the next few days, so it looks like this cold spell is set to continue!

Hope you’ve had a Magical Monday 🙂

Take Care!

Jim x

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