Day 307 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today is 10 months since the first full day of lockdown!

It was 24th March 2020 that we started our first full day of lockdown.

Of course there is some debate on whether we have been in lockdown all that time, I think it comes to individual experiences!  For me, the 10 months marks when we started (in the UK) this lockdown / Covid journey.

Today I have been mainly doing some paid work, which I’ve enjoyed, it seems like this is what Sunday’s are turning into.

This evening, I headed to Leith, with Honey the Dog, to pick up so laminate flooring from Hannah that she took up from her kitchen, it is going into my kitchen!  I think it’s going to be a bit like doing a jigsaw to see if it can fit!

I took Honey, so that this would be her main walk for the day.  I dropped Honey off at Hannah’s, then walked up Leith Walk to collect a City Car Club car for an hour.  Dogs are not allowed in City Car Club cars nor is Honey allowed in my flat.  I then drove the car to Hannah’s flat, forgetting that Leith Walk was shut, so took a while to find a way out of the street the car was parked in, as the entrance to Leith Walk was closed off!

Then collected the laminate, drove it to my flat, unloaded it into my flat, then took the car back to where I collected it and walked back to Hannah’s to collect Honey.  The bus back to the canal was 25 minutes wait, so we walked the route of the bus for a while, along the way I took lots of photos related to Covid.

So here is my day in photos.


Morning Walk with Honey the Dog

It was another glorious sunny day, but super cold and quite icy!


City Car Club Car

I am always aware when driving a City Car Club car that I am very identifiable, with their logo right across the car, so I am generally a much more careful driver – not a bad thing, I guess!





Collecting Honey from Hannah’s

When I picked up Honey she was super hyper – although doesn’t seem it in this photo, this is her blog photo pose 😉


Many shops limit the amount of people that can go in to 1 or 2 people


Most take-aways now just do deliveries

I wonder, how that will impact take-aways post-lockdown restrictions?  Will take-aways find it is more cost effective and easier not having customers in their shops?  What did strike me was that they can’t pick up passing trade.  If I was hungry, walking along the street looking for a take-away to eat right away, I would be reluctant to order online and then wait outside the shop for it to be delivered by for example by ‘Just Eat’!


As I come to the end of today’s blog, I’ve had little motivation or energy to write anything this evening, hence why a shorter blog, with mainly photos.  It’s still lockdown and Covid related.  I seem to go through bouts of energy and then no energy to keep this going everyday, it is totally exhausting to write a blog everyday, I wouldn’t recommend it!!

Hope you’ve had a fun weekend and if you’ve had snow, had fun in it 🙂

Stay Safe!

Jim x

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