Day 305 – Reflections on Lockdown

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This afternoon Honey, Hannah and I went on a snow adventure up Arthur’s Seat.

It was lots of fun and totally unexpected as most the snow has gone in the rest of the city!

Although, the temperature has clearly dropped, as there is quite a lot of icy paths about.

Also, the snow that hadn’t melted has now hardened into ice.

This morning, on our morning walk, the towpath that usually turns into a treacherous ice rink, was quite icy.

The canal was frozen at parts, with people throwing things in to see if it cracked the ice – it did!

People seem to forget that the ice will melt and everything on the ice will end up at the bottom of the canal!

On our way to Arthur’s Seat to meet Hannah, I took some photos of a restructured café to meet the latest restrictions (see Day 299).

Holyrood park had virtually no snow at all!


But as we slowly climbed up Arthur’s Seat we came across more and more snow!

This path (photos below) was really icy!

Near the top of Arthur’s Seat the snow deepened.

It was weird being in deep snow, looking down on the city, where there was hardly none!


At the top the sun was going down, it was a lovely sunset 🙂


It was super icy coming down from the top, I resorted to just sitting down and sliding, Hannah fell over, but Honey took it in her stride !

Then we came to some very deep snow and had lots of fun – Honey spent a lot of time jumping or digging in the snow 🙂



Check out the video below of Honey struggling through the snow – near the end you can see just how deep the snow is!



Before heading down the hill – Honey had a wee swim in the pond / lake to cool off 😉




Things We No Longer Use

We’ve had Kilts (Day 300), Irons (Day 301), Suit and Tie (Day 302), Passports (Day 303) and Massive Travel Delays (Day 304).

Today, suggested by Gez (see Readers Corner) was have Clothes.

Gez writes:

“I have a wardrobe full of clothes I’m not using, work stuff and cycling stuff!!”.

I was thinking about that myself this morning – the clothes I wear the most are my pyjamas – which I guess would now be classed as ‘loungewear’!!  When I get home in the afternoon or evening, I get into my pyjamas, Pre-Covid this would never happen as I probably would be going out.  I have been to the shops in my pyjamas and see many others doing the same!  Pyjamas are now the new loungewear!

I haven’t dressed up in a ‘dancing shirt’ to go out for nearly a year and actually only have a few sets of clothes that I circulate wearing through the week. If you are not seeing anyone, no need to wear a different outfit each day!

How about you – do you have a wardrobe full of clothes that you are not using?

What other things do you no longer use due to Covid?

Face-Mask Corner

After a wee break from Face-Mask Corner it is back!  So if you want to share a photo of one of the many face-masks or face-coverings that you own, please do so and we can get ‘Face-Mask Corner’ back on the map!

Today, romping ahead, with her 7th appearance in Face-Mask Corner we have Hannah!

Hannah said her mum gave her this face-mask whilst she was in East Lothian, all her other face-masks were in the wash!


Awesome ! 🙂

Readers Corner

We have a few posts today 🙂



A final painting from Anna with with The Paint Republic, saying:

“Final card I have done recently for as a birthday card. The Paint Republic”.

Thanks Anna 🙂



Brian messaged me today with some words for the blog, saying:

“Hello there! I was watching a new crime drama on TV last night – The Bay, which has already gripped me – and was struck at how unusual it was to see someone sitting at a desk using an office phone….! WHO has been doing that in the last 10 months?

It did make me think about all the people who keep offices ticking over…cleaners, canteen staff, facilities, IT…when will they return to anything like they were this time last year…then there are impromptu works nights out…! A real thing of the past…!!”.

Good point Brian – something else that has changed due to Covid !



Gez left a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 304) saying:

“Happy new year Jim! Enjoying seeing your pics in the snow! We only got a tiny bit in Glasgow.

Not used – I have a wardrobe full of clothes I’m not using, work stuff and cycling stuff!! I marie-kondo’d my toiletries/ bathroom stuff with my sister in a mammoth 3 hr WhatsApp tidying session. It was fun to keep going by egging each other on. She realised she had 5 deodorant things.. and I have 5 large moisturiser pots. There’s only so much you can use. I now have a pile of stuff for charity/ homeless projects and a bag of out of date meds for the chemist! I must’ve dislodged something though and it was the last straw for the piping under the bath- i flooded my downstairs neighbour on wed last week and although it was 2 days without hot water it is now sorted and slowly drying out.
A cautionary tale! But I don’t think the two were actually connected – “coincidence does not mean causality”! What would the energy of the universe have to say about that?!

Hope everyone is enjoying celtic connections!”.

Thanks for that Gez and the suggestion for today’s ‘Things We No Longer Use’ 🙂


As I come to the end of today’s blog, it’s been a super fun day.  Was so good to have a surprise adventure in the snow, especially as I was a bit disappointed with the snow fall in the last couple of days.  Was great to share all the fun and hilarity with Hannah 🙂

Honey is now fast asleep next to me on the sofa, she has been sleeping since we got back, no wonder after such a mammoth walk!

Thanks to Hannah for some of today’s photos, she has an android phone which takes much better photos than an iPhone – I miss my HTC phone photos 🙁

Tomorrow, I am spending most of the day, as one of the official ‘tech’ people at the Edinburgh Green Party Burns Supper fundraiser.  My main job is muting people, asking speakers/performers to unmute themselves and spotlighting them.  With over 8 hours of meetings (so far) it’s like a mini festival!

The weather has been great today, cold but clear skies.  This evening the temperature is dropping, at the moment it’s minus 2 degrees centigrade outside.

Hope you’ve had a Fun Friday!

Jim x


2 Responses

  1. Gez

    Er Jim.. want to rethink your comment about the dancing shirts??

    For a fact, I saw you wearing at least 4 different ones in the one days festival last year!

  2. Mystery guest

    Hello there ! Great photo of Hannah and You at the top of Arthur seat!
    And great pictures of the snow !!!
    Defo agree with Gez , loads of clothes I stopped using including fancy dresses and flowery shirts!
    Passports though are useful for new Scots who need emergency trip back to their first home 😉

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