Day 303 – Reflections on Lockdown

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At the end of yesterday’s blog (Day 302) I excitedly wrote that I had looked out the window and it was snowing!

So armed with my phone for some blog photos, Honey and I ventured out for our bedtime walk.

However, I was left disappointed that it was not the usual type of snow.

It was a cross between snow and sleet, although it was settling.

It felt like it was snowing slush and so was super wet on the ground.

Even Honey didn’t seem so excited about it all – looking a bit cold and wet.

But I still took some photos last night for the blog, messaging Hannah to see if it was snowing in Leith – she said it was, but it wasn’t settling.  That’s the joys of living 3 miles further away from the sea 🙂

I then wouldn’t let Honey back on Discovery until she posed for a photo – if this photo was in a caption competition I think it would be something like:

Oh come on – not another photo, just let me come into the warm and dry!” 😉


This morning, I jumped out of bed expecting to see thick snow lying outside, but alas it was more slush (blog cover photo)!  However, in QiGong, Jim said there were 4 inches of snow laying in his back garden just 10 miles away.

This morning, it was ‘pump out day’ for all the surrounding boats, to pump out all the sewage collected over a number of weeks.  This usually happens more regularly, but due to the canal being frozen, no one could move their boats up the canal.  There has been messages of desperation in the last few weeks, within the boat community that their tanks were nearly full and the canal was still totally frozen.  Today, there were lots of happy boaters 🙂


After QiGong, I caught up on some emails and was delighted to find an email from Edinburgh Council to say that my application to join the Landlord Register was successful, so I can now rent out my flat out legally 🙂

I was also surprised to see the email signature was Covid signs, the first I have seen in an email signature!  Covid signs are truly filtering in to the whole of our society!

I then headed to the flat on my bicycle, leaving Honey, boat alone on Discovery.  But both my boat neighbours took her for a walk, Fiona at lunchtime, Helen late afternoon 🙂

I stopped off in Easter Road, for some more photos, noticing that Mo Beans Coffee Shop has changed its layout some more with signs in the window.  I asked how it was going and Mo said it had been very quiet today.  With rain most of the day, no one can sit in and everyone has to queue outside, makes sense that most people stayed home today.


I then spent the afternoon, cleaning paint off the windows and door handles and trying to find homes for the last remaining furniture and bits and bobs, etc…that need new homes.


During the tight lockdown restrictions in March/April, many people reported how the Royal Mile was really quiet, I never made it there to experience, just having to see videos.  However, this evening as I cycled home along the Royal Mile, I suddenly realised how quiet it was.  There was no traffic noise in the distance, there were no people – it was completely silent!  I relished in the moment, as I had missed it in March/April last year 🙂

Then back to Discovery for food, lighting the fire and hanging out with Honey who’d seemed to have missed me, jumping up every time I moved to make sure I wasn’t going to leave her.

Things We No Longer Use

This section started  at the start of this week, due to Brian’s suggestion – what things do you no longer use due to the lockdown restrictions?

We started with Kilts (Day 300), then Irons (Day 301), yesterday (Day 302) it was Suit and Tie.

Today, Anna has suggested – Passports.

She writes:

“Something I’ve not used since lockdown started in March 2020 is my passport”.


I must admit I can’t remember the last time I used my passport.  Oh – maybe it was Autumn 2019 when I was in Paris.  In fact, since moving to Discovery, I have no idea where my passport is!

Have you used your passport less than usual or not at all, since lockdown began?


Readers Corner

Today we have one sharing.



Anna sent me another painting she has done with The Paint Republic, saying:

“Another The Paint Republic painting that I did for a friend’s birthday”.

Thanks Anna – she/he is cute!  What type of dog is it?

As I come to the end of this blog, I’m feeling really sleepy.  I’ve just looked out the front door and it is snowing again (see photo) !!  It seems less slush like snow this evening and more thicker and heavier.  It’s forecast to snow, sleet and rain through the night and most of tomorrow too!  I look forward to sharing photos of the snow from our bedtime walk in tomorrow’s blog.

Tomorrow morning I am getting up super early, 6am!  I plan to leave Discovery at 7am and cycle to the flat, maybe I will have to leave a little earlier so I can be careful in the snow.  Then Hannah and I are taking a load of things from my flat to the recycle centre in Hannah’s van.  They have brought out a new regulation that vans can only use the recycle centre between 8.30am and 9.30am.  So tomorrow I have cancelled Qi Gong!  Honey will be boat alone again, but Helen is taking her for a walk in the morning.

Today it has rained most of the day, it’s been that kind of fine rain, rather than heavy, so I didn’t get too wet cycling.  I am not sure where my waterproof trousers are in Discovery – everything is all over the place and nothing has a home!

England has had a storm all day, but Edinburgh seemed to have missed that 🙂

Hope you’ve had a Wise Wednesday!

Stay Safe 🙂

Jim x

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