Day 301 – Reflections on Lockdown

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This afternoon, I went to the flat to unpack in the kitchen and sort out what else I need to do, which meant I didn’t take Honey for a long walk, hence why the blog cover photo is of her sleeping!

Instead, Fiona (my neighbour) took Honey on a long walk – I’m sure she enjoyed the change!

So after doing some bits and bobs on the boat, I cycled to the my flat.

Something I always loved about living in Leith, was the cycle home, as its all downhill.  Today, it was great to go there, but the cycle home, when I was tired was a lot slower!

Today, was the first time I was near shops since Saturday’s when Scotland’s ‘Six New Lockdown Rules’ came into force (see Day 299).  The main thing that I was interested in was the ‘Takeaway Services’ now having to operate from a serving hatch or doorway.  Most of what I saw was following these new rules, as shown in the photos:

Subway (Tollcross) – had a table at the door.  This must pose some logistics as one usually looks at the counter and points to what salad they want in the Sub!

Polentoni (Easter Road) – had a hatch at their front door.



Greggs(Easter Road) was shut, with a sign saying it was temporarily closed.

Baynes (Bakers, next door) was open but people were being served the usual way going into the shop and being served at the counter.



Mo Beans Coffee Shop – was serving people from a table at the door.

The Ice Cream shop next door, didn’t have a hatch or table at the front door, but there was a sign on the door saying ‘Order Here’.


Finally I noticed the Estate Agent open with a sign on the door saying ‘Pre-arranged appointments and deliveries only’.


Things We No Longer Use

This is a new section that I started yesterday (Day 300), which Brian suggested.

What things do we no longer use, due to changes in our lives from lockdown/restrictions?

Yesterday Brian kicked off this new corner with Kilts.  When did you last see anyone wearing a kilt in real life?

However, as you will see from Readers Corner, in fact there are lots of kilts out and about.

But do not despair, Brian also suggested – Irons.

When did you last use your Iron?

I must admit, I used to use the Iron before a magic gig for my shirt and KitKats – I haven’t used an Iron since March 2020!

What about you – do you still use your Iron?

Readers Corner

Two posts from yesterday’s blog (Day 300).


Drew posted a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 300) saying:

“There’s a guy I know who where’s a kilt every day, he’s been doing it for years.

In fact he was in the local paper a few months back as he’s become a voluntary bin man. He’s been wandering Clackmannanshire and picking up all the litter.“.

Thanks Drew for sharing that!



Maverick let a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 300) saying:

“Good to see yous! And dinnae fash about the rules when you bump into people. Just be sensible and keep your distances !

I have seen a kilt today! (see tweet below 😉“.

Thanks Maverick!  Kilts are everywhere 😉



It Made Me Smile

You may remember near the beginning of the blog – I can’t find what day it is right now – I shared the Marsh Family singing a song about being in lockdown.

This morning on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, I heard their latest song, which made me smile 🙂



As I come to the end of this blog, I am feeling super tired!  This evening I had a 2 hour meeting for the online Burns Supper I am volunteering at to help – this was super draining.  I didn’t get back to the boat until 20 minutes before the meeting, so didn’t have much time to cook my dinner, check the fire and be ready for the 7pm meeting!

There are still some tickets available if you want to come along, it looks to be a great evening, this Saturday (23rd January) raising money for Edinburgh Green Party –

Was good to be in the flat without worrying about Honey shaking mud over the walls, but it’s going to be a logistical challenge going to the flat and leaving her on the boat over the next few weeks!

Thinking about the ‘Six New Lockdown Rules’, it seems that those shops that do take-aways are clearly following the new rules – but shops that are not named specifically for this, continue to exist as usual.  It doesn’t seem quite fair for businesses struggling to keep going and others seem to be bending the rules a little.

Was great to see the new song by the Marsh Family 🙂

Today it hasn’t rained much, but there has been rain in the air, if that makes sense?  Continues to be quite warm, up to about 6 degrees centigrade.

Hope you’ve had a Magical Monday 🙂

Jim x

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