Day 298 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Combination of a busy long week, only getting 5 hours of interrupted sleep, just eating dinner and the heat from the wood burner has led my energy to crash – I need to go to bed !!

So a brief blog !

After meeting Colin the Carpet Fitter at 7.30am to give him my flat keys Honey got a super long morning walk!

At midday he text to say the carpets were fitted !

So we headed to Easter Road to check the work, collect the keys and pay him. Honey is now barred from my flat as I don’t want her hair and mud on the carpets. Over the last week, she has come into the flat and shook all her mud onto the clean walls.  So she went to Mo Beans Coffee Shop (blog cover photo).

The new carpets look amazing – he even did the cupboards 🙂

As I went to collect Honey, Gandolf phoned to say he wanted to finish the work he’s been doing in the bathroom. So I picked up Honey and went to the flat.

Of course she wasn’t allowed in, so waited outside in the stairwell for 20 minutes.

Back to the boat for my wood and coal to arrive – always takes a while to stack it all. The wood in the bow of Discovery the coal in the shed. 8 bags of logs, 4 bags of kindling, 4 bags of coal (25kg each) and 6 boxes of firelighters. That will keep me going for a while!

Needing to go to bed.

Good Night x

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