Day 297 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today the resident swans have been looking out for me!

They were sleeping next to my boat when I got up this morning at 7am to go for a pee! They were swimming by Discovery on our morning walk. Were swimming by my living room window before QiGong, were swimming by during QiGong, including yesterday’s duck who had bought a friend!! AND this evening the swans were waiting right next to Discovery when I returned from the flat at 11pm tonight (blog cover photo), what a great way to be welcomed back on our return 🙂

See photos below –

Sleeping this morning on the frozen canal


Swimming past Discovery on our morning walk.

Swimming by my living room window before QiGong.


Swimming by during QiGong.

Waiting on our return at 11pm tonight !!

This morning I was reflecting how lucky I am to have wildlife right outside my window and still tonight!

The morning was a relaxed one, doing some errands in town near where I live, looking at the shops nearby and chatting to different folk in the boat community, it was just what I needed after a stressful day yesterday.

I was also waiting for my wood order to arrive which comes Thursday morning. Knowing I wouldn’t be back to Discovery until late I didn’t want it sitting outside getting wet in the rain. The coal man delivered my neighbours wood saying he’d be back this afternoon with my order. But Fiona my neighbour messaged me this evening to say he never returned. I hope he comes tomorrow as I’ve only got 3 logs left which I’m burning right now! If not I’ll have to borrow some from a neighbour.

Then Honey and I walked through The Meadows which was a lot quieter today. In fact the guy in Boots had said today had been the quietest in months – perhaps everyone is starting to stay at home?

I spotted a COVID Sign I haven’t seen before.

We then went onto the flat and I spent the day trying to squeeze everything into my kitchen ready for the new carpets to be fitted tomorrow.

I managed it – with some stuff in the bath too 😉

Then I spent the rest the evening lifting all the carpet and cutting it into strips for Colin the Caret Fitter to take away! Cleaning paint off the door handles, switches and windows as I went.

Robin came round to collect the piano and whilst I was outside helping him carry it to the van, Honey helped herself to my sisters family Christmas present, which I’d put to one side (on the floor) to bring to the boat to send to them! It was a tin of homemade tablet (from Mo Beans Coffee Shop – made specifically for them!!).

She ate half – thank goodness it was not chocolate! She’s been drinking lots of water since then, but seems fine!

I finally finished in the flat at 10.25pm, just in time to get the bus – we were the only ones on it!

As I come to the end of this blog, I’m feeling happy that I’ve finally  reached this stage in the flat! Tomorrow I can chill out and do some paid work. Although I’m meeting the Colin the Carpet Fitter nearby at 7.45am tomorrow morning to give him my flat keys, so will be up early tomorrow!!

This is the first time I’ve written the blog on my tablet (sorry no links), it’s easier than on the phone.

Today it feels warmer, I don’t know what the weather has been like as I’ve been indoors all afternoon and evening. This morning it was raining and sleeting, with slush everywhere!

Hope you’ve had a good day, Stay Safe…

Good Night!

Jim, Honey & the Three Swans (who are now sleeping next to Discovery) x

  1. Helen

    You’ve done an amazing job in your flat Jim! I hope all your hard work pays iff and it can be a steady source of income for you in the years to come, and a good investment for the future.

    And I hope Honey recovers from eating half a tray of tablet!! She’s in great shape, so I hope all those extra calories don’t go straight to her waist & bum like it would on me 😉

    At first, I was a bit confused that there were 3 swans, but then I saw that one of them had some grey feathers so it must be a very large cygnet. I googled it and apparently, the cygnet leaves its parents (voluntarily or otherwise) the Spring after it hatched,their%20partners%20in%20the%20flock.

    Have a great Friday & weekend!

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