Day 296 – Reflections on Lockdown

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It’s been a long day! 8 hours in the flat trying to get everything into my kitchen for the new carpets on Friday, soon realising I was going to have to dismantle as much furniture as possible, beds, etc…

I got back to the boat at 8.30pm and spent 3 hours trying to sort out my problems with my 80GB SIM – moving 3 SIMs around my phone and Mobile WIFI box. Texts and phone calls worked in my mobile phone but no data, I looked at many forums and finally got it working 🙂

it turned out to be a problem with my APNs – whatever that is !!

So I’m delighted to have 80GB until the end of January, which is a relieve as I’m down to less than 10GB from my other mobile provider!

But it is now nearly midnight, I’m totally exhausted and have another long day at the flat tomorrow taking all the carpet up, so I’m writing this blog on my phone, so just photos !

Nicola Sturgeon announces 6 new lockdown restriction ‘rules’ to take affect on Saturday, so I’ll look at that on Friday (Day 299).

Was a lovely sunrise this morning 🙂



On our morning walk I saw the three resident swans pecking at a boat, the dog who lives there was barking, I’m sure the boat owners wondered what the dog was barking at 😉

During morning Qi Gong (I did it in the kitchen) a duck swam about outside the window. I realised how lucky that my kitchen window view is straight out onto water and the wildlife that goes with it !!

i recognise the breed of the duck, but can’t remember what it’s called – can anyone help?

Then we got the bus to the flat, I was too tired to run! It was super quiet, I was the only one on it for most the journey 🙂

As I come to the end of this blog, I’m left disappointed with the forecast for today of lots of snow. I didn’t see much weather as I was in the flat, but I noticed slush walking back to Discovery, so clearly had snowed.

Then spotted a little outside Discovery (blog cover photo) – I guess it all got washed away by the rain that followed?

Stay Safe!

Jim x





















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