Day 292 – Reflections on Lockdown

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I’ve been feeling totally exhausted all day today! I think my daily 11km runs and walks has caught up on me!

I continue to feel totally wiped out this evening so I’m writing this on my phone, so I can go to bed early!

Its going to be a short blog!

Despite all the hype of a super cold night last night, it didn’t seem so cold. Honey slept in her new coat and seemed warm. She also wore it in my flat today, doubling up a loungewear! My flat is super cold as I don’t have the heating on and windows open to let out the paint fumes!

This morning I spotted this on the canal, I guess that was one of the loud bangs I heard last night. This is 200m from my boat!

Since the canal has frozen passerby’s seem obsessed with trying to break the ice, throwing things on it, hitting it with poles and stamping on it from the towpath. I guess all wondering if it’s safe to walk on it! I’ve been willing someone to try walking on it, without folk going for it.

Although one of the boaters took this photo today, which is about 300m up from my boat!

Shame I missed it 🙁

This morning I filled Discovery’s water tank up, looking back at previous blogs it’s been 30 days since I last filled it up! I was doing it every 14 days and it would take 25 minutes to fill up.

Rachel the previous owner said when it’s empty it takes 45 minutes to fill up. Today it took 40 minutes so it was nearly empty !!

The canal was nearly all frozen this morning, but not quite!


As I come to the end of today’s blog, it’s super short, but with little energy the motivation to write the blog is very little!

This evening it is a lot warmer (compared to the last few nights) and the canal is starting to melt, with water on top of the frozen canal below!!

Tomorrow morning I’ve got my mediation group and then hopefully I will have the energy to run to my flat. I’m hoping to get the painting finished tomorrow, then need to clean up and remove the carpets before Friday.

I’m looking forward to a few days next week not being at the flat, hopefully my energy will return!

This morning it was super cold, but by the afternoon the temperature started to increase to 5 degrees! No rain and no ice on the pavements 🙂

Hope you’ve had a Super Saturday!

Jim x




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