Day 289 – Reflections on Lockdown

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This morning when I woke up the boat was super cold.

Usually before I go to bed I put on the electric oil heater, which takes the edge off the cold in the morning, but the fire was super hot last night, so I didn’t put the fire on.

I am not too fussed about waking up in the cold as I have so many covers on – in fact since moving on Discovery I have come to like it.

But I worry about Honey the Dog, who this morning was curled up in a very tight ball.

So at about 7am, I wrapped the blanket she was lying on round her.

She seemed cosy when we got up an hour later and didn’t want to move or wake up!

In fact I was a little worried if she was OK, but the word “biscuit” woke her up 🙂



Today I have spent the day at the boat doing some paid work, rather than heading to the flat.  It has been nice to be a bit more relaxed and catching up on things I have been meaning to do.

I started doing QiGong outside, but my hands and feet were so cold, even though I had gloves, scarf and a hat on, so i went inside half way through.

At about lunchtime, Honey started pestering me to go out for a walk.  I would have headed along the canal, but I was worried Honey would see a bird and chase it across the frozen canal, so we went to Arthur’s Seat instead.

As we were leaving, I spotted the swans had come up to near my boat and were walking on the ice.

On our way there The Meadows was quite quiet, with just dog walkers and runners.  Perhaps people were starting to ‘Stay at Home’.

Arthur’s Seat was also relatively quiet, with just a few people walking and trying not to fall over on the ice!

We explored a new area of Arthur’s Seat that we haven’t been to before 🙂

It was a glorious crisp day, clear blue skies and the sun shining, although still very cold.

I got a great blog cover photo of Honey as we walked up a hill.

Then back to the boat via The Meadows.  Which was now super busy with many people out and about, only spotting a few people not following the 2/2 rules (2 people from up to 2 households).

The swans were still hanging about near my boat when I returned.


Then I returned to doing some more work and then relaxed this evening.



Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today I was surprised to see a Dry Cleaners open, so tonight I am researching what is classed as an ‘essential’ shop and will remain open during the current tighter restrictions.



It took a while to find the right page on the Scottish Government website, but I found it in the ‘Questions and Answers’ section – although this was last updated on 23rd December, before the tighter restrictions.  However, as it has not been updated I guess it is the up to date version.   It also linked from another page which was updated on 4th January, pointing to this page as ‘essential shops’ to remain open, so I guess it is up to date.

All business must close which are set in law.

Except the following:

  • Food retailers – including food markets, supermarkets, convenience stores and corner shops.
  • Off-licences and licensed shops – selling alcohol (including breweries).
  • Pharmacies – including non-dispensing pharmacies and chemists.
  • Newsagents
  • Building Merchants – including suppliers and tools used in building and repairs.
  • Petrol Stations
  • Car Repair – including MOT services.
  • Bicycle Shops
  • Taxi and Vehicle Hire
  • Banks, Building Societies & Credit Unions – including short-term loan providers, savings clubs, cash points, undertakings, currency exchange officers & transmit money.
  • Post Offices
  • Funeral Directors
  • Laundrettes and Dry Cleaners
  • Medical and Health Services – including Dental Services, Opticians, Audiology Services, Chiropody Services, Osteopaths and services relating to mental health.
  • Veterinary Surgeons and Pet Shops
  • Agricultural Supplies shops – including agricultural markets.
  • Storage and Distribution Facilities – including delivery drop off or collection points (where the facilities are in the premises and open in the full list).
  • Car Parks
  • Public Toilets
  • Livestock Markets – including auctions.
  • Outdoor Markets – including outdoor car lots.




I tried to find a list in England on what shops can remain open, but could not find any on the UK Government website.


It Made Me Smile

Saw this and it made me smile 🙂




As I come to the end of this blog, I am surprised how many shops are classed as ‘essential’ in the new restrictions in Scotland.  In fact as the updated list is published on 23rd December, no more shops have shut with the tighter lockdown restrictions which came in a couple of days ago.

So in fact, the only key changes are::

            • Stay at Home
  • 6/2 rule to a 2/2 rule for meeting outdoors – that is 2 people can meet from a maximum of 2 households – 2/2.  Compared to the previous rule of 6 people from 2 different households – 6/2.
  • Work from home
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities close – all learning done remotely.


I still can’t work out why the Accountants and Estate Agent was open on Easter Road (see Day 288), even if they were working from the office and not strictly open, I don’t think they were following the ‘Work from Home’ rule?!

With so little changes on what was already in place, I wonder how many people are going to change their behaviour that much, because ultimately that is what is needed to reduce the spread of Covid!  But, hey, lets wait and see what happens next!

I’ve enjoyed a day on the boat today and have felt more relaxed, although my body has also felt totally exhausted all day, which I guess came from running 11km yesterday (Day 288).

Tonight it has been super cold and still is, -2 degrees at the moment, forecast to drop to -4 in the night.  With more snow forecast through the night and tomorrow and colder temperatures over the next few days.  Discovery has been making creaking noises every so often, which I guess is when it moves a little on the ice!

Hope you’ve had a Worthy Wednesday!

Stay Warm 🙂

Jim x


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