Day 288 – Reflections on Lockdown

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This morning, I woke up at 7am feeling wide awake and really good!  I had loads of time to lie in bed, getting up at 7.45am and then loads of time to take Honey for a walk.

I decided to venture along the ‘ice rink’ which is the towpath, see yesterday’s blog (Day 287) and soon spotted that path clear of ice right next to the edge of the canal.

So walked all the way along that, then under the bridge.

After the bridge there was hardly any ice at all.

However, Honey didn’t like walking on the thick ice on the towpath, slipping and sliding all over the place!

I tried to get her to go in front of me or behind me, but she refused.  I guess, I have told her enough times to get away from the canal edge, after she fell in on Day 281.

Although on the way back she seemed more settled into walking on the ice.

As I watched others struggling along the icy towpath and I was walking on no ice, I would say to them, this part has no ice.  But none of them followed me and some fell over!

It was raining by the time Qi Gong started, so I did it inside.

It’s great with the canal being frozen and the rain water sitting on top, as you can estimate how much it has rained in the night!

After Qi Gong, I made some lunch, packed up my rucksack and Honey and I ran to the flat (via Arthur’s Seat).  The running App I use had changed – it gives an update every kilometre with the timings – but today the lady had a different voice and her updates were in the wrong order, this annoyed me.

But we did 6.5km, via The Craggs, which was a nice change 🙂

The cemetery had a new sign on it’s gates – a Covid Sign.  Only 20 people allowed in the cemetery at one time and you must wear a face-mask when you are in there.  I must admit, apart from when there is a funeral, there is never more than 10 people in the cemetery!


Then John Lewis delivery folk came round and installed my new oven 🙂

It’s looking absolutely great, but I am not going to use it, leaving it for the new tenant.


Since this photo, I have wood filled the bottom panel and painted it and the panel up the right-side white – looks a lot better.

Then I continued glossing the door frames and windows.

I stopped about 5pm, got back in my running clothes, packed my rucksack and ran back to the boat.  But this time via the road, I didn’t fancy being on Arthur’s Seat in the dark, especially with so much ice!

It was a lot shorter, only 4.5km.

Annoyed with my new running App, I tried using Strava, as everyone raves about it, I’ve never used it, as been happy with the App I have been using (Map My Run).  However Strava didn’t give any updates through my headphones and when I looked at it, the phone was locked.  It’s hard to unlock with gloves on and trying to hold my phone and Honey the Dog on the lead.

Does anyone use Strava and know how to change the settings so you get regular updates on how you are doing through a voice (in the headphones)?


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today I have been reflecting on these lockdown new tight restrictions compared to those in March/April.

The governments and media have compared them together, saying the restrictions are similar, but today Edinburgh didn’t seem much different.

This morning, the streets did seem a little quieter from people, but there was still a lot of traffic.  The test was London Road and Easter Road, which seemed just a busy with cars.  I didn’t spot any new shops closed on Easter Road, compared to the last week.  The two bakers (Greggs & Bakers Oven) were open, the E-Scooter shop was open, the ice cream shop was open, the local Accountants was open and the Estate Agents.  All these were shut in March/April (well E-Scooter and the Ice Cream shop wasn’t there back then).

I personally wouldn’t say any of these shops are ‘essential shops’, but hey, I guess they all have to keep their business going.  However, I wonder whether some of them could continue to trade online and perhaps having appointments for people to come in?

This evening, on Easter Road, there were lots of people out an about and even more cars, lorries and buses.  The buses were pretty busy with people, compared to March/April when you were hard pushed to see anyone on them.

Although, closer to Tollcross and the canal, it did seem quieter.

It honestly felt just like any other day, from the last month – in relation to the amount of people and traffic out and about – plus the amount of shops open.

Most people were only walking in twos or on their own, which fits with the new restrictions.  Although, on Arthur’s Seat I did spot a few people (adults) walking in groups of three.  In the West Port, there was a group of four adults standing on the corner, blocking the whole pavement, which was really annoying, they seemed oblivious to what they were doing and that they were blocking the pavement.

However, people were more socially distancing on the pavements, often walking into the road, waiting or getting as far away as possible.

I guess, the difference between now and March/April is that a lot has happened.  There has been so many changes in the restrictions, I think most people are tired of it all and don’t really care.  Back in March/April it was all so new and fearful, now nearly 10 months later, we are used to it all.

For me, I have adapted my life to carry on as much as it can, which I guess others are doing.  Instead of getting the bus to my flat, I have run both ways.  In March/April, I remember being worried on the first day that I was going to be stopped by the police as I wasn’t in my flat – Staying at Home (I was returning a hire car).  Today, it didn’t even cross my mind.

What about you?  How does these tighter restrictions feel in relation to March/April?

Readers Corner


Anna sent her latest painting with The Paint Republic, saying:

“My latest painting from ’The Paint Republic’ sent as a birthday card”.




Thanks Anna, that’s great, I love the colours 🙂



It Made Me Smile

Brian shared this on 30th December, but I am only looking at it now!

This made me laugh and a great way to summarise our year 🙂





As I come to the end of this blog, I am feeling exhausted!  Partly (probably) because the boat is up to 32 degrees, but mainly because of running 11km today, painting lots and having a late night last night – I’m sure to sleep well tonight 🙂

Honey the Dog is fast asleep next to me on the sofa, she must be tired too with all that running!

However, I am feeling good with all the exercise and the progress with the flat.  With the carpets being fitted next week, I have a target to finish the painting, touch up on everything before the end of the weekend.  Then move on to the finer details of getting the flat up to rentable standard 🙂

It will be interesting to see over the next few weeks, if more people start Staying at Home, or if life will be as it has been since about June!

Today it has rained on and off most of the day, the temperature is slightly warmer, although it looks to be dropping through the night.

Hope you’ve had a Tremendous Tuesday.

Jim x

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