Day 287 – Reflections on Lockdown

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This morning, my alarm went off early, for me to get up in time for my first QiGong Session, since the Christmas break!

However are morning walk was shortened, due to sheer ice covering the towpath that we usually walk along!

I tried to walk a few steps and then fell over, so gave up.

There were people literally clinging to anything they could find, walls, posts, anything to stop falling over.

Everyone was falling over!

The whole towpath was empty 😉


And so after Qi Gong, we found we took a different route and we actually explored and found a whole new area, really close by!

A derelict church (I think) and waste ground surrounding it, just behind the canal!

The canal is still frozen!


I was super excited to see that my sink waste pipe, that goes into the canal, is now under the frozen water of the canal 🙂

I started Qi Gong outside, but then it started hailing so, I went indoors for the end part.  I wasn’t so bothered, but my laptop was getting wet.

After Qi Gong I did some work and then we walked to the flat via Arthur’s Seat.  It usually takes 90 minutes to get there, but I tried to walk more briskly and we did it in 70 minutes!

The ice and snow had nearly all gone.

I noticed the cricket pitch on The Meadows was closed due to Covid!

The road on Arthur’s Seat which was a sledging run, just 2 days ago (Day 285) was now just a road!  The other sledging area down into Hunters Bog (or the ‘fish bowl) was now just slush!


What I noticed was so many people walking round Arthur’s Seat in big groups of people!

When we were heading along the road towards and on Easter Road groups of people, up to 5 (or even 6) were walking along the pavement towards me, with no awareness that they were taking up the whole pavement.  Impossible to social distance, I found myself standing in side streets to let them pass or stepping into the road (when safe), never even getting an acknowledgment that I was socially distancing from them!

There were lots of queues outside shops today, I haven’t seen that since the start of lockdown.  In this photo they are all queuing for ‘A&A Traders’, which is the post office and hardware store!


Today at the flat, I cleaned a lot of it, before jumping on the bus back to the boat.

This evening, I had a Zoom Meeting, as I am volunteering for a virtual Scottish Greens Burns Supper on Saturday 23rd January!  If you are interested in coming along, check out the link here –

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

New stricter lockdown restrictions were announced today, similar to lockdown at the start of lockdown!

I missed the news today, only looking at it to write this blog.  So here is a summary of new lockdown restrictions from the BBC News websites, I will delve deeper into it all in the coming days!



Earlier today Nicola Sturgeon ordered a new stricter lockdown, starting tonight at midnight.


The main message (which is now set in law) being – Stay at Home.  Work from Home.

These are for mainland Scotland until the end of January.  Restrictions will be reviewed regularly.  Scottish islands will remain in Level 3 and be monitored.

These are the details:

  • Stay at Home – you can only leave home for essential purposes.

The Scottish Government website provides an extensive list what is meant by “essential purposes”

This includes:

          • Work
          • Seeking employment
          • Volunteering
          • Education
          • Essential Shopping (including for a vulnerable person)
          • Obtain or deposit money
          • Healthcare
          • Childcare
          • Essential services – food banks, alcohol or drug support services
          • Access public services
          • Provide care to vulnerable person
          • Attending court
          • Essential animal welfare
          • Attend a wedding
          • Attend a funeral
          • Donate blood
          • Escape injury / risk of harm
          • To register to vote in Scottish elections
          • Visit some in prison


  • Indoor Gatherings – not allowed at all (this has been the same in Edinburgh since the end of September).  Except for essential reasons.
  • Outdoor Gatherings – Only 2 people can meet, yourself and a person from one other household.
  • Places of Worship – closed.
  • Group Exercise – Banned.
  • Schools – Closed.  Mainly operating online and remote learning.



Boris Johnson followed a few hours after Nicola with a full lockdown across England.

The main message – Stay at home except for permitted reasons.

This is expected to last until the middle of February.

Details include:

  • Do not leave your home – except for certain reasons (like in March lockdown).

You can leave your home for – essential medical reasons, food shopping, exercise and work (when you can’t work from home).

  • All schools – closed.  Remote learning from Tuesday.  Until February half term.
  • All colleges – closed.  Remote learning from Tuesday.  Until February half term.
  • Nurseries – open.  Early learning years, will remain open.
  • End of Year Exams – will not take place in summer as normal.
  • University Students – should not return to campus.  They will be taught online.
  • Restaurants – can continue to offer food delivery.  But no alcohol takeaway.
  • Golf Courses – closed.
  • Tennis Courts – closed.
  • Outdoor Gyms – closed.
  • Outdoor Playgroups – remain open.
  • Amateur Team Sports – not allowed.
  • Elite Sports (e.g. Premier League Football) – can continue.



All schools and colleges will move to remote learning until 18th January.

Readers Corner

Catching up on Readers Corner, as I haven’t included it for a few days, due to a wee blog holiday!

So we have 14 posts today – mostly Happy New Year messages, but a few others too!

Thanks for all your Happy New Year messages 🙂



Christa posted a Facebook comment on Day 283, saying:

Wishing you and Honey the dog a happy and satisfying year! May all the surprises be good ones!😃



Helen posted a Facebook comment on Day 283, saying:

Happy new year!



Jon left a blog comment on Day 284, saying:

Thank you… i haven’t been a religious reader, but I’ve always enjoyed this when it pops up on my feed.

Having done the walk up Arthur’s Seat once (new Year’s Eve 2016), I’m hoping to do it again some day… when y’all let Americans travel there again.

PS—I need to go back to read the story behind the boat.

Glad you enjoy the blog Jon!  The story of the boat starts on Day 207, when I did my first sleepover!  Generally in September 2020, I saw an advert for a boat for sale and thought “why not?”.  Despite there being nearly 2000 views of the boat for sale on Facebook and 15 real life viewings, Rachel who was selling it decided she wanted to sell her to me.  She wanted to find the right owner and she thought that was me 🙂

I bought Discovery at the start of October and moved in properly at the start of November 2020.



John posted a Facebook comment on Day 283, saying:

Happy New Year Jim.



Julie left a blog comment on Day 283, saying:

I remember the first new year I celebrated in Edinburgh we were outside the Tron. Everyone was so friendly. It was joyful. The night bus home was also much fun. Happy New Year, Jim

Glad my blog sharing brought back memories of Hogmanay at the Tron.  I think my first new year in Edinburgh was also at the Tron!



Karen posted a Facebook comment on Day 283, saying:

Happy new year Jim x



Lisa posted a Facebook comment on Day 283, saying:

“Happy New Year to you and Honey! X”.



Louise posted a Facebook comment on Day 283, with:








Matt posted a Facebook comment on Day 283, saying:

Happy New Year, Jim and Honey!



Pat posted a Facebook comment on Day 283, saying:

Happy New Year To You And Honey Mate…☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿



Ricky posted a Facebook comment on Day 283, saying:

Happy New Year 🥳



Susi posted a Facebook comment on Day 283, saying:

Happy New Year to you and Honey xx



Theo posted a Facebook comment on Day 284, saying:

Did you see this display?


I didn’t – I generally avoid videos due to limited WiFi Data!



Yvonne posted a Facebook comment on Day 283, with:





As I come to the end of this blog, I am certainly glad that Nicola has brought in two people only walking together outside.  After my experience today of so many people walking in big groups, not really caring of others, I think this will help us all to be able to socially distance.  It is made me think back to the start of lockdown, when everyone was so much more considerate of each other.  That seems to have got lost – I hope that this returns.

It will be interesting to see if the streets are quiet tomorrow of traffic and people.  There does seem a lot of reasons on the Scottish Government website on what is ‘essential’ reasons to be outside your home, so maybe not.  It will also be interesting to see how many shops are open tomorrow.

I have decided to walk or run, each day to my flat and back.  If I walk there and back, it’s going to take 3 hours of my day, so I thought running would make it faster.  Maybe along the road, when it is dark.  Tomorrow, I am getting a new oven delivered and fitted, so will have to run to get there on time!

As I said the other day, I really enjoy our daily walks to the flat and Honey is super tired afterwards, so she doesn’t pester me so much to go out, go to bed, have food, etc…

Despite having the ‘I don’t want to go back work’ feeling last night, I’ve actually enjoyed it.  I was also thinking how much I love having a focus and project on getting my flat ready – painting, decorating, etc…it’s a great project, gives me a meaningful focus each day!

Can you spot Honey the Dog in the blog cover photo?  It took me a while to find her, but she is there!  Check out this photo, when she had moved onto the path, it may help you see her in the cover photo 🙂

Hope you’ve had a Magic Monday!

Stay Safe!

Jim xx

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