Day 286 – Reflections on Lockdown

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As this is the last day of my holidays, I am not including all the different blog sections, I hope to bring these all back tomorrow, even though tomorrow (in Scotland) is a bank holiday!  This is because, 2nd January is a Scottish holiday, but 2nd January was on Saturday.  The Scottish don’t get a bank holiday at the end of August, whereas the English do!  That’s where the 2nd January comes from 🙂

When I was about to go to bed last night, I heard an unfamiliar creaking sound on Discovery – so I went outside, to see a man walking across the canal with his dog following!  It was after midnight, so I guess he had been drinking and couldn’t be bothered to walk round.  It was a weird sight – and also a brave thing to do.  Over the last few days I have watched people trying the ice, but then not walking on it.  This guy, just went for it!

Saying that, before he got to the other side, I heard a splash, so I guess the ice broke and he went into the water.  But he appeared on the towpath – his dog was fine.

It was kind of weird, realising my boat is a lot more vulnerable when folk walk on the ice.  This morning, I recalled the story to Fiona my neighbour.  She said a few years ago the ice was 9 inches frozen on the canal – there were people cycling on the canal, a woman pushing a buggy with a child in it and lots of other folk walking on it.

This morning, I saw some ice from the canal on the towpath – about 3 fingers wide!


I also went to where the guy had walked to see if there was any evidence in the canal – it was all frozen over again, but some evidence of where the ice cracked (foreground of photo).


This morning, I headed to Hermiston Gait (out of town shopping centre) to get some more paint from B&Q.  I walked to Haymarket and caught the tram, later realising the canal runs close by and I could have cycled there in 25 minutes!

But getting the tram allowed me to take lots more Covid Sign photos 🙂

In B&Q car park, there was this sign – is it a Covid sign?  It seems quite permanent!


On the way back to the tram, I took some other photos.


Whilst waiting for the tram back to Haymarket, I took some photos of Covid signs at Edinburgh Park train station.


As I walked back to the boat, I saw this great mural in Morrison Street.


Then I picked up Honey the Dog and due to it raining heavily, we got the bus to the flat.  I did a few hours of painting, then got the bus back.

As I come to the end of this blog, it’s super short, but hey it’s the holidays (just!).  It has been raining on and off all evening and just had a massive rain shower which I could hear on Discovery’s roof.

I must say I think I have finally sussed the wood burner!  I’ve found a new setting which allows it to burn very gradually all through the night or day and not go out.  This evening when I returned to the boat it was a lovely 16 degrees centigrade!

Honey seems a bit fed up today as we didn’t got for a walk – hopefully tomorrow, we will get across to Arthur’s Seat on the way to the flat.

The temperature has increased a little today, up to about 3 degrees, hence the rain and not snow!  But it looks to be dropping again through the night, so maybe more ice in the morning.

I am now much more aware of how icy it is, making sure I put salt down around the boat, so Honey doesn’t slip.  Although, yesterday the salt was hurting her feet, resulting in her limping.  But I just rub some snow on her feet and she is fine!

Hope you’ve had a fun weekend.

Stay Safe!

Jim xx

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