Day 285 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Another day of holidays and not in the mood to switch the computer on so here is my day in photos!!

Woke up to find fresh snow had fallen through the night 😉

The area under this bridge was frozen for the first time!! Swans were standing on the ice, although one had found a place to swim.

By the time we got up the second time, the clouds had cleared and it was clear blue skies 🙂

After lighting the fire we started our daily walk to the flat! First through The Meadows.


Then onto Arthur’s Seat, which was again busy with lots of people sledging!

The road coming down from the back of Arthur’s Seat was frozen creating a perfect place for sledging. People lined the sides watching folk sledging. It was great! It reminded me that if we were not in lockdown many families would probably be in cafes, indoors, etc…but as this is all banned they were outside!

I created this video of some of the filming I took.



Then we carried on our walk, meeting this household drinking beer and watching the sledging (and people falling over) – they would cheer and clap as another sledger set off.  I chatted to them for quite a while. They definitely would be in a Newington pub if we weren’t in lockdown!!!

This is what they were watching !


There’s something great about how lockdown is connecting us all together outdoors – it feels like we are connecting to our communities so much more 🙂

Young, old, families, friends, lovers, dog walkers and lone walkers all connecting together, having fun together. If not in lockdown, some would be at home, some in the pub, some in cafes, some in the cinema and some walking !!

With the snow and sledging everyone seems to be having fun. What a lovely way to start 2021!

I then had the challenge on how to carry on our walk along a very icy path. Yesterday I headed along the grass, but today I just sat down and slid!!  I was in my salopettes today – which made it so much easier (and warmer!).

Honey joined in too 🙂





There were more walkers on the northside of Arthur’s Seat !


And then onto the flat for 5 hours of painting before jumping on the bus at 7.30pm back to the boat 🙂



As I come to the end of this blog, I’ve enjoyed the last few days of walking to the flat via Arthur’s Seat. It’s a lovely way to get outside! I saw lots of people I knew when I was out which made me realise how many people I actually know in Leith! I’m looking forward to create a new community of people in the southside of Edinburgh.

I’ve finally finished painting the walls and ceilings, looking forward to starting glossing tomorrow 🙂

Tomorrow is my final day of QiGong holiday. I’ve really enjoyed not having to get out of bed early everyday, but will be good to get back into a ‘work’ routine!

Today it continues to be cold, so rain or snow, just very icy.  Tomorrow and Monday the temperature is increasing a little to 3 degrees.

Hope you are having a fun weekend.

Jim x











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