Day 284 – Reflections on Lockdown

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I’m really tired, so thought I would do a brief blog, with mainly photos to cover my day.

It is New Year’s Day – so deserve a wee blog holiday – as much as I can.

As we entered 2021 this morning, I gave Honey the Dog a New Year present – she was delighted with it.

Although it didn’t take long for her to eat it.

She didn’t go outside, so it didn’t go in the canal, although it is / was frozen so may have been easier to fetch it.


I celebrated the turning of the new year outside Discovery, Honey stayed indoors, as doesn’t like fireworks,

There were lots of bangs of fireworks going off, but none that I could see 🙁



I was just about to go in and then I saw a wee firework display 🙂



On our morning walk, Honey started jogging behind a runner, I followed filming her.  I guess, she has run behind me so much in the last 10 months or so, she has been conditioned to follow anyone running, I think she would have followed the lady forever, if it wasn’t me calling her 🙂




We had a long lie and then after lunch, headed to the flat, via the meadows and then onto Arthur’s Seat!



Most paths were really icy, so I learnt very quickly to stick to the grass!

When we got to Arthur’s Seat it was super busy with walkers!

It was hard to social distance at times!!  Until I realised most were trying to walk along the icy paths – the grass was the solution!


We headed through the valley or ‘fish bowl’ as I’ve heard it called and then towards Holyrood Park.

Holyrood Park side of Arthur’s Seat was also really busy with people.  The car park was full up!

At the start of lockdown in April/May, the car parks were all closed around Arthur’s Seat to try and stop loads of people flocking there for walks.  I wonder whether they will do that again?!


At the flat I finished re-painting my bathroom.  Then painted my bedroom, which needs a second coat tomorrow.  Then I will move onto continuing with glossing.  Then I just have to add some more Egg Shell coats to the doors and the flat is painted!  Oh – and paint the hall and kitchen ceilings.  Feels like things are progressing, at last!

As I come to the end of this blog, I am super hot on the boat, which is great as it’s so cold outside.  Last night and this morning despite the fire burning it was just not giving out any heat.  This evening when I came back to the boat, I decided to rake out all the ash, etc…finding a virtual endless amount of ash!  This is what was stopping the heat – and now its super hot!!

This evening, when I was putting my washing on, I looked in the mirror to see spots of paint all over my face, hair and beard!  This will have come from painting the ceiling – so I had a shower too!  Thankfully I haven’t really seen anyone since leaving my flat 🙂

Today it has been super cold.  No rain today, just really cold.  Tomorrow seems like the same, then a slight increase in temperature from Sunday, before dropping to minus 5 degrees from Wednesday!  More snow seems forecast in coming days, maybe I will get to make that Snow Dog!

Hope you’ve had a super New Years Day !!

Jim xx

  1. Jon Sterle

    Thank you… i haven’t been a religious reader, but I’ve always enjoyed this when it pops up on my feed.

    Having done the walk up Arthur’s Seat once (new Year’s Eve 2016), I’m hoping to do it again some day… when y’all let Americans travel there again.

    PS—I need to go back to read the story behind the boat.

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