Day 283 – Reflections on Lockdown

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This morning I phoned my utility provider about getting more data for my Mobile WIFI, they said it can take up to 24 hours to take effect and as a goodwill gesture would give me another £10 of data. None has yet started, so I’m on my phone. The amount of data updates every few hours, so I don’t how much data is left on my phone – less that 1GB is all I know! So I’m being very selective on what I look out.

In theory it all updates at midnight with another 40GB on Mobile WIFI and 10 GB on my phone. But I hope to swap to unlimited data next week 🙂

I tethered my phone to my computer but it kept dropping out of internet, so I’m on the phone. So here is my day by photos !

This morning I opened the curtain to see more snow had fell through the night.

The wood burner was still going so I added on some wood and kept it going.  When I moved in to Discovery I asked my neighbours what one does with the ash from the fire, everyone said the same – either put it on your plants or throw it in the canal. I always feel kind of guilty throwing it in the canal but it sinks quick enough! But as it is now frozen that’s not going to happen, but I threw it over the side of the boat – then later spotted ash deposits next to all my neighbours boats too 🙂

We finally got up at 11am and went for a walk – and it started snowing heavily again 🙂





We came across a mini snow plough clearing the snow and gritting the towpath 🙂


I took lots of photos of the snow 🙂

On the way back from the walk I put Honey on the lead, which was fortunate as we came across two birds walking on the canal! Honey was desperate to get on the canal to try and catch them – not knowing if the ice would hold her! But she was on the lead so all was ok 🙂


I wonder if the birds were confused that they could not swim 😉

The snow falling was beautiful !


I then headed to the shops to get some food. As I arrived back the postman was at the gate, he was looking through the bars for ages (I was walking towards him from a distance). When I finally reached the gate he said he had a parcel for ‘Discovery’, he was relieved that was my boat, saying he had been shouting thought the gate for a while trying to get a boaters attention. In fact I got 2 letters and a parcel!

One letter from HMRC. A card from my sister, Anna, it appeared in Readers Corner Day 272.  Anna thought it would be nice for me to actually have one of the cards 🙂

The parcel was from Fi – a mug and a Christmas Tree decoration 🙂

With a great description on it !  See series of photos.

As we headed to the flat, the snow turned to rain 🙁

I did some painting – Honey was lost as the two beds have furniture on them and her two beds are on the boat.

But I improvised and she seemed happy!!


On the return to Discovery I was delighted to find my fire still going and the wee ‘fan’ still spinning which shows it was still quite hot! 8 hours out the boat and the fire was still going 🙂

You will have to take my word that the blades are spinning 😉


I think my fire has been burning non-stop for 48 hours !!

Discovery was 18 degrees when I got back.

I also found a strange phenomena – rain water sitting on top of the frozen canal !!!

As I come to the end of this blog, it’s New Years Eve and I’ve been in my PJs since 9pm, drinking a hot chocolate !! I can’t remember when I wasn’t out on Hogmanay !!! Never in my adulthood! Honey seems restless, she keeps thinking it’s bedtime as we wait for midnight 🙂

I saw this photo on Twitter (@retepnnamffoh) of Hogmanay in Edinburgh in 1973. Gathering at The Tron. This brings back memories as this is where I used to go when first in Edinburgh. This is where everyone went before the Street Party and it all became ticketed!!


Today the weather has been warmer. Snow this morning, rain this afternoon, now it’s dry, but not so cold.

Wishing you All a Happy New Year!! Here’s to 2021 🙂

Lots of Love from

Jim & Honey the Dog xx





























  1. Julie Ellam

    I remember the first new year I celebrated in Edinburgh we were outside the Tron. Everyone was so friendly. It was joyful. The night bus home was also much fun. Happy Newa Year, Jim

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