Day 281 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Last night, after writing the blog, I opened the door to take Honey out for her bedtime walk and it was snowing loads!!  I was super excited.

Honey loves the snow and she seemed excited too!

I grabbed my coat and her lead, but as Honey stepped off the boat onto the towpath, her back legs slipped on the ice on the towpath and she slid down backwards into the canal.

My heart stopped when I looked over, worried that she would drown, but she started swimming towards Fiona’s boat trying to find a way out.

I grabbed her collar to stop her swimming, then her front legs and she came out.  She immediately shook, all over me as I was still knelt down, hanging over the canal.

Phew!  If the canal was frozen, she may have gone under the ice, but thankfully it wasn’t.  It’s about a 4 foot drop from the towpath into the canal

She then shook about 6 times and we went back on the boat and I dried her off.  Then encouraging her to step off slowly and we went for a walk, taking lots of photos of the snow 🙂

I kept an eye on Honey through the night, but she was fine.  I think I was more panicked about the whole incident than Honey was!  She’s a good swimmer, but I guess, usually she goes in gently, rather than falling in.

This morning, I cleared the snow away at my boat and put grit down and it is now fine 🙂

My boat neighbours were out clearing the snow and we now have a path, which is free from ice, all the way down the towpath to the far gate.

I also took more photos of the snow.

This morning, the canal had frozen past my boat and nearly frozen totally.  You can see the clear difference, where the snow has fallen on the already frozen part, compared to the new part.


Then we hoped on the bus (Number 1) and headed to the flat.  I did some painting and then at 3.30pm, we walked home, via Arthur’s Seat.

As I headed up Easter Road, I noticed just how many cars and people were about, compared to lockdown in March/April.  Back then, the streets were totally empty, hardly no cars and very few people.  Now it seems like life as usual – you would not know that we have moved from Level 3 to Level 4.  Most shops are open too!  The key message for Level 4 is ‘Stay at Home’ – no one seems to be following this.

I have been reflecting about this and I guess, back in March/April, Covid was so new to us, and were probably scared of getting it, so actually followed the rules.  But now, we have been living with Covid for 9 months and so kind of become complacent about it all.  Well that’s my take.  I shouldn’t have taken the bus in Level 4, but its a long walk to my flat and back (1.5 hours each way).  But I enjoyed our walk home, from the flat to the boat, so will start doing that everyday.

When I got to Arthur’s Seat the place was so busy – and it was 3.45pm and soon to get dark.  I wonder how busy it was earlier?  There wete so many people sledging, making snowpeople, etc…it was unreal!  It reminded me of the summer, when the sun was out and there were lots of groups of people having household parties in the sun.  However, at least everyone was keeping in their bubbles – where as sledging, seemed more groups of people.

I saw in this article, that this has been common across Scotland today –

Tomorrow, Nicola is reviewing the Levels of Protections and I am sure she will be bringing in more stricter restrictions.  Today she said we should all spend Hogmanay in our own households (

What was lovely, was to see the amount of joy that snow brings to people’s lives.  People of all ages sledging, children being pulled along by adults in sledges, lots of laughter and woops of enjoyment.  Arthur’s Seat and the Meadows had an energy of happiness.

I guess, as more people have spent Christmas at home, there are more people in Edinburgh than usual?



Snow Sculpture Corner

My goodness, so many snowmen and snowwomen around today was unbelievable!  Thought I would create this as contenders of my favourite snow sculptures that I saw today!

I was hoping to make a Snowdog today, but didn’t have time.  Hopefully there will be more snow and I can make one.  I made a couple back in March 2018, they each take 3 hours to make!  Check out the second one I made in 2018, I modelled it on Honey 😉

I was very proud of this one, the head, tail, ears, etc…are all made of snow and ice, no stones or sticks.  Just when I finished it, a guy rushed out his house, saying he had never seen a snowdog before, taking photos of it.  I returned 45 minutes later and it had been kicked over and destroyed 🙁

But without a snowdog, these are my favourite three snowpeople from today!

This is awesome and when I saw it from afar, I thought it was a lady sitting on the wall!  She (I think it is a snowwoman) is looking over the canal.


My second favourite was this in the cemetery next to my flat.


Interestingly, these first two are wearing face-masks!  I guess, I could have featured these in ‘Face-Mask Corner’ or ‘Review of the Year 2020’ – as you would never have seen a snowperson wearing a face-mask before 2020!

The final one is huge!  In The Meadows – at least 8ft high!


I tried to use Honey as a size guide, but thinking about it now, could have just done a selfie 🙂


Readers Corner

Ian left a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 280) saying:

“Glad you are feeling better Jim. We have to remember there are still the same old colds and sniffles to be had. I was surprised at the amount of cars on the road still. Certainly won’t be venturing out in the car with this weather anyway.
Take care”.

Thanks for that Ian – I agree, the roads and pavements are just as busy.


It Made Me Smile (?)

This one is not so much a funny one, but a reminder of how bubbles work and how we may feel safe, we potentially are not!


Wasn’t sure where to put this – so put it here!



As I come to the end of this blog, I reflect on how many people are bending the lockdown rules.  I heard on the radio an interview about lockdown and the challenge is to change people’s behaviour to comply with staying safe.  It feels, at least today, that this has not yet occurred.  Despite, the news saying that cases are rising rapidly and the NHS is stretched to the max, a lot of people seem to have lockdown fatigue and just doing what they want!

At least most people (I saw) were outside – I wonder how many people were inside having parties, etc…?

It’s a difficult balancing act, for all of us and the governments.  Will be interesting to see what Nicola announces tomorrow.

It has been great to have some snow to lift all our moods, at the end of the year, which for many of us has been really hard.

More snow is forecast for tonight and temperatures are said to be dropping further over the next few days.  I certainly will be watching Honey more carefully, I have already told her twice to stay away from the edge of the canal when she has been walking along to the toilet/shower block.

The wood burner has been keeping me super warm, which is great!  It was still burning a little this morning – but not too hot through the night 🙂

Hope you’ve had a great day in the snow (if you’ve had any).

Stay Safe!

Jim & Honey xx