Day 28 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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It feels that over the last few days my daily blog is turning into more of a list of things I have been doing each day, rather than reflections on living in lock-down.

It seems like I am drifting a little away from my original reason for writing this – which was more of a record on the ups and downs of living in lock-down – with some quotes, etc…

What do you think?  Are you still enjoying it?  Are you wanting more reflections and quotes like I did a while back?

Saying, that, I didn’t have a plan of what I would share – instead let the format, etc…evolve over time.  So maybe it is OK?

However, I am getting an increasing need to reflect more, so I hope to return to that at some point soon.  But today, it is just more of what I have been up to.

Following Morning Chi Gong this morning, I was interviewed by Phyllis Stephen from the Edinburgh Reporter for a Podcast.  Phyllis has been a fan of Jim the Magician (my alter ego) for many years, featuring me and my magic in a number of articles by the Edinburgh Reporter.  However, this is the first Podcast I have done with Phyllis.

I have embedded the podcast straight into this blog.  You can listen to it below:

I then got on with recording each of my blogs, narrating them, for Deepness Dementia Radio.

Another a glorious day of blue skies and sunshine, Honey the Dog and I, went out for a walk on Arthur’s Seat a bit earlier than usual, at lunchtime.

Over the last few days, the yellow gorse has been getting brighter and brighter – I think I got a better photo of it today (see below).

A favourite spot of Honey’s on our walk is swimming in a pond/mud pool in the valley at the foot of Arthur’s Seat.  The size of this varies according to the time of year.  The winter, with lots of rain it is quite deep.  In the summer it can dry up completely.  At the moment, it is getting a bit shallow, but still deep enough for her to swim in (see photo at top of the blog).  She usually has a shower when we get home, as she is covered in mud from the bottom of the pond.

In fact, when we came home today, she followed me round wanting something.  I worked out she was expecting to have a shower!  Well she gets a biscuit to get her in the bath, so maybe that’s why she wanted one!  It’s the only way to get her to jump in 😉

She’s even learnt to turn round on command and lift each of her feet up.

Today, on our walk she found a Grouse (alive),  Or was it a Pheasant – what’s the difference?  She flushed the bird out and it flew a bit further down the valley.  She then was obsessed trying to find it again.  She never did.  Check out the YouTube videos below:



Readers Corner

Readers Corner is a place for you, the readers, to share whatever you want – photos, thoughts, stories, comments, quizzes, etc…whatever you want.  It is your space in my blog.  Please email (, message me on Facebook, add a comment at the bottom of this blog, or even text me (0773 984 3706).

A few features in today’s Readers Corner.  My sister, Anna, told me this evening that oil prices have dropped 321% the lowest ever recorded.  Resulting in Futures Market Oil prices being -$40.32 per barrel.  My mum went onto explain, that due to Covid-19 there is physically no where to store oil.  It still continues to be pumped, but as there is no demand for it, there is no where for it to go / be stored.

I read on Aileen Dickson’s Instagram a lovely post about reflections on lock-down in Edinburgh.

I tried to embed the Instagram post into this blog, which did work but was massive and despite changing the HTML size numbers, had little success.  So instead here is the photo (sun shining through the tree at Ross Fountain) and quote below.  If you want to see Aileen’s Instagram post or even follow her, her Instagram is –

All those little bits of Edinburgh you never truly appreciated because normally they are too crowded

Finally, Fi messaged me this afternoon and sent some photos this evening on her evening walk at her home in the Isle of Canna  A beautiful picture of ‘Red Rum’ (that’s the Isle of Rum) and sun setting on the sea.  She said I could share her words:

“Had a thumping headache this morning so took some painkillers and went back to bed till midday!  Been sitting out in the sunshine ever since.  No motivation today”.

Like most of us, I get those days when I have no energy or motivation to do anything, whilst on lock-down.

Later Fi said she had got sun burnt!

Lets home Fi has some more energy and motivation soon, and her headache clears.  Oh – and some After-Sun cream!


How did you get on the Quiz from two days ago?

Fi provided the quiz and then did it and provided the answers.

Please do share any quizzes you have seen, would be great to start these up again.



Since lock-down, the virtual world has grown massively, as people come up with every type of Zoom Event.  Zoom Pubs.  Zoom Quizzes.  Zoom Pilates.  Zoom Zumba.  Zoom Games Night.  Zoom Birthday Parties.  To name a few.  And of course there was the Zoom Concert on Saturday night which I was the virtual Doorman and Bouncer.

This evening, I went to a Zoom Photoshoot!

On Saturday 30th May, my friend Robin is organising a charity Zoom Summer Cabaret Ceilidh.  Lots of us, have volunteered to do a turn in music, poetry, juggling, magic, whatever!

The Zoom Photoshoot was to get a photo of us all for the poster / flyer.

We were nearly ready to go, with the perfect number of people on Gallery View so that the picture was a nice rectangle, when someone else arrived.  So we had to find another 3 people.  Some of us logged in with a separate devices.

You’ll see ‘The AMAZING Honey’ (aka Honey the Dog) there with a travelling guitar!

One final thing I wanted to note about life on lock-down is how I have now started buying food once a week.  Before lock-down I used to buy my food to cook meals virtually everyday – usually in Lidl as it is 3 minutes walk away.  However, since lock-down, I now have a full house of food and buy food just once a week if not more.

I hardly ever go to supermarkets, as there is always such a long queue.  Sometimes up to 45 minutes.

It’s so interesting when you walk up the street to see the familiar queue of people waiting to get into a supermarket.  At first it seemed unusual, now it is a commend sight.  In fact if there isn’t a queue you wonder what is going on!

I am actually loving this way of being.  Before lock-down, if I wasn’t bothered to buy some food, I would get a take-away.  Where as now, I have a whole host of food to choose from.  It’s great and really enjoying getting back into cooking and making some really tasty meals.

Just another one of the many things that lock-down has done to improve my life.

I am sure many locals butchers, fix mongers, groceries, etc…are seeing this too.  They may no longer be able to supply food to pubs, restaurants, etc…but I am sure they are finding many more people are buying direct from them.  With Restaurants, bars, cafes, etc…shut I guess most of the population are now cooking all their meals!

So as I come to the end of this blog, I can’t believe it is Day 28!

In the first week of lock-down went so slowly.  Just a few days seemed for ever.  But really, even though we have now reached Day 28 – it seems an eternity!  We are only in April and it feels like a year.

One thing I love about lock-down is more and more I hear stories of amazing things that people are doing to help each other and help the community.  Even just within the 2 mile radius I spend all my time in, there are some amazing things happening.  We are looking after one another.

I think that poster I found on a wall on the side of the Co-Op in Easter Road says it all.

Until my next blog – I hope you have a fantastic day.

Lots of Love

Jim xxx

  1. Mimi

    Hey Jim! Mimi here, good to see you’re doing well. I’m still in Edinburgh and living on my own, it gets a bit lonely, sometimes even anxious but it’s not too bad. I can’t wait to go back to work at Mo’s! On the note of shopping, I got an app called Check-in and what it does it you log the shop you went to at what time and how stocked they were. I guess it’s gathering info so people can determine when to go so I don’t see any harm in it. Hope you’re staying safe and tell Honey I miss her!