Day 277 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Christmas Day in Photos



Christmas Morning Walk



Socially Distanced Christmas Gathering in the Park



Lots of People out on a Walk



Honey the Dog goes for a Christmas Swim



Lauren and Ellen share some Prosecco with Me

(they are sisters from Skye – near Dunvegan – although haven’t heard of the Peatbog Faeries – studying / working in fashion.  Their first Christmas not in Skye with their parents.  They called me over after spotting Honey as they thought she was super cute!)


Parts of the Canal is Frozen (lightly)



Honey is very Happy to have a Pigs Ear


Christmas Drinks with some of the Boat Community – Fiona and Satay

(Honey is happy to have a bone)



Brian drops by for a Christmas Visit and meets Honey the Dog for the FIRST time!

(Brian feels like he already knows Honey from this blog!)



Brian also comes with some Christmas gifts!

(he makes my day, as I have some presents to unwrap 🙂 )



Bunnahabhain Whisky selection!



Nothing to Review Hear Calendar by Peter Dibdin

(His photos featured on Day 141)


Bus No.1 Mug to Easter Road

(I catch this bus all the time to get from the canal to my flat!)



Christmas Card


Honey is delighted with her THIRD Christmas present !!



More Christmas Drinks


It Made Me Smile



Christmas Music Corner

This year’s UK Christmas Number One.




As I Come to the End of This Blog