Day 267 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today I have been painting all day in my flat!!

The living room is now finished and some glossing too, just the two bedrooms to be painted then I can move onto glossing full-time!

Apart from a short walk in Montgomery Street Park this morning, a trip to Mo Beans Coffee Shop this afternoon and once round the cemetery later this evening, Honey has not had any walks today, but she seems happy to be with me!

So no exciting photos to share 🙁


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Lots to report in Lockdown Restrictions Corner today across the UK and Europe.

  • London, Essex and Hertfordshire
    From midnight today (actually 00:01 tomorrow, Day 268) London, most of Essex and Hertfordshire will enter Tier 3 of England’s Lockdown Restrictions, due to a new variant of Covid which is spreading more quickly (

This includes pubs and restaurants closing (except for takeaway and delivery), no one allowed to meet each others houses, but Rule of 6 (six people allowed to meet from up to 6 households) can meet outside in parks, etc…(but not private Gardens).  I think from my memory that is correct for Tier 3 in England !!


  • Scotland
    Scotland had it’s Levels of Protection reviewed today by Nicola Sturgeon.East Lothian, Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire will move from Level 2 to Level 3


To see what this means, check out the handy charts for all the Scottish Levels that I posted on Day 259.


  • UK
    The four nations (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England) have been meeting to review the ‘Christmas Bubble’ and the easing of lockdown from 23rd to 27th December.  As yet, no decision has been made.


  • France
    France has now ended it’s Second Lockdown.
    It has replaced this was an Evening Curfew – people will not be allowed out of the house from 8pm to 6am.
    ( only exception to this will be in Christmas Eve, but it will be in place on New Years Eve.

    All bars and restaurants will be closed until at least 20th January 2021.


  • Turkey
    Turkey will be on lockdown between 31st December to 4th January 2021.


  • Germany
    Germany is going into a hard lockdown for Christmas.
    ( Non-essential shops will close from tomorrow (Day 268).
    -Schools to close from tomorrow (Day 268).

    This new lockdown will run until 10th January 2021.
    Restaurants, Bars and Leisure Centres have been closed since November.

    A maximum of five people from no more than two households are allowed to gather in a home.

    This will be relaxed from 24 to 26 December when one household will be able to invite a maximum of four close family members from other households.


  • Netherlands
    Netherlands to go into a 5 week lockdown, in the strictest measures they have had since the pandemic began.

    – Non-essential shops, cinemas, hairdressers and gyms have all closed
    – Schools will follow suit on tomorrow (Day 268).

    .- Non-essential travel abroad – not allowed until mid-March.

    Restrictions will be eased slightly for three days over Christmas, when Dutch households are allowed three instead of two guests.

Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Leah, who is Hannah’s sister!

Leah writes:

“Hi Jim! Hannah has been raving about your daily blog for months, but I finally went on to have a read yesterday and it’s great! Sorry for being late to join the party. I thoroughly enjoyed the photos of masked Hannah and the santa custard. I can confirm our mum sends the best/oddest seasonal food parcels! And also buys the best festive masks for us (I have a matching one of Hannah’s but in my own colour scheme). Pic attached! Leah x”.



Thanks Leah!  Welcome to the blog and Face-Mask Corner!!

Do we sense some sister rivalry there, after I set the challenge in yesterday blog (Day 266) to try and beat Hannah’s six appearances in Face-Mask Corner 😉


It Made Me Smile

This made me smile 🙂



Christmas Music Corner

Today we have Anna Massie’s NEW Christmas song TwentyPlenty.

Below the Spotify link, there is the video on her Facebook Page (@AnnaMassieMusic)




As I come to the end of this blog, I am feeling cold, the flat is super cold!

The windows have been open all day to remove paint fumes and some are still open.  The curtains have been taken down from the living room windows, so the heat can’t be kept in either!!  But, no wood burner saga today 😉

Honey the Dog is curled up in a tight ball on her bed!!  This is a sure sign that she is cold as well, although she is on her ‘travel bed’ and as you can see it doesn’t give her much room, so I guess she has to curl up tightly just to be on it!!

With a week of painting, I fear that this blog is going to lack lots of exciting photos this week!

If you are a reader of this blog and have not yet appeared in it – please do send in photos of your face-masks, videos/photos/anything that has made you smile/laugh, a comment (for Readers Corner) or your favourite Christmas tunes!!  Or why not just add a comment at the bottom of this blog 🙂

Thanks for Reading!!

Jim x