Day 266 – Reflections on Lockdown

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As I write this I am sitting in my flat!  The joy of having super fast Broadband is a pleasure, compared to a lot slower on my boat.

I thought it was to do with my computer getting old and slow, but now I realise it is to do with not having super fast Broadband!!

This morning, I pottered round the boat doing jobs and chores, before heading off to the flat.

Honey played The Christmas Game ‘Find Elf’ (or Mr Elf as I call him) which you can see below:



One really interesting thing that happens quite regularly on the canal is swans landing.

They use the area where our boats are, as a kind of runway to either take-off or land, you suddenly here their wings flapping right close to the water as they come into land.  It’s an amazing sight as they are so low!

Today, I was standing on my boat, as I heard the noise, so I grabbed my camera and managed to get some photos.  In hindsight, it would have been better to film it, to get better photos – but hey, I can do that next time!

Also saw another Covid Sign:


The rest of the day I continued painting my flat and had a wee trip to Ikea to buy a few bits and pieces I need for the flat., including some spare parts to fix my Ikea chest of drawers which had got broken – not knowing they give you spare parts at no charge!!

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today I am exploring Is it a Tier or is it a Level ?

This came about on Saturday (Day 264) when someone was talking at our virtual festive party about the different “Tiers” in Scotland.  I found myself getting really annoyed, thinking they are not Tiers they are Levels!

So I’ve been doing some research.

I know that Nicola initially announced there would be 4 Tiers in Scotland at 5 Levels, but since then everything written about them on the Scottish Government website is classed as a ‘Level’ –

Interestingly, I have just noticed that they are called ‘Levels of Protection’.  The word ‘Protection’ has just jumped out at me, as it’s not a ‘Restriction’, but a ‘Protection’, this gives it a more positive spin!

However, in England they are not ‘Level’s but ‘Tiers’ (3 Tiers) AND they are referred to as “restrictions” not “protections” –

Wales, doesn’t seem to have neither – no Tiers or Levels.  However, this article suggests that Wales is soon to introduce a “four tier local restriction system”. –

Northern Ireland, doesn’t seem to have Tiers or Levels, either – but clearly refers to them as “Restrictions”


So, I am still confused in Scotland – is it a Tier or is it a Level and what is the difference ?

I do like that Scotland calls it a “protection” rather than a “restriction” 🙂

Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Hannah, with her Christmas Face-Mask 🙂

This is Hannah’s 6th time to appear in Face-Mask Corner (the other days Day 154, Day 177, Day 222, Day 230, Day 235).  She clearly has got the hang of how Face-Mask Corner works, posing or sending photos of her wearing the many different face-masks that we own!!

Here is Hannah with her Christmas Face-Mask, which came in a Christmas Box that her mum gave her, which included Festive Loo Roll, some mince pies and some Ambrosia Custard with Santa on!



Thanks Hannah – it matches your coat 🙂


Hannah is soaring ahead in the amount of times she has appeared in Face-Mask Corner – can you beat her??

Christmas Music Corner

I woke up this morning to this song being played on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show.  It is the winner of their competition, 12 Families of Christmas.

It’s called A NORMAL CHRISTMAS by The Dillon Family from Billericay, Essex!

This is the description for it:

They are: Mum, Dad, Patrick (5), and Stanley (2).

“We spent lockdown learning to ride bikes, potty training, making toy aeroplanes and eating ice-creams in the garden, amongst hundreds of other activities.”

“In a bid to raise some cheer this year, Patrick ‘Patch’ Dillon worked with his father, an audio producer from Essex, to create his own Covid Christmas anthem.

It tells of the woes the world is facing during these unprecedented times, whilst bringing hope and a reminder of what’s important.

When asked which charity Patch would like to donate to if he won the competition, he replied instantly “I want to help children that aren’t as lucky as me”. 

The winner gets loads of prizes and £2000 to donate to a charity of their choice!

Check out the video below the Spotify too.

Chris Evans now wants this to become Christmas Number One, so if you like it, start sharing and downloading / liking it on Spotify!!





As I come to the end of todays blog, I am missing not being on the boat, but also really enjoying the luxury of being in a flat!!  I am looking forward to a full day of painting tomorrow and the next few days of painting and work on my flat.  Plus, not having to travel on the bus!

If anyone knows if the official terminology in Scotland is ‘Level’ or ‘Tier’, please let me know – or the difference between the two, that would be greatly received!

Hope you’ve all had a good start to your week!

Jim xx