Day 265 – Reflections on Lockdown

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This morning Honey and I went for another long walk along the canal in the pouring rain.

I stopped to watch what looked like a game of touch rugby with a Frisbee (blog cover photo), however, since then have found it is an actual team game of frisbee called ‘Ultimate‘ or ‘Ultimate Frisbee‘!!  It actually looks like a really interesting game 🙂

The swans swam alongside us for quite a while, which brought some gentle wildlife to our walk.


Then onto the flat to do some more painting.

Honey and I managed to get a walk round the cemetery before it go dark.

Then late afternoon I met up with Hannah and we went carpet shopping for a flat 🙂

I have now bought carpet for my flat, which will be arriving early in the new year.  This will give me enough time to finish painting, which I hope to have got done before Christmas.

On the way back up Leith Walk I spotted a bar open selling take-away beer – signs of Level 3 lockdown!!

Face-Mask Corner

Today with have Fi.  This was taken on Zoom, so not the best quality.

Fi got her Face-Mask from Pixie Bheag –

Lots of products made are things in Harris Tweed.


Cheers Fi 🙂


It Made Me Smile

This cartoon made me smile :


Christmas Music Corner

Hands-up, who hasn’t seen the 1990 Christmas film Home Alone ?  Perhaps you haven’t watched it until the end, but there can’t be many people who haven’t see it at all??! 😉

With that theme in mind, here is Home Alone Christmas Songs.


As I come to the end of today’s blog, I am feeling super tired, in fact, I have been feeling tired all weekend.  I remember this feeling, of when I have been going to bed too late all week – last week my 10pm curfew slipped and I was going to bed, on average, about 1.30am most nights.  So tonight, I am on course to meeting my 10pm curfew 🙂

I haven’t made much progress painting the flat this weekend, realising that with such short days of light, it doesn’t give me much time.  By the time I arrive around lunchtime, I’ve only a couple of hours before darkness, so I am wondering whether to spend next week living in the flat, to get the painting finished.  Living in two different places is exhausting !!

Today is 265 days since lockdown began.  It feels like it is a big milestone in writing the blog, only 100 days to go – the big countdown begins!

With the clock ticking, I need to finish this blog to reach my curfew.

Good Night!

Jim x