Day 264 – Reflections on Lockdown

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This morning Honey and I went for a lovely relaxing walk along the canal.  It was so quiet and peaceful and I reflected how lucky I am to be living in the city centre of Edinburgh, but am able to go for such lovely walks right on my door step!

It was raining for the whole of the walk, so despite it being 10am, there was hardly anyone out.  I really enjoyed the lack of people as the canal can get really busy on a Saturday morning, especially with cylists.

On the way back we dropped by at the Café Boat to find there were no dog biscuits left out for Honey the Dog, because of the rain, but they got her one anyway 🙂

Then we met up with Danny, who had come by to go to the Akva sale.  Akva was super quiet and they announced that today was going to be the last day of the sale.  Although they will continue selling things in one of their other bars, Hemma, on a Sunday.

I then headed along to my flat and Danny came along in his car and we went for a walk.

I spotted some great posters and took some photos with Danny in them.

In this photo Danny looks particularly cold.  I wasn’t feeling cold at all, concluding that I must be hardening to the cold weather as I am outside so much in my normal day to day life (and on the boat).  Reflecting that I hardly noticed the cold rain on our walk this morning.

You may remember on Day 202, I wrote about my ‘Sun Theory’ which included me wearing shorts and t-shirt when it was really cold, to try and harden myself to the Scottish weather – it didn’t work.  But now, 25 years later I seem to be hardening to the cold 😉

After some more painting in my flat this afternoon, this evening was our virtual Christmas Energy Gathering, with the Celtic Energy Gang!!!  Back in June (Day 89) we did a similar event, due to not being able to meet up for our annual July holiday in the Hebrides.

Today was the Scottish Traditional Music Awards (known as the Trad Awards) which we’ve all gone to one or all of them over the last 15 years or so.  So we thought it would be perfect to have a virtual Christmas gathering.

This included – Christmas Cracker jokes, singing, 12 Energy Days of Christmas, a Panto, Christmas Quiz and even sitting on Santa’s Knee game!!  I wrote and directed The Energy Panto which was called ‘The Energy Elf & Heloerella’.  Partly based on a true story, loosely based on Cinderella.  There were 11 characters, 4 cast members, songs, jokes and lots of fun.  I’ve spent a few evenings, reading guides on how to write Pantos!!!

Lots of folk came along to our virtual gathering – Gez, Jennie, Brian, Helo, Fi, Andrew, Kit, Rura, Oran, Angie Baby, Jules, Alun, myself, Sarah and Peter.  Peter was a special guest all the way from Maine (USA) !!


After that, we headed back to the boat and re-joined for the After Party.

Back at the boat, it was quite cold, as seen by Honey who lay on her bed in a tight ball to keep warm!!


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

At our virtual Christmas Energy Gathering, Peter joined us from Maine.

So today I am looking at Maine.


On 23rd November a State of Emergency was declared to 23rd December.

  • All outdoor and indoor amusement venues – close at 9pm
  • Movie theatres – close at 9pm
  • Performing art venues – close at 9pm
  • Casinos – close at 9pm
  • Business that provide seated food and drink service – close at 9pm
  • Social clubs – close at 9pm
  • Restaurants – close at 9pm
  • Bars and tasting rooms – close at 9pm


All of the above were initially to 4th December, but due to a rise in Covid cases this has been extended until 3 January.

Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Jennie.

Jennie uses this if she forgets her face-mask – a turtle neck!


Thanks Jennie 🙂


Readers Corner

One sharing today.



Andrew put a comment on yesterdays blog (Day 263) saying:

“Thanks again for sharing my Christmas songs Jim! I’m glad that you and your readers enjoy them!”.

No worries!  As you know I love all your music 🙂


Christmas Music Corner

When did you last watch this amazing film?

If you haven’t seen it, why not watch it this year, you won’t regret it!

So today we have The Muppets Christmas Carol



As I come to the end of today’s blog, it has been a great day!  A had a lie in, met Danny, went to Mo Beans, did some painting and then met with some of my best friends.  Always great being with the Celtic Energy Gang!!

I was wondering whether to spend tonight in my flat, but I am glad that I returned to the Discovery.  When I got back, I caught up with Fiona my neighbour, which I always enjoy.  There’s something great being back on the boat with the fire.

I think I have cracked the fire saga – the trick is each time I add something more to the fire, to think about when I am going to bed and whether it has time to burn out before I head to bed.  Saying that it is still super warm outside, so it may all go downhill once the temperature drops.

Today it has rained on and off and have been super warm – it was up to 7 degrees centigrade at one point.  There’s been hardly any wind, which has been good, as Edinburgh usually has a cold wind – but not so good when lighting a fire, as it takes so long to get going.

Stay Safe!

Jim & Honey the Dog x