Day 261 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today, John came to visit, the last time I saw him IRL was on Day 205!

In fact, this was the first time John has visited me in my home, rather than me going to Portobello to see him at his home.

Was lovely to see John, show him Discovery and go for a walk along the canal.

Also the Café Boat was open, so we had a coffee there.

This was the first time that I sat down on the table and chairs at the Café Boat 🙂

The Blog Cover photo took a few photos until I got the right one…

John then headed into town, to take advantage of being in the city centre and we headed to the bus for more painting at the flat.

On the way to the bus, I saw another Covid Sign I haven’t seen before 🙂

This evening, whilst I was taking my night time photo in the ‘As I come to the end of this blog…’ section, Honey stood on a piece of glass – Ouch!

She limped for a while, then seemed to be OK  I had a look at her paw, but couldn’t see any injury.

However, back on the boat she was licking her foot and I noticed blood on the sofa.

So I got in touch with my sister and brother-in-law (who are both vets) on my personal ‘Vet Advice’ messenger group and sought vet advice.  Taking a photo of the wound, you can just see a cut:


However, Honey the Dog seems happy now, sleeping next to me on the sofa 🙂


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Follow on from yesterdays blog (Day 260) and Edinburgh not moving down to Level 3, I see that Edinburgh Council members have been reading my blog and support my outrage for not moving down to Level 2 –

However, the talk on the town from various sources is that if Edinburgh moved down to Level 2, everyone would flock to Edinburgh.  The current Scottish law is that people can’t travel in and out of Level 4 and Level 3 unless ‘essential travel’.

Now I understand this, I kind of agree that it is best that Edinburgh remains in Level 3.  I mean, we have been in this type of lockdown since the beginning of October or was it end of September (?), why risk changing the Level until the New Year?


Christmas Music Corner

I was going to include ‘Best Christmas Hits’ as I am currently listening to it on Spotify, but just noticed I’ve already included it on Day 252.

So instead I’ve found this album, which has over 260,000 likes!!!  I can’t actually listen to it right now, as it will take too much data to listen or download.  I am down to 30GB for the rest of December, so I need to be careful.

Today we have 100 Greatest Christmas Songs Ever!



As I come to the end of this blog, I am trying a new approach with the wood burner!  Despite, thinking things were perfect last night, I couldn’t sleep due to the boat being too hot, then waking up at 3.30am freezing cold.  So today, I am not using any coal, just burning logs.  It is keeping the temperature a lot lower and I think may work for tonight, it is mere 21 degrees centigrade right now on Disco 🙂

I have also started my research chart, which I started yesterday, so I can create a formula before the end of this winter, to use in future years!!  Makes it lots of fun too 🙂

My flat is starting to progress with painting, tomorrow the electrician is in the flat, so I will be spending the day on Discovery.

This morning on the radio, they were talking about how everyone has been putting up their Christmas decorations a lot earlier than previous years, as it creates some excitement.  After the year we have had it seems lots of people are looking forward to some cheer and goodwill this Christmas!

Stay Safe!

Jim x