Day 260 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Everyday since the start of December, Fiona plays ‘Find the Elf’ with Honey.  The Elf gets moved each day and if Honey finds the Elf Fiona gives her a biscuit.  Whenever we come out of the Facilities Block, Honey now sprints down the towpath and jumps on Fiona’s boat, in the hope that she can play the game again and get a biscuit (blog cover photo).

I think Honey is more interested in the biscuit, rather than the Elf, but hey its a good game for her to play 🙂

Can you see the Elf in the photo?!

This morning and all day the Café Boat was shut!  See yesterday’s blog (Day 259) for more details about why it was probably shut.  Every time I walked along the towpath in the direction of where it is, I felt sad that there was no one sitting at the table and chairs outside or waiting to get a coffee.  I even saw three people taking photos standing next to it, as its a novelty, a café boat, and felt sad they didn’t get to see it open.

It definitely felt something missing with it not being open.  It is usually open every day, 7 days a week, 9am to 5pm.  It’s a constant!

On the way to the bus, one particular café seemed really busy, with a big queue, and it made me wonder whether people are now back to work in offices and getting a coffee?


I also saw a Covid Safety sign that I don’t think I have seen before.

Today I have been preparing and then painting my kitchen.  It’s looking great 🙂

Also found a carpet fitter who came round and gave me a quote on how much he would charge to lay a new carpet.

Then back on the bus to head home.

Just in time for the Dalmeny Street Park monthly Zoom meeting.

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today Nicola, announced the changes in lockdown level restrictions in Scotland.

With talk that Edinburgh should be moving down from Level 3 to Level 2, as the city has had Covid cases that fit with Level 2 for 4 weeks, we all waited with baited breath!

But alas, Edinburgh is not moving Levels 🙁

Here is the full list of changes taking place on Friday (Day 263) at 6pm:


Check out what each Level means in yesterday’s blog (Day 259).


Level 4 – LOCKDOWN



Level 3 – VERY HIGHT

Glasgow City (moving down)

Renfrewshire (moving down)

East Renfrewshire (moving down)

East Dunbartonshire (moving down)

West Dunbartonshire (moving down)

South Lanarkshire (moving down)

North Lanarkshire (moving down)

Stirling (moving down)

East Ayrshire (moving down)

South Ayrshire (moving down)

West Lothian (moving down)

Perth & Kinross


North Ayrshire

City of Edinburgh (considering moving down)



Midlothian (considering moving down)


Level 2 – HIGH

Inverclyde (moving down)

Angus (moving down)

Falkirk (moving down)

Aberdeen City


Argyll & Bute

East Lothian


Level 1 – MEDIUM

Dumfries & Galloway (moving down)

Borders (moving down)





Western Isles





Christmas Music Corner

This evening I am listening to Gavin & Stacey: Christmas Special

So here it is:



Although I was excited to listen to this album, as I love Gavin & Stacey, I must admit this album doesn’t do it for me!


As I come to the end of today’s blog, I think I have got the correct temperature on the wood burner 🙂

Last night the boat was super hot most of the night and I couldn’t sleep because of it.  As I lay in bed, I realised the issue was that it was warm outside, it was about 5 degrees centigrade outside.  I decided that I need to start doing some daily research, so I can find the correct formula!  I’m going to write down the temperature on the boat when I arrive, temperature when I go to bed, temperature outside, how I lit the fire, what I put on it, etc…Plus if I slept through the night.

Hopefully, over a few weeks or months, I can develop a chart, going on the temperature inside and outside and know how much to put on the fire.  I can then use for future years to come!

I feel a bit disappointed that Edinburgh has remained in Level 3 and not moved down to Level 2.  It feels a bit unfair that we have so low cases, compared to other areas of Scotland – we have consistently been about 20th down the list (from highest to lowest) out of 32 areas for 4 weeks and yet we are now in the same level as the 11 areas that have been in Level 4, but they still have higher cases than us!  Why bother sticking to the rules??!

But, hey, I guess it gives me something to write about here.

Thanks for reading!

Jim x