Day 258 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today I have been in Glasgow!!

For those who don’t know the Scottish lockdown restrictions (see Day 228).  On 20th November (Day 242) it became illegal (in Scotland) to travel into or out of Level 3 and Level 4, unless for essential travel!  Edinburgh is in Level 3 and Glasgow is in Level 4, but I deemed my trip as ‘Essential Travel’.

The government provides a whole list of what ‘Essential Travel’, is but the one that I fit into is:

“Travel for work or an activity associated with seeking employment, or to provide voluntary or charitable services, but only where that cannot be done from your home.”


I was travelling for work and it could not be done from my home.

I headed to Glasgow to give a magic lesson.  This was the second magic lesson I gave to Lewis, the first being on Day 153. The first magic lesson, I got the bus and train, but due to lockdown restrictions, I drove through in a hire car.  I didn’t get out of the car on the journey, so got in it in Edinburgh, drove to Lewis’ house and got out, then came back, without stopping and without getting out.

I deemed that as being as close as can be to be Covid Safe.  We agreed, that if any of us got any Covid symptoms, we would cancel the magic lesson.

But I was very surprised to find the roads busy and the streets of Glasgow to be busy too!  No different to any other Sunday!

The amount of people on the streets of Glasgow, seemed no different to that of Edinburgh, despite Glasgow being in full lockdown.

Anyway, it was great to get out of Edinburgh, the last time was in September and was a fun day 🙂

Whilst I was in Glasgow, Honey the Dog had a day with Hannah and Cleo !!

Readers Corner

Two posts today.



Deek posted a Facebook Comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 257) saying:

“Hope your well Jim 🙈“.

Cheers Deek!  Yes, I’m good thanks 🙂



Pat posted a Facebook Comment on yesterdays blog (Day 257) in relation to Christmas Music Corner, saying:

“Great Song And Lyrics…Sadly It Seems You Have To Watch What Your Saying These Days As Some People Don’t Get The Scottish Sense Of Humour…Long Story Al Tell You About It Someday… Stay Safe and Stay Well Mate…☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Thanks Pat!  Glad you enjoyed it 🙂


Christmas Music Corner

Today we have singer songwriter Andrew Huggan, with his 2017 Christmas release/hit.

You may remember watching one of his music videos on Day 114.

This is called Staff Christmas Party.

And those without Spotify, you can listen to it on YouTube below.






As I come to the end of this blog, it is my final sleepover in my flat, before we return to the boat.  When I was dropping some things off on the boat this afternoon on my way back from Glasgow, the temperature inside was 3 degrees and outside was also 3 degrees!  It’s going to take a while to heat the boat up tomorrow evening!

Despite describing the luxury of being in the flat compared to the boat on yesterdays blog (Day 257), it feels like my soul feels trapped in a flat, which I have felt for many years.  The flat is safe and secure and easy to live in, but somewhere deeper inside it doesn’t suit me.  I always feel like living in a flat, is ultimately a series of boxes, amongst other boxes, that everyone is living in, in their own little world.  That type of life makes me feel trapped and recognising there is so much more to life than just that!

Also, sleeping on land feels very different compared to sleeping on and next to water, there is a very different feel of energy to the too.  I’ve always wanted to live by the sea, near water, and that is where I am now at.  I recognise that this new lifestyle is a massive change and shift, but they say winter is the hardest part in boat life, so things can only get better…well from maybe March/April 🙂

Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend.

Jim xx