Day 252 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Once in a while, I find that I just cannot light the fire, tonight was one of those nights!!  I don’t know whether the wood is wet or because it is too cold or just not lighting?  I light it, sit back and relax, with a roaring fire, feeling my feet and legs warming up.  Then I notice that me feet and legs are getting cooler, I look and the fire has nearly gone out.

Tonight, the log I was using just was not lighting!!  It was smouldering, just not burning in a fire.  Smouldering is not good, as when I open the wood burner door smoke starts bellowing out into the room.  With my smoke alarm being so sensitive, I have to shut the door very quickly!  My third attempt, I pretty much relay the fire and started again…and finally got it going.

Blog Cover Photo is of Honey modelling herself sitting on the new Akva picnic bench that Helen picked up last weekend 🙂


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

On my request on yesterday’s blog (Day 251) on where to research next for this Corner, Miles replied saying:

“Jim.  I’d like you to research Honduras.  If you’re still looking for places to research.  Thanks!”.

So today I am looking at Honduras.



I must admit there is very little to find on Honduras.  This is what I have found:


  • Websites say “Reconsider travel to Honduras due to COVID-19 and crime“.

  • Shopping Curfew – 5am to 10pm – security forces will enforce.
  • Stay at home – minimise trips away from home.
  • When outside your home – have proper identification with you at all times AND co-operate with the security forces.
  • Intercity Travel – you require a letter of safe passage or permission to transit.
  • If positive test or been in contact with someone who has – must quarantine for 14 days.
  • Elderly women who are pregnant – can exclusively access essential business from 7am to 9am and banks from 9am to 10am.
  • Individuals with disabilities – can exclusively access essential business from 7am to 9am and banks from 9am to 10am.
  • Online banking is available – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • ATMs will operate and be replenished.


I wonder, what age an elderly pregnant woman would be?

Interestingly, whilst we are being encouraged to use contactless payments, one of their points is that ATMs will be operating!


Well, there you go Miles!!  If you are thinking of a trip to Honduras for Christmas, maybe think again 😉

Face-Mask Corner

Another unique face-mask, care of Hello Magazine.


This is called Ruffled face mask.

With the description:

“We were intrigued by this fun and flirty ruffled gingham mask, that looks a bit like a candy wrapper and comes in a number of gingham shades from the same New York City seller. Those of have bought the 100% cotton mask on Etsy say it is a “cheery” mood booster. As one five-star reviewer raved, “Beautiful! A true dream – I also loved the note attached which describes the artist’s intention behind the whimsical mask!” 

You can buy this from Etsy for £15.67.


I think this would be a great stocking filler 🙂

Readers Corner

One post for today.



Pat posted a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 251) saying:

“You Tried Some Peat For Burning??☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿“.

Good idea Pat!  If I lived in the Isle of Lewis, that’s all I would be using.  I’ve helped my friends in Lewis for a few summers, digging and turning the peat to dry it out and then using it later in the winter.  Something special about using fuel you’ve dug up and gathered earlier in the year.  If you live up there, you get a piece of peat land 🙂

However, sadly, the ‘Coal Man’ only brings kindling, logs and coal.  But perhaps, I can find some peat or next year when I’m in Lewis bring some back!!



It Made Me Smile

I love this one.  This made me laugh 🙂 🙂


*** Christmas Music Corner ***

Christmas Trees are starting to appear and it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Do you have a favourite Christmas song, Christmas Album or Christmas Spotify Playlist?  This is the month to share!!!

Today I downloaded some Christmas Spotify Playlists and listening to this one right now.

Best Christmas Hits created by arcticwulf168




As I come to the end of this blog, it is super late, well for my 10pm curfew, it’s nearly 11pm!

Spending over an hour trying to get the fire going and then looking at many different websites for Lockdown Restrictions Corner, all delayed me.

As I walked round the cemetery as it was getting dark, I was thinking about how ‘lockdown’ now seems like ‘normal life’.  In Edinburgh we have not been allowed in each others homes for most of lockdown.  I can’t actually remember when we have been allowed in each other’s homes since lockdown began, was there a small gap in August or was that just in a bubble?

How weird it is going to be, when we can freely allowed to go into each others homes again!  It go into a pub – it seems ages since pubs were open.

One thing that is noticeable is that cafes on Easter Road are super busy.  People I speak to say, they would normally go to the pub in the evening or go out for a meal.  But as everything shuts at 6pm, people are going out to cafes through the day instead.

Today the weather has not been so cold, it’s rained a bit, been cloudy and a super big moon slowly rising this evening.

Hope you’ve had a Magic Monday 🙂

Stay Safe!

Jim xx

  1. Ian Buchan

    Every Christmas morning when we are opening our presents we play The Beach Boys Christmas album from 1963. This has been our tradition for over 30 years and although the Beach Boys very early material was all about sun, surfing, cars and girls, their catalogue transcends way beyond these topics and style. I have been a fan all my life and love the rich harmonies and arrangements. Don’t worry we play the likes of Slade, Wizzard and Shakin Stevens as well lol.