Day 251 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Wow – the weather this morning compared to yesterday is amazing!

This morning it was really misty and foggy and when it did lift it was still a really grey dreary day.

I think I got the temperature correct in the wood burner last night, not being too hot in the night and waking up not too cold.

The fire was still just going, when I stumbled out of bed about 10am.

If it was a week day and I was up at 8am, it would have been a perfect temperature on the boat.  I will share what I did at the end of this blog.

Regular blog readers will know that I make sure every, blog cover photo has Honey the Dog in it.  For today, you can see Honey far in the distance, sitting on the right hand side.  She did very good to sit there and not move, whilst I went through the gate and got as far down the canal as possible.  I had hoped to head up the bridge, but wasn’t sure if she would have stayed.

Check out the compare the contrast photos from yesterday (clear blue skies) compared to today!!

After doing some paid work this morning, I arranged with Danny to pick up the Ikea furniture that Brian dropped off at the boat on Day 236.  It has been sitting in the corner of my boat, getting in the way for a couple of weeks, waiting to go to the flat.

As I found out getting it onto the boat, its too wide for the front door, so I it had to go out the bow door.  Check out the photos below:

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

I have come to the end of the BBC News sharing of each country in Europe ( and now stuck on where to go next.

Any suggestions on a country you want me to research?

Face-Mask Corner

Today we take a pause from the Hello Magazine and have a real person!

Anna shared a photo of herself wearing a face-mask saying:

“Vasculitis UK face covering for your blog”.

You can buy them on the Vasculitis website for £5 each, plus a flat-rate £1 for postage & packaging for any number of masks –

They are also guaranteed at least 20 washes.

Even better still, all profits from the shop are used to meet the aims of the charity – to support patients, raise awareness, and help fund vasculitis research in the UK.


Thanks for sharing Anna!  You saved me having to post more unique face-masks from Hello Magazine 🙂

I like the blue of the face-mask.


Readers Corner

Two sharing’s in Readers Corner today.



Christa posted a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 250), in relation to the blog cover photo, saying:

“Brilliant photo”.

Thanks Christa 🙂 – it was such a glorious day yesterday !

Check out the comparison for today 😉



Jess posted a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 250) in relation to my question on whether folk find it hard watching pre-Covid TV where people are hugging, kissing and no social distance, saying:

“Yes, I agree. I watched a music video the other day. It was set in a pub. I had a very odd feeling between longing and supplies, seeing every one mingling, close together, dancing with strangers. I thought, no one in this video had ever heard of or cared about “bubbles” .

Thanks for that Jess!  Good to hear I am not the only one 😉

As I come to the end of this blog, it’s a short one.  I lost track of time this afternoon and evening, doing more paid work.

The wood burner formula, from last night, is to let the fire burn right down, then add a load of coal a bit before going to bed and switching the vent to really low.  Then before going to bed, I can check that it is still burning.  However, this evening, I worked out it all comes down to timing.  There is no point putting on a big log, 20 minutes before going to bed, as it will still be only half burnt by bedtime.  This is what has happened with me tonight, so I opened the vents to burn the log quicker, but now it has resulted in the boat being super hot.

So I think the trick is to learn how long it takes for logs of different sizes to burn and then work out approximately how long it will burn and when I will be going to bed.  The problem that happened tonight, was that I got so caught up in my work, the fire nearly went out, so I put on a log to keep it going.  So ultimately, it all comes down to timing 🙂

Today the weather has been misty and cold, last night is was little frosty too – but no rain today.

Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend.

Lots of Love.

Jim xx