Day 250 – Reflections on Lockdown

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What a stunning day it has been in Edinburgh today!

There has been clear blue skies most of the day, and of course relatively cold.

This evening it remains cold, but a lovely moon and the stars are out 🙂

I dropped by to Bar Akva this morning, which continues with it’s sale of all it’s contents (see Day 241 and Day 243).

Compared to last week (Day 243) its virtually all sold !!

Although, apparently more furniture from other pubs run by the same company are being shipped to Akva so the sale will continue next Saturday.  I guess, Akva is such a big space, it is really easy to have everything on display and folk can walk round with ease.


The canal was looking stunning this morning!



By midday there was so many people walking along it, gathering at the boat café (see blog cover photo) and carrying furniture away from Akva, it was a hive of activity.

It was lovely to watch people carrying tables, chairs, units, etc…away from Akva, imagining how special it is for regulars to have a part of the pub/bar in their home

I bought five bright Swedish looking cushions at the sale for the flat, but they are looking so great now on my bed on Discovery, I am thinking maybe I will leave them here 🙂

When I was coming out of Discovery to head to the flat, I noticed a couple sitting on two chairs next to the canal, I guess they had just bought them in the Akva sale 🙂

You can see them just on the right of this photo.


The rest of my day was quite standard.

Although, when I arrived in Leith, despite it also being a clear blue sky day, there was a different energy around.  I guess, as there is no water?!

I headed to the flat, did some painting and other bits and bobs in the flat.  I also met up with Kate (aka ‘Kate’s Park’) which was nice, as I haven’t seen her for a couple of months!

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today I am looking at Denmark.



On 4th November, it was announced that all mink across Denmark were being slaughtered due to reports that a mutated SARS-Cov-2-virus was being passed from mink to humans via mink farms.  At least 12 human infections had been discovered in Northern Jutland.  Although The State Serum Institute suggested this mutation was no more dangerous than other coronaviruses, but SSI warned that the mutation could impact on the development and effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Due to the mink outbreak, on 6th November seven North Jutland regions/provinces of Denmark (including Copenhagen) went into lockdown until 2nd January.

This includes:

  • No alcohol sales after 10pm.
  • Bars close at 10pm.
  • Restaurants close at 10pm.
  • Nightclubs close at 10pm.
  • Outdoor Gatherings – up to 10 people.
  • Face-Masks compulsory in all outdoor places.

Face-Mask Corner

Another unique face-mask, care of Hello Magazine.


This is simply called Chainmail face mask.

With the description:

“Cool looking? Definitely. Practical? Well… you’d be surprised! This Grlfrnd facemask, which comes in both gold and silver is a chainmail fantasy veil, but has a secret: a filter mask you wear underneath, providing protection against the spread of the virus.”.

You can buy this from Revolve for £61.


I think this is my favourite one so far from the Hello Magazine collection !!

Readers Corner

Three comments today.



Graham posted a Facebook comment on Day 248 blog, saying:

“Jim,I find having a bath is much more relaxing than a shower. A shower is great for waking you up in the morning, but a bath before going to bed relaxes the body ready for sleep.”.

Good tip Graham.  Although I haven’t had a functional bath for so long, I can’t remember having one at all!




Karen posted a Facebook comment on Day 246 blog, about me saying Honey’s roots is Gaelic, saying:

“HI Jim interestingly Honey was born in Musselburgh so she is nearer her roots in Edinburgh.”.

Cheers for that Karen!



Pat posted a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 249), saying:

“Keep The Dross Or Coal Dust And Before You Go To Sleep Put It On The Fire It Should Keep A Good Heat Until The Morning…☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿“.

Thanks for that Pat.  I’ve tried that, it just burns really hot and then goes out.  As every wood burner is different,  I think it is just a process of trying everything until I find the correct formula!






It Made Me Smile

Janey shared this with me last night and it made me smile 🙂

The privacy settings on the video won’t let me share it.  So you can see the original from this link below.  Otherwise, the video below that is a similar video, although I think the Facebook video is better:   



As I come to the end of this blog, I can imagine the ‘Blog Community’ (Brayshaw, MJ, 2020) are wondering how I got on with the temperature through the night, last night.  Well, once the wood had burnt away and the fire was glowing, I put on some coal and turned the wood burner right down.  However, I think I turned it down too much, as this morning the boat was cold and when I checked the wood burner there was still coal in the wood burner.

That is the other challenge I have with this wood burner, it has one handle to turn to open or close the gap.  If I leave it too open, it burns too quickly (through the night) if I shut it too much the fire goes out!  I think it is a knack and am sure by the end of this winter, I will have got it sorted.  If it wasn’t for this blog, I probably would not be so fixated on it!!

This evening I was curious how long the boat was from the front door (apt) to the bow door.  The boat in total is 12.2 metres, but that’s the full length, not that part that is indoors.  It is 8 metres long, indoors – that’s 26.2 feet.  The living area is by far that largest area, then the ‘bedroom’ (well bed), then the kitchen. It’s great having the covering over the bow, that has become the dumping area, which would have been my spare bedroom in my flat.

I lit the fire too early tonight, to heat the boat up, lay on the sofa to watch some Netflix (re-watching Stranger Things), the boat heated up and then I got sleepy and was not in the mood to write the blog.  But I have now finished it 🙂

Do you find when watching programmes that you kind of flinch a little when you seen people so close, and hugging, and kissing, etc…?  I do and have for a while, with the social distance and avoid contact message that has been drummed into me/us in 2020, it seems, very weird to see folk acting “normal” around each other.

Hope you’ve had a Super Saturday!!

Jim x

  1. Jess

    Yes, I agree. I watched a music video the other day. It was set in a pub. I had a very odd feeling between longing and supplies, seeing every one mingling, close together, dancing with strangers. I thought, no one in this video had ever heard of or cared about “bubbles” .