Day 25 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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have been noticing something different within me today.  Everyday feels like the same and I am okay with it.

I mentioned it in a recent blog (was it yesterday?) – that we don’t have anything to look forward to in life.

Planned holidays are on hold.  Birthday Gathering’s are not happening (well only virtually).  There are no ceilidhs.  Meeting with friends are not happening (in real life).  Even the weekend seems pretty much the same.

I asked my friend Danny what he was doing for the weekend and he replied that everyday seems the same.  It’s completely true.  I know today is Friday and tomorrow is the weekend, but my routine is pretty much the same everyday.

Saying that, I am actually okay with that.  I am actually enjoying getting used to this unfamiliar way of being.

My photo at the top of today’s blog depicts how I am feeling today.  Blandness.  No variation – just all the same. Actually, the green in the photo is very green – I’m not feeling bright today, today life is dull.

Before lock-down, I would start to worry if my life was feeling bland and dull.  I would worry that my mood was getting flat.  Friends would try to help me see the positives in my life. They may even find something for us to do together to lift my mood.

I would try and find something to fill the feeling, to have something to look forward to.

But I am not judging it, I’m just being with it, which is happening naturally.

Its like the story of the old man in the village with the horse. I am not thinking it is good or bad that I am feeling this way. I am just feeling it.

And with this blandness, dull and flatness there is a calm, silence and stillness. A peace within me.

Today my day was the same as any day this week.  Got up 7.45am.  Walk round the graveyard with Honey the Dog.  Breakfast.  Morning Chi Gong (we had 10 people at it today, the most we’ve ever had).  Some Zoom chat with different people. Read and replied to emails.  Recorded some more of my blog for the online radio station it’s going to be broadcast on.  Lunch.  Walk with Honey the Dog on Arthur’s Seat.  Stop off at Easter Greens for a bottle of Kombucha.  Watch the news whilst eating my dinner.  Look at some stuff on Facebook.  Put computer back on, put radio on and write my blog. Bedtime Chi Gong. Finish the Blog.

After that I will post it on social media. Get ready for bed. Take Honey for her bedtime walk. Have my bedtime chat with Honey the Dog. Give her bedtime snack. Get into bed. Write my 5 year diary. Write the Covid-19 Update in my 5 Year Diary, which includes various countries daily death and cases rates. Look at the news to include this in my Covid-19 Update. See if Fi is still awake on chat. Switch my light off and go to sleep.

That is pretty much what I do everyday.  Same routine, nothing more – nothing special.

But weirdly I am okay with this.

I continue to listen to Ram Dass on audible during my walk and find his calming voice brings me so much more into the moment.  It is my favourite time of the day.  I also reflect on the day during my walk.  I find walking (or running) the best time to think about life.  It’s definitely something to do with the movement and being in nature.

A few highlights to my day.  I dropped by to Mo Beans Coffee Shop to buy some more coffee beans.

This evening I listened to my magician friend Tom Brace’s Friday night Quiz, which wad on Facebook Live – 7pm, every Friday night.  Tom Brace is a very talented magician based in London.  But since the lockdown he is out of work, so he has turned his hand to a weekly Friday night Quiz.

I’ve never listened to Tom’s show all the way through, from the start to the finish.  Tonight I did.  I am terrible at quizzes, so spent the whole hour firing witty comments at him, many of which he read out!  You can re-watch tonight’s Quiz below.  Tune in next Friday at 7pm.

The Big Fat Isolation Quiz: WEEK 5

Feel free to share this stream and play along! You just need a pen and some paper.

Posted by Tom Brace Magic on Friday, 17 April 2020


The second highlight of my evening, was listening to Sam Lupton’s live radio show on Off the Chart Radio.  Sam is another magician friend, who is also out of work.  So has returned to being a radio DJ.  Honey the Dog and myself both had a shout out.  Sam even starting calling for Honey 😉

Off the Chart Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day (with live presenters daily 6pm to 10pm).  The music is so awesome, I often listen to it in the daytime and late into the night whilst writing this blog!

The final part of my day was Bedtime Chi Gong, with the familiar people who come most days.  It was nice to see everyone again, for the 24th Daily Chi Gong Session I have facilitated in lock-down.  Coincidentally tying in with Day 25 of lock-down.

Robin and Danny projected me on their living room wall, which they have been trying to sort out for quite a while.

So as I come to the end of this blog.  Like my mood it feels pretty bland and not very exciting.  But I am okay with that (I hope you are too).

It doesn’t feel that today’s blog is very inspirational.

Over the last few days I have been trying to find another story to share with you.  The two stories I have shared have led to quite a few comments.  But alas I cannot find any stories.

So I bid you good night for another day.

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love

Jim ♥️