Day 248 – Reflections on Lockdown

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In today’s blog cover photo, I tried to get a wintery looks, although it doesn’t look so wintery in the photo, compared to how it looked IRL (in real life).  You can see the moon behind the trees, and it was quite dark, although you can’t really see that in the photo.

This morning I woke up feeling warm, Discovery was at 19 degrees with the coals still burning, it was great to have a warm boat for the morning.  In fact when I got home tonight, at 8pm, there still was a coal ember burner, although the temperature inside had dropped to the default temperature of 7/8 degrees.

So last night, was a good night, for temperature, I also had a hot water bottle, for the first time.  I think, part of my anxiety when going to sleep, is that I will wake up cold, so I put on more clothes in bed, with my two duvets and two blankets, then the boat gets too hot from the fire and I wake up too hot.  I then usually take some layers off and then wake up cold later or if too hot I just lay on top of the covers!!  Last night, although I didn’t know it would still be warm in the morning, after taking a few layers off, I think I was about right.

So the key, is piling on the coal before going to bed and then trusting it will keep burning through the night.

On our morning walk, Honey and I had to side-step a girl taking some photos of the canal.  I then spotted the lovely reflections so took some photos for the blog.  Which do you like the most?


I like the third one, something to do with the towpath stretching into the distance makes it for me 🙂


Today, at the flat I was super excited to find I had hot water.  Although, I thought the boiler was now fixed, the test was too see if the water had heated up over night and it had.  The airing cupboard was also warm.  That’s the first time there has been hot water in the tank/tap in the flat for 2 years.  But I have an electric shower, so only really need hot water to do the washing up and have a bath and who has baths these days?  Baths seem so out of fashion 😉

Not much else to report in my life and reflections on lockdown.

Oh, apart from this morning I heard on the radio on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, Chris was asking had we all decided who was going to be in our ‘Christmas Bubble’ (see Day 246 for more details)?  He also played a Christmas song, the first I have heard this year!!

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today I am looking at Czech Republic.



On the 5th October a State of Emergency was declared for 30 days.  On 28th October the State of Emergency was extended until 20th November and since then it has been extended until 12th December.

From the 5th October lockdown restrictions were:

  • Shops – closed (except selling essential supplies).
  • Stores – closed (except selling essential supplies).
  • Schools – closed.
  • Stay at Home – except for essential reasons.


On 18th November

  • Primary Schools open (first 2 years) – children must wear face-masks including during lessons.


On 23rd November

  • Curfew brought in from 11pm to 4.59am.
  • Outdoor Sales of Christmas Tress and decorations – open
  • Shops open until 11pm.


On 25th November

  • Senior Student School – open.
  • Universities – open for hands-on laboratory, experimental and art tuition.


On 30th November

  • Schools – open for Grade 1 to 5 and 9


It seems instead of a Tier/Level system, they are gradually opening up the country again, similar to how the UK did in the first Covid Wave.



Face-Mask Corner

Another unique face-mask, care of Hello Magazine.


This is called Jewel print face mask.

With the description:

One way to guarantee you’ll be asked, “Where did you get that mask?” is to support up and coming fashion talent. This Limited Edition face mask emblazoned in a cool gem print is created by emerging designer Natalie B Coleman. We love that share of profits goes to charity, Women’s Aid in Dublin.

You can buy this from Young British Designers for £25.

If you want your face-mask to be the topic of conversation, this is the one to wear!!


It Made Me Smile

Saw this cartoon and it made me smile 🙂


As I come to the end of this blog, it is slightly later than my 10pm blog curfew, it is now 10.20pm, but not too late.  Honey and I missed just missed the bus, then walked to Leith Walk to find the next bus was not for another 10 minutes, so we walked back to Easter Road and waited for the bus there.  This added another 25 minutes onto everything, resulting us not getting home until 8.30pm.  Then I had to light the fire, etc…meant I didn’t start the blog until after 9pm.

Was thinking that we could start lots of Christmas songs and Christmas Playlists for Music Corner!  What is your favourite Christmas Song?

Today it has been colder, top temperature about 6 degrees, but it hasn’t rained.  Mainly cloudy and some sunshine this morning.

Thanks for your continuous reading.

Jim x