Day 247 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Anyone I meet, asks “how is boat life?“, despite all the changes in my new environment, I would say the hardest thing is getting the right temperature when I go to bed!

I didn’t sleep so well last night, the boat was too hot, not necessarily too hot for a cold night, but it was a warm night and I had lit the fire.  After finally getting to sleep, I then woke up too cold!!

Today, it has been a lot colder and the temperature is forecast to drop to 4 degrees in the night, so a colder night, with a warm boat, may make it easier to sleep.  We will see 🙂

Lovely morning for QiGong outside, although I was wearing my gloves to stop my hands freezing!

I also found an electric sander in my shed, left by the previous owner, which I have used in my flat.  Soo much easier sanding with a machine, than by hand 🙂

I also think my boiler and fridge is fixed, which is a big relieve!!

The blog cover photo is the corridor inside the Facilities Block – I don’t think you’ve seen that before.

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today I am looking at the Netherlands.



The main message for Netherlands lockdown is everything shut by 8pm.

  • All shops – close by 8pm (apart from supermarkets).
  • Alcohol cannot be sold after 8pm.
  • Bars – closed (except for takeaways).
  • Restaurants – closed (except for takeaways).
  • Public Meetings – only 2 households.
  • Museums – closed.
  • Cinemas – closed.
  • Zoos – closed.
  • Amusement Parks – closed.
  • Face-masks must be worn on public transport and shops.
  • Face-masks compulsory in all public indoor spaces – from 1st December.
  • Schools – open.
  • Gyms – open.
  • Swimming pools – open.
  • Saunas – open.
  • No playing amateur sports – except people under 18 years old.


Face-Mask Corner

Another unique face-mask, care of Hello Magazine.


This is called Butterfly face mask

It’s description:

Face coverings are giving us a chance to unleash our inner face mask fashionista and in this case our inner butterfly. The Chrysalis Lab’s eye-catching butterfly face covering is made from double-layered organic cotton and has an interior filter pocket for the two PM2.5 activated carbon filters that come with the mask.

You can buy this at Revolve for £33.


Readers Corner

Two posts in Readers Corner today.


Maverick made a comment on yesterday blog (Day 246) in relation to their appearance in Readers Corner, saying:

“I meant ROSSTING Jim 😉
(pun intended :p)

Lots of Love too
Take care xx”

OK.  I’m confused, what is the pun, can anyone help me out?



Robin left a Facebook comment on yesterdays blog (Day 246) saying:

“That’s lovely to read, Jim! Hearing the rain outside with Bella asleep on my legs and thinking of you snug in your boat with your mum and sister and Danny chi gunging away with Honey snoozing in the corner brings a warm glow. Thanks for keeping the blog up; looks like you’ll make it to a year easily! 😊🙏“.

Thanks Robin, glad you enjoyed the blog 🙂

As I come to the end of this blog, it is nearing 10pm, but should be finished by my new 10pm deadline.  I am enjoying having this deadline, even though I am writing less in the blog, it is become more sustainable and less of a chore.  As they say, less is more 🙂

Today the weather has been a lot colder than the last few days, it rained a little, but mainly clear skies.  But the last few days has been warmer than you would expect near the end of November.

Over the last few years, I have noticed that it is always warmer up to the end of the year, then winter really seems to begin January to March.  Will see if that is the case this year, I am not looking forward to sub zero temperatures on the boat.

Discovery is now up to 25 degrees, I lit the fire at 8pm, when it was 6 degrees in here!

Hope you are having a good week.

Jim x