Day 246 – Reflections on Lockdown

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For those who read yesterdays blog (Day 245) you will know that last night was the first night I did not light my wood burner.  After an excruciating hot night the night before at 37 degrees, I decided not to light the fire before going to bed with the boat at a mere 14 degrees.

I had hoped to have used my hot water bottle, but despite searching everywhere I couldn’t find it.  I found it this evening and it is now where I thought it lived.

Worrying about Honey the Dog being cold in the night, I put her fluffy dog blanket over her.  She fell asleep with it on, but by the morning she had kicked it off.

It took a while to get to sleep, without the warmth of the boat, but I had a reasonably good sleep.

I am getting used to do morning QiGong outside the boat, with my laptop on the outside table, which is so much nicer than on the boat.

Outside my boat, on the way to the flat, I had a chat with Fiona my neighbour and then headed along to the flat, for my usual routine, dropping into Mo Beans Coffee Shop for Honey to be reunited with her friend Nuno.  A customer asked if they were related, they are not, Nuno used to live in Cyprus and Honey in the Isle of Lewis.  I often leave BBC Radio Gaelic on for Honey, to help her connect with her roots 😉


A walk round the cemetery as it was getting dark, then back to the boat at bit later.

Tuesday night’s I do my washing in the washing machine/tumble dryer in the facilities block 100 metres along the way.  As I headed along there in the rain and wind, I reflected on how living in a flat/house I just had to walk into another room knowing the washing machine would be empty!

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Hot off the press, the UK Government has announced lockdown restrictions for Christmas, which the UK government and devolved countries agreed to.

So this is Christmas 2020 for the whole of the UK


  • Up to 3 households can form a ‘Christmas Bubble’.
  • The Christmas Bubble is exclusive for these households only.
  • Once the Christmas Bubble is formed, it cannot be change or be extended.
  • The Christmas Bubble can be formed over 5 days – 23rd December to 27th December.
  • Travel restrictions will be eased for these 5 days across the UK.
  • People can mix in homes, places of workshop and outdoor spaces.
  • Hospitality and Venues – same rules in the particular Levels / Tiers.
  • Anyone travelling to and from Northern Ireland may travel on 22nd and 28th December, to allow extra travel time.
  • BUT – meeting with friends and family, will be a personal judgement – take mindful risks for themselves and others, particularly those who vulnerable.
  • BEFORE – deciding to travel and form a Christmas Bubble – encouraged to consider alternative approaches – e.g. technology or meeting outside.

Face-Mask Corner

In an attempt to keep Face-Mask Corner going, I have turned to the internet

This is called Tweed ‘scrunchie’ face mask

Its description:

This luxury handmade tweed face covering piqued our interest because it would be great for autumn and winter – and we were truly sold when we saw the dramatic ruffle detail that makes a statement from behind. The silk-lined face covering also has hidden elastic ear loops to hold the mask in place.

You can buy it at Etsy for £24.


An interesting design !

Readers Corner

Two comments today.



Anna sent me another painting she did with The Paint Republic, commenting that they are doing a free session every Saturday at 11am –

“A card for a friends birthday thanks to The Paint Republic again. They are doing a free session on Saturday’s each week at 11am”.


Thanks Anna, I think we have all seen this image on the news or in real life!



Maverick posted a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 245) saying:

“Morning Jim! 37 degrees .! My god it must be roasting 😉

Hot water bottles are the best. I use one on my feet during the day because otherwise I get cold feet just sitting at my desk !

And I totally agree with you the rule of 6 with 6 households is a bit too much. Scotland has tight restrictions indeed but maybe a Rule in between would be more sensible ? Rule of 4?

Hope you slept better last night 🙂


Thanks for your thoughts Maverick!  I was roasting at 37 degrees, but not as hot as 43 degrees which is my record temperature on the boat!!

Maybe a a Rule of Six – 6 people up to 4 households?

As I come to the end of this blog, it is not even 10pm, I’m getting good at finishing by 10pm or even before 🙂

But Tuesday nights is also Bedtime QiGong night, which starts at 10.10pm.  I am hoping to transfer my washing into the tumble dryer before that starts, but will need to rush!

Tonight I have the wood burner on again and it is a lovely 28 degrees.

The weather today continues to be warm, wet and windy.

Today I have been in a reflective mood, thinking about life and reflecting on the simplicity of life.  Despite things can seem overwhelming and hard and stressful, like moving to a canal boat and renting my flat out, life just keeps on going.  It’s useful to remember that I/we will get through this.  Just like the pandemic, for many it is overwhelmingly hard, but if we keep working at it and staying safe, we will get through the other side and life will continue.

The trick, is learning to not get caught in the overwhelming thoughts that our brain throws at us.  Recognising that this is all part of being human, that we all go through so much of this a lot of the time.  It is challenge not to get caught in it, but in a way the challenge is fun along the way.

Ultimately it is remembering, that this is all part of the rich tapestry of life and that  ‘This Too Will Pass’.

Lots of Love.

Jim xx

  1. Maverick

    I meant ROSSTING Jim 😉
    (pun intended :p)

    Lots of Love too
    Take care xx