Day 243 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today I have spent most of the day painting my flat, which has been great fun.

But before that I went to Akva sale, which I mentioned on Day 241.

The Boda Bar Group have run 7 pubs/bars across Edinburgh, but due to Covid, they are closing 5 of them, leaving them with just 2 (Joseph Pearces and Victoria Bar).

Akva is/was a big venue, just at the start of the canal, about 2 minutes walk from Discovery, I was looking forward to making it my local 🙁

I have done numerous Corporate magic gigs there over the years and even performed there one Hogmanay.  I have also performed magic in all 7 pubs/bars that the Boda Bar Group have run.

So its sad to see most of the pubs are now closing down.

On the way back from our morning walk along the canal, I saw a lovely rainbow, so took some photos (one of which is the blog cover photo).

Then onto Akva to have a look at what they were selling, in fact, it was everything!

I felt quite sad looking round inside, a place that used to have so much life, energy and happiness.  I have lots of happy memories there.  I recalled the last party I went to there was Kate’s (aka Kate’s Park) 40th Birthday Party.

If you live in Edinburgh and looking for some furniture (mainly indoor, but some outdoor) then get along to Akva every Saturday in November from 10am to 3pm, there is so much for sale!  Plus Hemma bar (opposite Dynamic Earth) on Sundays for their sale.


On the way to the bus stop, I spotted some more Covid signs being displayed on an electronic board inside a building:


Readers Corner

Today there are two people sharing.



Anna sent me her latest painting that was made as a card, that she has done with The Paint Republic – #paintathome


Thanks for sharing Anna 🙂



Ian posted a Facebook comment on yesterdays blog (Day 242) saying:

“Saw loads of these scooters in Malaga last year. Look great fun but they are deadly silent and as a pedestrian you just can’t hear them approaching. Some idiotic cyclists ride on pavements in this country giving proper cyclists a bad name. The scooters would be good if used properly and not on pavements.”.

Good point Ian.  Hopefully scooters in Edinburgh will be rode respectfully.  I am sure Skootz Electric Scooters will be encouraging folk to be safe and sensible 🙂


As I come to the end of this blog, it is a short one, mainly photos!  My routine is a bit out of sync today, so no evening walk along the canal, but instead a photo of swans.  These swans have been hanging about the canal the last few days.

As you can see, one of them, is camera shy – hiding it’s head underwater 😉

The weather today has been mainly wet and relatively windy.  This evening it is dryer, but the temperature has dropped.

Hope you’ve had a Super Saturday.

Jim x

  1. Susi

    Oh! I didn’t realise they were having to close the bars. That’s really sad. I lived in Leith when they started opening their bars, one small one then loads! I hope they can keep the two remaining bars open.