Day 242 – Reflections on Lockdown

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I’ve heard that once you have done something three times, it becomes a tradition.  This afternoon, Honey the Dog, Hannah and myself walked up Arthur’s Seat for the third Friday in a row!

It was a lot quieter compared to the last two Fridays, but it is getting darker and darker each week and we are meeting about the same time.

Honey has two luminous flashing collars that let us see where she is.  Although, when it was quite dark, she did disappear into the hills for quite a while, looking for rabbits (I guess), so for the last part of the walk I put her on the lead!

Even though, I have explored the whole of Arthur’s Seat numerous times since lockdown began, it can be quite disorientating walking in the (almost) dark!

This morning on the way to the bus to head to the flat, I took some photos of more Covid Signs I haven’t seen.


On the way back along Easter Road, Hannah reflected on how the top of Easter Road has some great shops.  We then went back, for me to show her the newest shop – selling electric scooters.

I then spotted a Covid Sign I haven’t seen before!

As I was taking a photo, the guy in the shop beckoned me in.  So Hannan and Honey waited outside and I explained about my blog and how this was an unusual sign.

He said it allows 1000 touches without germs spreading!  He got it from an Edinburgh based shop – First Display –

He then suggested I included the shop in the blog.  His name is Mark Bain, the shop has only been opened a week.

He explained the shop came about due to Covid.  He had worked in retail for 35 years and lost  his job due to Covid, so set the scooter shop instead, with his son working in it too – it’s a family business 🙂

You can try before you by, hiring a bike out to see if you like it.

Not only electric scooters, they sell electric E-Bikes, provide a hire service, rental and repair.  They also repair bicycles.

With 39 Five Star Google Reviews, they seem to be doing a good job.

Here are their social media links:

I’m definitely going to be back!  Mark, the owner seemed super friendly 🙂



Then back to my flat, to do some decorating, before heading back up the road to the boat.

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today at 6pm today 11 council areas in Scotland moved into Level 4 of lockdown restrictions, these will remain in place until 11th December.  A total of 2.3 million people – Scotland’s total population is 5.5 million, so that is 42% of the population.

So today I am explore this and compare it to Level 3, which Edinburgh is currently in.  In total 4 million people in Scotland are in Level 4 and Level 3, that’s 73% of the whole population.

I have made a table.


So if you are confused what the rules are for Level 3 and Level 4, this is a great guide!

Face-Mask Corner

Today was have Don (aka ‘The Ear Man’) again!!  He now moves into second place for the amount of times he has appeared in Face-Mask Corner, with Hannah in first place.  Don has appeared in Face-Mask Corner on Day 158, Day 183, Day 241 and today (Day 242).

Today he is wearing his skeleton Face-Mask which one of his customers got him.


Thanks Don!  Don’t think I’ve ever seen a skeletons Face-Mask before 🙂


It Made Me Smile

I saw this in the Metro today and it made me smile 🙂

Sorry it’s a bit blurred !  But I think you can make out the caption.


As I come to the end of this blog, I am super tired.  It is waay to late!  Hannah and I made a deal, that I would try and start my blog at 8pm each day and get it finished by 10pm.  So this is what I am going to try to do, as staying up so late every night is becoming unsustainable.

Its great writing this blog, as I meet so many people.  As soon as I mention the blog, I get shown around for a feature in the blog.  The same happened with The Walrus on Easter Road on Day 138.

Its been a fun day, doing some paid work, some decorating, hanging out with Hannah and heading up Arthur’s Seat.  Honey has slept most of the evening too 🙂

The weather has been cloudy most of the day, but really warm.  After yesterday being so cold, its weird its been warm today, I was expecting another cold day.  This evening my neighbour Fiona came out for a chat, as my smoke alarm was going off.  For some reason the wood burner was bellowing out loads of smoke and the boat filled up – its good to know the smoke alarm works!

Fiona said it was so warm she wasn’t going to light the fire.  I guess, for me, it is part of my evening routine that I do virtually automatically.  My evening would feel weird without lighting it.

Tomorrow I plan to paint my flat all day – should be fun 🙂

Hope you’ve had a Fantastic Friday.

Jim x