Day 241 – Reflections on Lockdown

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I have noticed that as the week progresses, I get more and more tired.  The travel across town to my flat, is tiring and writing this blog makes me tired.  I seem to get to bed each night about 1am, which is too late for me, to then get up for Daily Morning QiGong.

I can remember saying this before, but never seem to change this habit.  By the end of the week I am exhausted, I then get a lie in at the weekend and then it starts all over again the next week.

Today it has been cold, the coldest it has been so far this winter.  I woke up feeling warm, but noticed Honey was in a tight ball – clearly she was feeling the cold!

Despite the cold, it was an absolutely lovely morning, with clear blue skies, which continued for most of the day.

As it was a lovely morning I did QiGong outside, well that and because I can’t stretch very high above my head on Discovery.

I didn’t anticipate just how cold it was and my hands and feet got freezing – resulting in the core of my body getting super cold.  So I put on my thermals and have been feeling warmer since.

After a work meeting on the boat, I headed over to my flat, to do some more work and a bit of painting.  I painted one of my kitchen cupboard doors white and it is looking fantastic!  I am planning on doing more painting over the weekend and really looking forward to how my flat is going to look.

This evening I got the bus back to Lochrin Basin.

Walking by the Swedish bar Akva, I spotted some signs saying that they are selling off their furniture, etc…Sadly it looks like it is closing due to Covid-19.  This makes me sad, as it is a great bar – I have done a number of magic gigs in it over the years, including at Hogmanay and was looking forward to making it my local 🙁

Another impact of Covid, I am sure many other bars and restaurants will be following this trend 🙁


This evening I have been looking online for a bed-coat for Honey and maybe a blanket for her to have whilst sleeping.  As winter approaches, night time on Discovery is only going to get colder!

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Tomorrow nearly half of Scotland goes into Level 4 restrictions, so I will be reviewing in full what that means.

But, today I am looking at Greece.



Greece is currently in it’s second national lockdown, which started on 7th November and will end on 30th November, with gradual easing of restrictions starting on 1st December.

  • Stay at Home.
  • If people want to leave their home they must get permission to leave their home, by sending a text requesting this and providing what their daily requirements are to leave home.
  • Curfew from 9pm to 5am.
  • Travel between regions – banned.
  • Shops – closed.
  • Restaurants – closed.
  • Bars – closed.
  • Schools – closed.
  • Nurseries – closed.
  • Travel – people wanting to come to Greece must provide a negative Covid-19 Test.


From 1st December

Easing of restrictions will be gradual, ensuring strict measures are in place to ensure crowding in streets is avoided.

  • Retail stores – will open.
  • Restaurants – will open.

Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Don (aka ‘The Ear Man’).

He was less impressed that I was taking a photo of a standard face-mask, saying he got it in the chemist.  He was so put out, that he insisted to show me a face-mask which he really likes (see Day 242).

Thanks Don!

Readers Corner

A few comments today.



Ian left a comment on yesterdays blog (Day 240) saying:

“Although not a popular opinion amongst certain sectors, I think Nicola should have made the whole of Central belt Tier 4 as its pretty obvious some people will head over to Edinburgh to shop despite it being a law not to do so.”.

Thanks Ian – good point.  I would hope that the majority of people would make a moral decision not to do that, but you are probably right.



Jess left a Facebook comment on yesterdays blog (Day 240) saying:

“Just miss read this as Daily Dog…… instead of Blog”.

That’s right Jess – I have been writing a daily blog everyday reflecting on lockdown since it began in March!!



Pat left a Facebook comment on yesterdays blog (Day 240) saying:

“Did You Ever Follow Up By Asking That Lassie From Gregg’s Out On A Date….😃😃 ..☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿“.

I can’t quite remember – I think I asked her out and she said yes, I got her number, but then she didn’t reply.  I can’t quite remember if we text back in those days or used the old fashion telephone?! 😉

We never went on a date 🙁



It Made Me Smile

Saw this that made me smile 🙂

Music Corner

Finally remembered to download Helen’s Spotify Playlist from Day 236 when I was on some WiFi.  Which I have been listening and dancing to it all evening – it does make me happy.

So for those who missed it – here it is again.

It’s called Neuro Happy and is the top 10 most happiest tunes as described my Neuroscientists (


As I come to the end of today’s blog, outside seems warmer than the rest of today.  The boat is super warm with the wood burner, I have now mastered how to keep it burning really slowly and giving off heat, but not burning so quickly I have to keep adding more fuel.  It’s been 26 degrees most of the evening.

I am super tired so looking forward to going to sleep.

About 10 minutes ago, my computer shut itself down, due to losing power and I worried, all that I had written was not saved, but thankfully it was saved.  It had crossed my mind if it wasn’t to not write it all again.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to make that hard decision.

The blog cover photo is of me and Honey on the bus, with my face-mask and hat!

Lots of Love

Jim x