Day 240 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today Honey the Dog, has been obsessed with the Café Boat, which we pass nearby every time we go for a walk.  They have a bowl of dog biscuits virtually at dog height and Honey is forever trying to get to them (blog cover photo).  I have been getting her to walk with me to heel, to stop her running up to the boat to help herself!  It may pose a problem in the future, as I enjoy walking along the canal with her off the lead.  But hopefully with some training she will get better.

One passer-by congratulated her on helping herself, which was very annoying!

This morning the weather was fantastic, clear skies and sunshine, although quite windy.  However, for most of the day, it has been raining all the time, heavily (I can hear it on the roof) and strong winds.  Although not as strong winds as last night.


Today, I spend the day at Discovery, rather than going to my flat.  I had a Zoom meeting at midday, then Roni, a QiGong regular, dropped by to say hello, then a Zoom Event at 6pm.  It didn’t give me time to get to the flat.  The boat got quite cold, during the day, but I lit the fire mid-afternoon and since then it has been really hot.

We went for a lovely walk along the canal this afternoon to Harrison Park, passing some canoes playing a kind of basketball.  It was the one gap in the day when it wasn’t raining!

I was planning on going for a run earlier, but when I looked outside it was heavy rain and decided not.  But once on our walk, I wanted to run, so we ran for a while along the canal.

This evening, I went to a Zoom event put on by The Melting Pot and Not9to5.  It was called ‘Are We Out of the Office For Good?’.  It’s format was similar to a IRL (In Real Life) event, with keynote speakers and breakout rooms to discuss and network.

Recent research shows that 72% of people want to work at least 2 days a week at home and 66% at least 3 days a week at home (Reference –  The future, of flexibility working looks like it is here to stay!  Here are some points I made:

  • There needs to be training and development – to keep teams together if they continue working from home/virtually.
  • In the future employees need to be given choice – when, where and how to work.  Where they will be most productive.
  • Some people do work better in an office – so it looks like blended working is here to stay.
  • There are challenges of not having an office – wellbeing is important and not having colleagues to check-in with.
  • Zoom Meetings are all the same – so they all blend in together.  IRL Meetings we can recall from the different rooms, etc…
  • Lockdown is the same (to the above point) – no difference because we are all meeting virtually and not going outside so much.
  • Flexible Working – managers will have to be retrained on how to manage the ‘digital workspace’.
  • Weekday and Weekend are merging together – if we don’t go to an office, each day is like the same.
  • No commuting – people seem to be missing the daily commute – a time to rest, reflect, read, learn a new language, etc…
    My daily commute (for 2 years) is where I learnt sleight-of-hand card magic!
  • Virtual commuting – if not IRL commuting we need to create a ‘virtual commute’.  Time each morning to exercise, reflect, visualise and read (Check out – the book Miracle Morning).  Also need time to wind down at the end of the day, as well as the morning.
  • Routine and Structure – really important if working from home.  Check out the Pomodoro Technique.
  • Extraordinary Year – look at 2020 as an ‘Extraordinary Year’, not a weird year.  An Extraordinary year for change!
  • Renew Scottish Communities – working from home, will give us a great opportunity to renew our communities.  Check out –
  • Create 15 Minute Cities – this is an approach to redesign cities and quality of life, in which residents can reach everything they need within 15 minutes cycling or walking.,minutes%20by%20foot%20or%20bike.


Ultimately, things needs to change, Covid-19 has created space (a pause) for us to create that change.  It has speeded up that change.

Face-Mask Corner

Face-Mask Corner has been going for nearly 100 Days!!  It first started on Day 149, however, I am struggling to find anyone who I haven’t asked for a photo of them wearing their face-mask!

So, here is another request for photos of you (or your friends/family) wearing face-masks.  You can also let me know where you got the face-mask from, so I can promote local business, etc…

Lets get a few more photos, so we can make it to 100 Days!


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

As I look at many countries in Europe each day in this section.  It makes me realise how lucky, at least in Edinburgh we are, as lockdown is not so full on.

Today I am looking at Belgium.


Belgium is on a full lockdown until the middle of December:

  • All non-essential shops – closed.
  • All non-essential businesses offering personal services (e.g. hairdressers) – closed.
  • Other shops open – must close at 10pm
  • Gyms – closed.
  • Swimming Pools – closed.
  • Culture and Leisure facilities – closed.
  • Christmas Markets – closed.
  • Winter Villages – closed.
  • Second-hand markets – closed.
  • Public Events (like festivals) – not allowed.
  • Alcohol Sales – end at 8pm.
  • Bars – closed (except take-aways until 10pm).
  • Restaurants – closed (except take-aways until 10pm).
  • Hotel Restaurants & Bars – can only provide room service.
  • Face-Masks must be worn EVERYWHERE.
  • Groups meeting outside – limited to 4 people.
  • Nightly Curfew (in Brussels and Wallonia) from 10pm to 6am (exception for urgent medical care and commuters).
  • Nightly Curfew (in Flanders) from midnight to 5am.
  • Sport Fixtures – allowed – but fans cannot attend.

Readers Corner

One comment today, from Pat.



Pat posted a comment on Facebook on yesterday’s blog (Day 239) saying:

“Sadly To Say I Can See A Spike In Corona In The Next Few Weeks As I Was In Clydebank Shopping Center This Morn At 8.30Am And Was Pretty Busy…If You Take All The Shopping Centre’s In And Around The Tier Four Regions It Will Be Mad As Everyone Will All Be Wanting To Do There Shopping… Mad Time’s… Stay Safe and Stay Well All.☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿“.

Thanks for the post Pat  That is what I feared, everyone’s attitude will be “we are going to into lockdown, we better get out and do lots of shopping before everything is shut”.

It brings back memories of working in Clydebank many years ago and the shopping centre.  I used to go to Greggs everyday for lunch and fancied a girl who worked there 🙂


As I come to the end of this blog, I haven’t taken my night photo and need to go to sleep, but there was no room for this mornings photo, so I’ve put it here instead!

On reflection of the event I went to, I love the concept of describing 2020 as extraordinary, rather than weird.  We only describe it as weird, as it is different, whereas instead, it is an opportunity for us all to evolve.  As I wrote back on Day 41, we are all moving forward in life evolving within ourselves, it just takes time.  Where as Covid-19 has given us an opportunity to speed-up the change.

I think, not only evolving ourselves, but also evolving our consciousness on a human wide level – so lets see this pandemic as an opportunity to lots of big changes, rather than as a time of being different!

Today, the weather has been pretty much wet and windy for most of it.  The warmth in the air was not there today, it felt wintery.

Stay Safe!

Jim x

  1. Ian Buchan

    Although not a popular opinion amongst certain sectors, I think Nicola should have made the whole of Central belt Tier 4 as its pretty obvious some people will head over to Edinburgh to shop despite it being a law not to do so.