Day 239 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today it has been really warm, up to 14 degrees centigrade, but really windy and some rain (but not heavy).

After morning QiGong, Honey and I headed over to Leith on the bus, it’s becoming part of our weekday routine!

In my flat, I decided to do a bit of gloss painting.  I have been putting this off, as I have heard lots of people saying how hard it is and how one needs to make sure there are no streaks.  But the part of the door frame I did was fine and it is looking so much better.

This afternoon I popped into Sainsbury’s on Leith Walk, as I entered I turned to my left expecting there to be a hand alcohol gel machine, but there wasn’t.  It was my natural reaction to do this, which shows that now it is automatic to do this whenever I go into a shop, café, etc…In fact there wasn’t any alcohol gel dispenser in the whole shop, just something to wipe down your basket.  This is disappointing, I would have expected more from Sainsburys!  Although looking at the photo now, I see there was an alcohol gel dispenser (small tap on right), just not very clear!  Or is it a water tap??


This afternoon, just before dark, Honey and I got a walk round the graveyard.  The trees are looking very bare without any leaves at all, (Blog cover Photo and below) a stark difference to most of this blog.

Then back to Discovery.  I wasn’t sure whether to light my wood burner tonight, as it was so warm – 13 degrees without the fire, but decided to light a small one to get me through the night.  I’d be lost without the routine of lighting my wood burner 😉


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today I am looking at Sweden.

At the end of daily morning QiGong this morning the ‘QiGong Community’ (Strand, HE, 2020) began asking Helen and Micke about lockdown in Sweden.  This led to an interesting discussion.  As we all know from media, Sweden has been doing lockdown differently to the rest of the world.

It turns out that as Sweden is an Open Society, it is not in their constitution to restrict people’s movement.  The countries motto (so to speak) is ‘Freedom with Responsibility’ – this value base is taught to Swedish children are growing up throughout school and beyond.  The countries constitution  is to allow freedom, not restrict people.

To change part of the constitution, first the government needs to vote on it, then the whole population votes on it, then the government votes on it again.  Which obviously will take quite a while!!

Helen told a story about where she used to work, there was a kind of tuck shop, where you just put your money in a box to pay.  The box was emptied about once a month, so when it was full it was very full with money.  But no one stole it (unlike other countries) following the value base Freedom with Responsibility.

Helen sent me some more information later, explaining that Sweden’s pre-school education involves children learning to be a “good” Swedish citizen, which starts at an early age, with simple things like playing safely in the forest.  Which makes sense because more than 50% of Sweden is covered in forest.

Here is an article all about that –


Helen also kindly found an English version of Sweden’s constitution which explains why the Swedish government cannot implement lockdown:

“The Instrument of Government, Chapter 2. Fundamental rights and freedoms, Art. 8. Everyone shall be protected in their relations with the public insti- tutions against deprivations of personal liberty. All Swedish citizens shall also in other respects be guaranteed freedom of movement within the Realm and freedom to depart the Realm.”

Helen goes onto say:

“Not the easiest English to understand but the key phrase is “guaranteed freedom of movement” and it’s from a document called “the instrument of government” (regeringsformen in Swedish), which is one of 4 pillars of the Swedish constitution. I’ve learnt a lot today!”.


Saying all that, yesterday the Swedish Prime Minister has announced a temporary law starting on 24th November for a 4 week period..  Saying that the new rules should be the new normal whenever people meet.

  • Only 8 people may attend general gatherings and public activities.

Although, Helen explained that in other circumstances – home, at work, parties, dinners, the gym, on the bus, etc…the government cannot’ enforce any restrictions, but they hope people will follow the rules voluntarily in all circumstances.


The BBC News says the following (

  • Up to 8 per table in cafes and restaurants.
  • Strict recommendation (but voluntary) – avoid public transport and non-essential shopping (which covers 70% of the countries population).

Poetry Corner

If you missed yesterday’s blog (Day 238) check it out and find out why Poetry Corner is BACK!!

Today we have a contribution from Brian, he messaged me this morning saying:

“Hello there!

I was super-chuffed to read that Poetry Corner is BACK!

Poetry has become the new rock and roll recently – partly thanks to new Scottish social media star Miss Punny Pennie, who has been teaching people how to speak and use Scots words on Twitter, but also regularly posts videos of cracking poems. I thought you might like this one, which is called The Dragon!”.


You can check out Miss Punny Pennie on Twitter here –


Check out the poem below:


Thanks for sharing Brian!  Miss PunnyPennie may keep ‘Poetry Corner’ going 😉


Readers Corner



Pat posted a comment on Facebook about yesterday’s blog (Day 238), saying:

“Great Poem…Thanks .☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿“.


Caption Competition

Yesterday (Day 238) I posted a photo of Honey and Nuno (from Mo Beans Coffee Shop).  Nuno had climbed onto me and was yawning as I took the photo, but I thought he could be saying something.  So I asked the ‘Blog Community’ (Brayshaw, MJ, 2020) what were the two saying.


Pat posted a comment on Facebook saying:

Nuno: “There’s Only One Top Dog Around Here”

Honey: “Al Bite Yer Balls”  😉😉


I can announce that Pat is the winner !!!



It Made Me Smile

Helen shared this video today, saying it made her smile.  It made me laugh out loud, which got Honey up to find out what was going on!

It’s a German Government tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign to survive Winter 2020 Pandemic – based on the theme of the World War.





As I come to the end of this blog, Discovery is shaking in the wind and creaking with the strong gusts.  Honey seems a bit disturbed by it and it feels a bit unsettling for me too!  The forecast is up to 50mph gusts through the night, so maybe an interesting one, although I am tired, so may just sleep through!

The temperature right now onboard is a mere 23 degrees, so glad I lit the fire, feels just right!

Was great hearing all about Sweden’s ‘open society’, the countries constitution and why the government cannot enforce lockdown!!  This is not covered in the news I read.

Today Nicola, announced nearly half of Scotland’s population will go into Level 4 (full lockdown) on Friday.  I will cover that on Friday, for a recap on what that means.  It will also become law on Friday to restrict non-essential travel between regions in Level 3 and Level 4.  So will also cover that on Friday.  Edinburgh remains in Level 3, although West Lothian (west of Edinburgh) is going into Level 4.  Will be interesting to see if all the shops fill up before then with people doing their Christmas Shopping!!

Stay Safe!

Jim xx