Day 237 – Reflections on Lockdown

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As I slowly woke up this morning, I started to wonder, whether I posted my blog last night on Facebook, Twitter, etc…I convinced myself that I must have as it is part of my routine.  My phone charges away from my bed so I couldn’t check.  When I got up, I noticed a text from my mum, asking if I was OK, as she couldn’t find my blog.  I hadn’t posted it!

So apologies for all of you who were hoping to read it last night or when you woke up this morning.

It made me realise, that my daily blog, indicates to folk that I am alive and doing ok.

My blog writing routine, is I write the blog, then add the photos, a quick proof read (but still miss things), publish it on my website, then share on social media, etc…then take Honey for our bedtime walk and start our bedtime routine.  However, last night I didn’t have the night-time photo that I include at the end of the blog in the “As I come to the end of today’s blog…” section.   So, I still published the blog, but then on our bedtime walk, took the photo and uploaded it onto my website.  Then continued with our bedtime routine – missing the posting on social media!!

Today, I will keep to my routines 😉

Although, I forgot to take the morning photo for the start of the blog, so this one was taken as the sun was going down!

I did take a photo of the comings and goings of two boats in Lochrin Basin (where my boat it), this morning.  They had come to do pump outs.


This morning, Honey and I went for our first run along the canal.  In fact, it is the first run I have been on for 12 days!!  Its was a great run and lovely to see another area of Edinburgh along the canal.  Also, as it is flat, my pace was so much faster – running along the canal is so much easier than round Arthurs Seat!  After 5km, we turned round, so did 10km in total in 63 minutes including a few stops to take photos along the way and call Honey, etc…Although, I am getting better at taking photos whilst running!!

The first part of the run took as past Harrison Park.  It was great to see the park was full of children and families doing sport!  The younger children doing various sports with footballs, the older children playing in football matches, with all the parents watching from the side!  It felt like a lovely Sunday morning community feel.

I initially starting running with Honey on the lead, but then realised it was a long way, so let her off.  She didn’t seem bothered by the canal, so didn’t go swimming.

We then past lots of people rowing along the canal.  When I was at school and University, I used to do rowing, so was good to watch whilst running along and spot the better rowers to the less good ones.  In fact I helped set up Dundee University Boat Club, which is now the largest sports club at the University!

We headed over the first of Union Canals three aqueducts, although not actually seeing the spectacular nature of it as we were on it.  But a sign showed us we were about to go over it.  The towpath got very narrow and this is when Honey did see the water and looked like she was going to jump in!  It is about 3 if not 4 feet drop, so I would have never had got her out!  But my shouting stopped her 🙂


Then at 5km, we reached Halies Quarry Park, which according to the information sign, explained that it provided the stone to build Edinburgh’s New Town, the infamous ‘Hailes Sandstone’. which is well known in the New Town.  The stone was shipped along the canal to Edinburgh.  Before the Union Canal was completed in 1822, 500 cart loads of stone would leave the quarry every day.  The quarry was discontinued in 1902, then got flooded and became a landfill throughout the 1970’s.  Before finally being turned into a park, pretty much a big open field.

It had a great outdoor gym area, which seemed very impressive 🙂



And then we turned round and headed back.

However, now that Honey knew the path, she started to become curious, Labradors are known for their curious nature!  Disappearing up every gap she could find, with me shouting at her, to come back, not knowing if the gap was going onto a road or not.

As I came round a corner I couldn’t see her anywhere, she was swimming in the canal!!  She got out fine and then went swimming at two other points on our way back.  The other thing about Labradors is they love the water!!

On the way back, I spotted a sign saying people rowed in that area of the canal, then spotting more rowers.  Which led me onto thinking of my rowing days.  I used to be the cox (before I put on lots of weight) which generally involved some coaching and shouting loudly.  These days, coxes have microphones and speakers!  You also have the responsibility of not crashing and looking out for other boats, so getting the rowers to stop the boat before it is too late.  Plus, I found if we lost in races, as the rowers were exhausted and angry of losing, it was me they all blamed!!  Just using the rudder a little can slow the boat down, which can result in losing the race, so you have to work out how to take a bend, to not slow the boat down.  This can be a challenge if the bend is at a bridge too!!

As I ran, I wondered whether I could take up rowing again, but now not the right physique to be a cox, I don’t fancy the intensity of actually rowing!!  I’ll stick to running 🙂

Back home on  Discovery, we had some breakfast and then I decided to rearrange the whole inside, unpack and downsize some more!!  As it was raining outside, I couldn’t use the outside, so the whole place was in chaos!!

I sorted out all my books, putting them in category order.  Pulled up the double-bed, which has lots of storage under it and rearranged everything there.  Plus stored some things in the cupboard under the kitchen worktop.

But I managed to rearrange and unpack everything and actually I have some spare storage space for more!

Check out the before and after photos below 🙂


Honey was delighted to find her ‘magic wand’, which she carried round in her mouth for most of the afternoon or had it close-by!

And then it was dinner time and time to light the fire!!


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today I am looking at Germany.


From 2nd November, Germany went into a national partial lockdown.  This initially was meant to finish on 30th November, however on Friday (Day 235) the Guardian published an article saying it may be extended (

  • Social contact limited to two households up to 10 people.
  • Bars – closed, except for take-away.
  • Restaurants – closed, except for take-away.
  • Cinemas – closed.
  • Theatres – closed.
  • Gyms – closed.
  • Pools – closed.
  • Saunas – closed.
  • Schools and creches – open.
  • Shops – open.
  • Hairdressers – open.
  • Large events – cancelled.
  • Christmas Markets – closed.
  • The traditional St. Martins Day parades (11th November) – cancelled
  • Germany carnival season – cancelled.
  • Large Events – cancelled.
  • Sport Fixtures – can go ahead, but fans can’t watch.
  • Churches and church services – open and can go ahead.
  • Overnight hotel leisure stays – banned.
  • Non-essential travel – strongly discouraged.

Readers Corner

Two comments today.



Pat posted a Facebook comment on yesterdays blog (Day 236) saying:

“My Brother’s And I Used Magnets When We Were Children To Dredge The Canal In Clydebank Then Took What We Found To The Scrap Yard For Money…We Were Never Rich From It But Had Enough For Some Sweet’s…😃😃 Stay Safe and Stay Well All…☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿“.

Oh wow!  My friend does it too, but I have never tried it.  Maybe a good way to earn a few pennies, during this pandemic 😉

I heard last year, that an unexploded WWII bomb was found in Edinburgh from Magnet Fishing, so it is currently frowned upon in Edinburgh.




Theo posted a Facebook comment on yesterdays blog (Day 236) saying:

“I love the idea of sentiment in the water tank…😉“.

Thanks for the typo correction, Theo!  One of the issues of writing a daily blog for the last 230 days or so 😉


As I come to the end of today’s blog, I am feeling much more settled and at home on Discovery and at the canal.  I haven’t left the canal for the whole weekend, which has been great!!

I think I have finally mastered the wood burner too, the trick seems to get it going first, then pile on lots of logs and some coal and switch it really low, then it just burns away slowly and gradually, letting off heat.  But the key is not to put more on it, just to let it keep burning away, otherwise it gets too hot.  This keeps it at about 28 degrees and then warm enough through the night.

I have noticed that the heat makes me tired, so I have not been lighting it in the day, as I would never get anything done!

Tomorrow, I return to Leith and the flat, to do some paid work and finding homes for all the things I have downsized on.

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend.

Jim xx