Day 235 – Reflections on Lockdown

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After morning QiGong, Honey and I headed through the meadows to see Graeme, who runs a wee computer shop.  My laptop plug broke, so I was getting a new one.

We then headed to my flat, did some paid work and showed a friend round my flat, who was potentially interested in moving in.

This afternoon, Honey and I headed to Arthur’s Seat and met Hannah for a walk up Arthur’s Seat.

Although great clear skies, it was super windy at the top!

Then back down the hill and round the road back towards my flat.  Honey has a glowing collar to wear when it gets dark!



Then back to the flat, rested for a while, then headed back to the boat.

On the way to find a bus, we headed up Leith Walk and spotted Friday evening drinkers outside pubs.  Pubs can survive alcohol as take-away, so folk were standing in small groups enjoying a beer.

Back at the boat, I was feeling really cold, so lit the wood burner and now feel too hot.  It’s 33 degrees in the boat, I got carried away heating it up.  It was 6 degrees when I got back to the boat this evening.

Helen my neighbour was outside with a friend, with her chimenea, the second outing with it, the last time was on Day 229, so was nice to hang out there for a wee while.

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

On yesterday’s blog (Day 234), Fi suggested a two part for this section.  Yesterday was looking at Italy, today we look at New Zealand.

So today we are looking at New Zealand.


It’s hard to find much details for New Zealand as they are not under any lockdown restrictions at the moment.  There is descriptions of Levels 1,2,3 & 4, which suggest they have had a similar restriction levels similar to the UK and Europe – but very little description available (that I can find).

On 8th October 2020, The Guardian reported that Auckland had now been reduced to the lowest level of restrictions, alongside the rest of the country.

The article announces that New Zealand has beaten The Second Wave.

The lowest level of restrictions is described as –

“Auckland was freed from restrictions on gatherings and social distancing requirements in restaurants and bars at midnight on Wednesday”.

“While wearing masks on public transport is not required at level 1, it is encouraged, as is recording visits to shops and businesses, and for people to isolate and be tested for the coronavirus if unwell. Anecdotal reports suggest people are remaining vigilant – a commuter tweeted this morning that almost everyone on her bus into the city wore a mask”.


If anyone has more details on the description of the Restriction Levels in New Zealand, please send them over and I will feature them in another blog.

Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Hannah (again!).  She has now beaten me and is the top person appearing the most in Face-Mask Corner, today it is her fifth time!!

Hannah bought her face-mask in Almeria, which is in the desert.  Her face-mask has cactus on it, so very appropriate 🙂

Thanks Hannah!  Love the outfit too 🙂



Readers Corner

Just one post today.


Brian sent me a message last night after reading yesterdays blog (Day 234) saying:

“Hello there! What a dramatic blog – poor Honey!”.

Good to keep the blog exciting – even though Honey fell in by accident!

Music Corner

Helen sent this in this evening, saying:

“A bit late in the day, but maybe something for Music Corner?”.

This is an article entitled – Neuroscientist Makes Playlist of the Happiest Songs According to Science

Here’s the link to the article which list the 10 most happiest songs with them provided too –

They are:

  1. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
  2. Abba – Dancing Queen
  3. The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations
  4. Billy Joel – Uptown Girl
  5. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
  6. The Monkees – I’m a Believer
  7. Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  8. Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer
  9. Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive
  10. Katrina & The Waves – Walking on Sunshine



Thanks Helen!  I may make them up into a wee Spotify Playlist 🙂


As I come to the end of today’s blog, I am super tired, thank goodness its Friday!!  Tomorrow, I plan to do some jobs on my boat and some paid work on my new desk and chair!

Was great to see Hannah again and head up Arthur’s Seat.  I actually did quite a lot of walking today.  The buses are really confusing, as at the moment, they don’t have signs at the bus stops of where the buses go.  I am now living in a completely different area of Edinburgh and so don’t know the buses and where they go.  The bus drivers aren’t really helpful and it is hard to find on the App quickly as the bus is approaching.  So I usually just jump on one and try and work out where it is going.  This morning it was the No. 8, I jumped off too soon and ended walking a lot more.

Today the weather has been great!  It’s a lot colder today compared to yesterday, but clear blue skies for a lot of the day – and of course the Edinburgh wind.

Looking forward to heading to bed.

Good Night!

Jim x