Day 233 – Reflections on Lockdown

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As I begin to write this blog, I am super tired, so it is going to be a short one!

Today I have been working on Disco (my boat) all day, which has been different than being in the flat.  I enjoyed not having to travel across Edinburgh and back – also nice to be grounding myself a bit more on my new home 🙂

At lunchtime I decided to go and find the nearest Lidl.  You may remember Rachel on Day 231 gave me some directions.  It wasn’t far at all, a bit along the canal, under the Western Approach Road and pretty much it was there!

I must admit, when Lidl was built next to my flat a couple of years ago, I was not a fan.  But slowly, I have come to love the shop and the food it sells!  Not only super cheap but also a good selection.  So when I saw the Lidl side today, I was so happy !!

I’ve hardly been in any other Lidl’s apart from the one by my flat, so was pleasantly surprised to see everything laid out in the same place.  Although, a little smaller and a bit older looking the staff seemed more helpful, so I am definitely going back!


On the way back, I noticed a wee park – Gorgie / Dalry Community Park.  It was pretty run down, which made me realise just how amazing we have turned around Dalmeny Street Park in the last year or so.



I then spotted a massive mural on the wall, depict things in the local community.  It looked fantastic!!


I popped my head into Fountainbridge Library to see if I could join, but they said I had to make an appointment – new Covid Rules!

Then decided to try and find a quicker route back to the canal, finding a bridge, but no path onto the canal.  Instead a took photos from each side of the bridge.


Later afternoon, Honey and I went for a walk in the Meadows – was great to be on some grass, rather than the concrete the runs along the canal 🙂


Then onto Ikea to buy a chair for my new desk.  However, when returning to the boat, I found that it was too big!  So I will be returning it for a refund next week.


Once home, my usual routine kicked in to light the wood burner.

Honey was asking to go out for a walk, which is not in our routine, but I finally gave in and we headed back along the towpath.

On the way back, I started talking to a couple of people sitting on chairs next to the canal.  The lady said she had found the chairs today on the street, so took them and decided to hangout with her friend and relax by the canal.  Chatted for a while about life, Covid-19, lockdown, etc…was lovely to have a chat for 20 minutes or so before heading back home.


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Super tired to do any research on this for tonight – so will write something tomorrow.

Anyone got a country they want me to research and write about?


Readers Corner

One comment today.



Pat post a Facebook comment on yesterdays blog (Day 232), saying:

“Love Listening To Jane Godley During Lockdown She Is Very Funny… Stay Safe and Stay Well All…☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿“.

Thanks for the comment Pat!!


It Made Me Smile

Saw this post on Facebook that made me smile 🙂



As I come to the end of this blog, I am so so tired, not quite sure why.  Can’t remember what time I went to bed last night?  I think the move and sorting the flat is starting to catch up on me, plus on Saturday and Sunday I worked, so haven’t had a lie in for nearly 2 weeks!

Today the weather has been warm again, although not as warm as yesterday, but definitely warmer for November.  It has been cloudy, with some rain, but nothing much.

Thanks for your continual reading.

Lots of Love

Jim xx