Day 232 – Reflections on Lockdown

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On my morning walk with Honey the Dog, I was faced by a cyclist sticking her arm out, first one side, then the other.  Like she was indicating to turn left and then right right.  It wasn’t until the cyclist got closer that I realised it with Phyllis Stephens from The Edinburgh Reporter.  She had come to dropped of some copies of the paper, which I feature in!  I forgot to take a photo of the paper to include here and it is now too late, so hopefully will include tomorrow.

It was a lovely morning and relatively warm.

After morning QiGong, Honey and I jumped on the bus to head to Leith.  We went to Dalmeny Street Park for the weekly Park Tidy and I picked up a load of rubbish.  The park is looking great and was full of lots of people.


Then onward to my flat, where I worked for the rest of the day, doing paid work.  Before getting the bus back home.

Although in lockdown, I was surprised to see a bag piper on the Royal Mile.  Plus took a photo of the now common sight of social distancing measures on the streets.

This evening we had our monthly Dalmeny Street Park meeting on Zoom, then Bedtime QiGong, which happens just once a month on a Tuesday.

Between all that, I decided to do my washing for the first time.

The washing machine and tumble dryer are very smart, all digital, no dials at all!


Honey was wanting to go out, so we went for a long walk along the canal and I spotted a funny message in a flat window ‘Frank Get the Door’!!  In Scotland, this has become the lockdown phrase, from the Scottish comedian Janey Godley who posts daily videos of Nicola Sturgeon doing her updates, with her talking over the top.  It’s well worth checking out her videos on Facebook –

You may remember one of them appeared in ‘It Made Me Smile’ on Day 140.

Can you spot it in the window?

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Despite there being talk on the town a couple of days ago (Day 230) that Nicola may ease restrictions in Edinburgh today, she has not.  In fact the areas in Scotland – Fife, Angus and Perth have now moved up from Level 2 to Level 3.  If you can’t remember what that means, check out Day 228.  Edinburgh is also in Level 3.

Today we are looking at Spain.

Any thoughts on what country you want me to cover next?

On Sunday 25th October, Spain began a nationwide curfew, after the government declared a state of emergency.  The state of emergency was initially put in force for 15 days, but later was extended by parliament until early May 2021.

Spain has a four level restriction system – Phases 0, 1, 2 or 3.  Full details of restrictions in each phase –

Current restrictions –

  • People in all regions, with the exception of the Canary Islands, have to stay at home between 11pm and 6am.
  • The only permitted journeys are going to work, buying medicine or caring for the elderly or children.
  • Public and private gatherings are limited to 6 people, unless they are from the same household..
  • Social distancing of 1.5 metres both indoor and outdoors.
  • Most regions in Spain have made face-mask obligatory outdoors
  • Face-masks have to be worn by anyone aged over 6 years old – on all forms of public transport and indoor public spaces across the country.#
  • Churches are open to a third of their normal capacity.
  • Up to 15 people at funerals.  Outdoor wakes 15 people, indoor wakes 10 people.
  • Shops are open.
  • Service provision are open – e.g. hairdressers, gyms, etc.. must up to 50% capacity and can remain open until 10pm.
  • Pharmacies, medical centres, vets and fuel centres can be open whenever.
  • No Drinking and eating inside in bars and restaurants, they must shut at 11pm.  No new customers after 10pm.

Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Chris, who also appeared in Face-Mask Corner on Day 221.

Chris got his face-mask in Primark, a pack of 2 face-masks for £2.50, with a choice of paisley (his), camouflage and denim.  He said they were in the men’s section, so are designed for men 🙂


Awesome!  Thanks Chris – I may go and buy a pack for myself!



Readers Corner

One post today from Sam.



You may remember Sam Lupton from the early days of the blog.  He is a magician friend, who was a DJ on Off the Chart Radio, which I listened to lots at the start of lockdown..  He even did a wee dedication for me on his final evening show on Day 72.

Sam got in touch saying:

“Hi Jim. I’m loving reading all about your boating adventures. Do you know which number blog it is when you spent your first night? I’d love to read it. Just to let you know, I’ve opened a radio station for County Durham called Durham OnAir. I’m doing the breakfast show with Joe every morning from 7-9. I hope you can listen. You can listen through the website or by downloading our Apple or Android app which also streams the station. Thought you might enjoy listening on the boat 🙂 x”.

Thanks Sam!  Glad you are enjoying the blog.  It was Day 207 when I did my first sleepover on the boat.  Thanks for the mention of the radio, I will try and check it out.



It Made Me Smile

This has been circulating social media today and it made me smile 🙂

It is a photo taken last night by Adam Bulley Photography –

He writes:

“Epic conditions last night from Arthur’s Seat.

From my kitchen window I could see that the fog had set in for the evening so it was just a matter of choosing where to go from a long list of locations that would have worked well. I had visualised a shot of Edinburgh Castle surrounded by the haar for years so I headed to Salisbury Crags in the hope that it would be high enough to get above the fog and view the Castle. Arriving I initially thought that the visability was too low, but I decided to walk up anyway. After a couple of minutes of walking I suddenly saw the Castle standing proud in a sea of clouds.

As with all the photos posted on this page, prints are available

Thanks for sharing



As I come to the end of todays blog, its been pretty full on!  I decided to start taking a photo in the morning from Leamington Bridge at the start of the blog (see photo next to the text at the beginning) and then the same view at the end of the blog (see here).  That may give some contrast of the weather and changing light, etc…

On this evenings walk with Honey the Dog, I reflected on how there is a lovely stillness being next to water and the canal.  Even though being in the centre of town and there being a hum in the distance, there is a stillness on the water and the canal.  I love that energy.  I am totally loving my new life living on a boat!

The weather today has been warmer compared to the last few days, so super hot on Disco (my boat) this evening with the wood burner going too.  It hasn’t rained (I think) but been mainly cloudy.  A generally pleasant day.

I need to start making plans on sorting through everything in my flat to sell or giveaway.  Plus a timeline to getting the flat up to a rentable standard.  I am really enjoying using it as my ‘office space’ at the moment.  So I can work in it during the day and relaxing on the boat the rest of the time.  However, tomorrow with some online meetings, I will have to spend the day on Disco.

Good Night!

Jim & Honey xx