Day 231 – Reflections on Lockdown

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The last two nights, I have woken at 4am feeling really hot!  I put a load of coal on the fire, before going to bed, to allow it to burn through the night.  It seems about 4am is bursts into flames, as when I wake at 4am sweltering, I look at the wood burner and it seems to be burning lots.  So this evening, I have put the final pile of coal on at the start of writing the blog.  Will see what happens.

This morning when I opened the door to go outside, there was a fog everywhere, with dampness in the air.

Lots of spider webs were visible with the dampness and fog.  I’ve just done a google search on why that is


“Spider webs, usually hidden in plain sight, quickly become visible as the humid air condenses on the silk strands.”.

On our morning walk I saw some art, using Batman symbol –


After morning QiGong, Honey and I jumped on the bus and headed to Leith.  We dropped by at Mo Beans Coffee shop for a coffee and then onto the Ear Shop for Honey’s ear treat.

Then onto my flat to do some paid work.  At 4.30pm, for nostalgia, we did a walk round the Cemetery, then a trades person came round and before I knew it, it was 6pm and so we jumped back on the bus back to the boat.

Yesterday (Day 230), I was trying to find a replacement photo to put at the end of the blog.  But today I got the old photo from the cemetery, so here is the photo I took this morning from Leamington Bridge – check out the fog !!


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

For those who read yesterdays blog (Day 230), you will know that this is a new section.  In which I research and write about the lockdown restrictions in a particular country.

Over the last four days I have now covered the UK – England ((Day 227), Scotland ((Day 228), Wales (Day 229) and Northern Ireland (Day 230).

Today I am looking at the Republic of Ireland.



Interestingly the government document is called ‘A Plan for Living with Covid-19, 2020-2021′.  I like the idea that they have stated this will be for 2021 as well.  We don’t seem to be given such a clear certainty that this will be going on for another year, even though we kind of know that!  It feels in Republic of Ireland they are given a clearer timeframe.

The government has a 5 Level Strategy (1 is the lowest, 5 is the highest)

From midnight on Wednesday 21st October, the Republic of Ireland went into Level 5 (the highest level) for 6 weeks – a full lockdown, which to my count is until Wednesday 2nd December.  Which incidentally is the same date that England is meant to becoming out of it’s lockdown – I wonder if that was intentional of Boris?

These are some of the rules (for Level 5):

  • Stay at Home.
  • Work from home – unless essential services.
  • Can only exercise within 3 miles (5 km) of their home – except for essential work and essential purposes.
  • Can leave 3 miles radius for – travel to work (essential services only), medical appointment, take children to school, travel to court, travel to attend disability day service, food shopping, vital care reasons, farming purposes, attend or wedding or funeral, visit a grave.
  • Can meet outdoors for exercise (within 3 miles of home) with one other household.
  • No social or family gatherings in homes or gardens – but visits on compassionate grounds and for caring purposes can continue.
  • Those living alone or parenting alone can pair with another household to form a ‘support bubble’.
  • Most non-essential shops close.
  • Hairdressers close.
  • Bars and restaurants can open for a takeaway food and delivery only.
  • Nightclubs, discos and casinos – closed.
  • Hotels, Guesthouses, B&Bs – open for essential services only.
  • Schools and creches remain open.
  • Elite sport can continue.
  • Number of wedding guests remain at 25 people until the end of 2020.
  • Up to 25 people can attend a funeral.
  • Construction can continue.
  • Most manufacturing can remain open.
  • Gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools – closed.
  • Religious Services – online.
  • Museums, Galleries and other cultural attractions – closed.  Libraries can be accessed online.

Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Richard, who works at Mo Beans Coffee Shop.

A friend of Richard’s wife made him two face-masks, this is one of them!  He washes it regularly and says the strap is getting a bit loose.

Thanks Richard!  I love the Mo Beans apron 🙂


Readers Corner

Just one comment today.


Rachel posted a Facebook comment on yesterdays blog in relation to my disappointment of the food shops nearby that I talked about on Day 228, saying:

“Just in case you haven’t done this yet, your nearest Lidl/Aldi to the boat I think would be on Dalry road…you can shortcut through the subway beside fountain park that takes you through to Orwell Terrace xxx”.

Thanks for that Rachel, I noticed there was a Lidl relatively close to my boat, but as yet I have not made it there.  The shortcut sounds a lot easier than what Google Maps says along the road.  I will definitely check it out soon!

As I come to the end of today’s blog, I feel that I settling more and more into boat life.  I am loving lighting a fire every night, although I have nearly run out of wood, so will have to order some more!

I haven’t done any unpacking since I moved, with boxes all stacked in one corner, I am now starting to feel the urge to sort through everything and unpack so more.  Perhaps, a little bit each day would work.  Tomorrow, I also plan to use the washing machine for the first time, so that will be an adventure!

I am really enjoying researching and writing for ‘Lockdown Restrictions Corner’ – its great to read what other countries are doing.  It feels in England and Scotland, we hardly have any lockdown compared to other countries!

The weather has been foggy and damp and cold for most of the day.  This evening, when we returned to the boat, the fog had cleared up.  I wonder if the fog hangs more on the canal, because of the water, will have to see.

Hope you’ve had a good start to your week.

Jim x