Day 228 – Reflections on Lockdown

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This morning when I woke up, the boat was quite cold.  I went outside and there was a kind of misty stillness in the air.


Last night I had forgot to keep an eye on the fire and it had gone out when I went to bed, which is why the temperature dropped more quickly.  I tried to relight it, without success.

On our morning walk, Leamington Lift Bridge was being repaired, probably why it was being tested yesterday (see Day 227).  Everyone was using the steps over the bridge instead!  With the the steps only being one person width, there was a queue the other side.

After QiGong, Honey and I headed to the flat and I did quite a bit of paid work, which felt good.

From being cold this morning, I continued to feel cold for the rest of the day, including in my flat.

After that Honey and I met up with Hannah and we went for a walk up Arthurs Seat.  There was a mist hanging over the city, I guess it had been there all day!

At the top of Arthurs Seat I spotted a group of 13 people, not socially distanced – they looked like students.  Reflecting with Hannah, we decided that perhaps they were all in one block in the Halls of Residence and so were a 13 person bubble?

It was super busy at the top!


Afterwards I headed back to my flat and went into Lidl to do some shopping.  I must admit, I am not so impressed with the food shops near the boat – Two Tesco Express, a Sainsbury Local and a smallish Co-Op.  None of them really stock much and are really expensive!  I have been spoiled living next to a Lidl for so long!  I will have to find the nearest Lidl to the boat 🙂

After yesterdays research on England’s national lockdown rules and restrictions (Day 227), today I said I would describe Scotland’s 4 Tier / 5 Level system (  Tomorrow I will look at Wales.

So from Monday just gone (Day 224), Scotland went into a Five Level system.  Edinburgh is currently in Level 3 (second highest, as there is a Level Zero), which hasn’t changed much for the last few weeks or maybe months?!


Level Zero – Almost like normal life.  Up to eight people can gather indoors from three households.  Fifteen people from five households can meet outdoors.  No area has been placed in this level.

Level One – Six people from two households can meet indoors (although will not be permitted right away).  Up to six people from two households can meet outdoors or at a pub or restaurant.  Hospitality to close at 22:30.

Level Two – No gathering inside people’s homes.  Six people from two households can meet outdoors or at a café, pub or restaurant.  Most hospitality venues can open, alcohol can be served indoors with a meal until 20:00.  Alcohol can be served outdoors until 22:30.

Level Three – No gathering inside people’s homes.  Cafes, pubs and restaurants can open until 18:00, but alcohol cannot be served.  Leisure and entertainment venues closed.  It is advised that non-essential travel should not take place in or out of the area.

Level Four – Closer to a full lockdown like we had in March.  Non-essential shops closed.  Hospitality and gyms will be closed.  No area has been been placed (yet) at this level.

Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Hannah, again!  That’s the 4th time she has appeared in Face-Mask Corner, also appearing on Day 154, Day 177 and Day 222, she purposely wore this one, as she knew it hadn’t appeared in Face-Mask Corner.  Hannah is now in joint first place, appearing in Face-Mask Corner four times, the other person is me!

Hannah bought her face-mask in Spain, where you have to wear them all the time if you are outside, resulting in large fines if you don’t.  She was in Spain at the start of October, returning to Edinburgh to quarantine for a full 14 days, not going outside for the whole time and not being in the same room as her flatmate, sanitising when she left, etc…

She said in Spain there are whole shops dedicated to just selling face-masks!!


Thanks Hannah!  Interesting to hear how things are different in Spain 😉

Readers Corner



You may remember, during ‘Poetry/Art Corner’ my sister, Anna, submitted lots of paintings she did with The Paint Republic (  Today she sent me another one saying:

“Painting I’ve done as a card thanks to The Paint Republic”.


Thanks Anna, I love this one 🙂

It reminds me a bit of the interactive game ‘Far from Noise’, in which you are in a car hanging on the edge of a cliff and you have to decide what to do – it is very Zen – check out the trailer –

Anna also wrote in response to yesterday’s blog (Day 227) and Honey getting upset by the fireworks saying:

“Looks like you are settling into Disco.

You can get ‘Sounds Scary’ CD or maybe online now to help with firework phobia. Will post a link. If you start working on it after this lot of fireworks you can make a huge difference for next time.

Anxiety generally can get worse as dogs get older and won’t be helped by being in a less familiar place – Disco”.


Thanks Anna, I’m sure Honey is totally confused, where her home is – as we spend half our time on the boat and half in my flat!

I’ve checked out the link and looks great – Pet Therapy 🙂



Pat posted a Facebook Comment on yesterdays blog (Day 227) saying:

“As With Honey, My Dog Was Bloody Terrified With All The Fire Works And He is 12…Just A Thought Maybe Get Honey’s Hearing Looked At…Stay Safe and Stay Well Mate….☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Cheers Pat, thanks for the thoughts 🙂

Hope your dog is doing okay – check out the link above, looks great!



It Made Me Smile

Saw this and it made me smile 🙂



As I come to the end of this blog, I am now super hot!!  Being cold all day, I got carried away with the wood burner and it is now 31 degrees on the boat!  Its going to take a while to get a balance on finding the right temperature!  At the moment it feels like I am in a sauna!!

Has been a great day, waking up to stillness outside, doing some work, going on a lovely walk and now super hot!

Despite it being a Friday, outside is super quiet and it feels like any other evening to me.

Today the weather has been colder than the previous few days, the coldest I think it has been since I moved onto Disco (the boat).  It has been a nice day though, it didn’t rain and a great sunset.

Hope you’ve had a Fun Friday!

Lots of Love

Jim xx