Day 226 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today, I have been helping The Melting Pot, pack up and move.  For regular blog readers you will know that The Melting Pot has been my office home for over 11 years, closing its Rose Street doors (in Thorn House), as it looks for a new and better premises which can be run effectively Covid Compliant.

Thorn House, where The Melting Pot was based, I believe, originally was used as offices for Jenners Department Store.  Jenners used to be Scotland’s oldest Independent Department Store, before being acquired by House of Fraser.

A big part of the moving took place about 10 days ago, on a Saturday, by a big group of volunteers.  Today, there was mainly The Melting Pot staff and a couple of volunteers.  Was lovely to spent time hanging out with the staff, before some leave and some go into running The Melting Pot on a virtual basis.

My first job was to help load up many office chairs and take them to the storage space in Argyle House, in the West Port of Edinburgh.  According to Wikipedia, Argyle House occupies the place where Burke and Hare murdered 18 people in a space of 10 months in 1828.  They would tempt their victims back to their lodgings in Tanners Close (where Argyle House is now), leading to the name The West Port Murders.

We arrived to the back entrance of the building to onload and it wasn’t until I got there, I realised I used to do mental health training in the building for CAPS.


I couldn’t resist taking photos of some Covid Safety signs for the blog 😉

The first sign is for going in the lift.

Then back in the van to The Melting Pot for lunch and more clearing and loading vans.




Today was Honey the Dog’s first time on the boat, home alone, I think I was more anxious than she was!  My neighbour, Fiona let her out for a walk in the afternoon.  Beforehand she peered in the window and Honey was fast asleep, saying, Honey had luxury – the radio on, the heater on and a bed to lie on!

When I got back, we went for a long walk along the canal before back to Discovery, for dinner, chopping some wood and lighting the fire.

After the success of getting the correct heat of the wood burner yesterday, the temperature got up to 31 C this evening – I notice how tired the heat makes me and Honey!

Last night, my Mobile WiFi device said there was one device connected when there was none.  So I got panicked thinking someone else was using my WiFi, so I adapted the settings, so it was not visible.  This morning when I came to start my Daily Morning QiGong, none of my devices would connect to the WiFi because the network was not visible – so I had to do QiGong on my phone!

I then found the box it came in and worked out how to reset the device and now it is visible again, although my computer wouldn’t connect to it this evening.  Eventually using a forum I found using my phone, I worked out how to sort that.


Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Paul at The Melting Pot.

Paul got his face-mask at Gap, it came in a pack of three.  This one, a green camouflage and a paisley one.


Thanks Paul, there are not many shops now that don’t sell face-masks!


Readers Corner

Today we have three sharings.



Kate (of Kate’s Park) posted a Facebook comment on Day 224 blog, saying:

“Sounds great jim! We’re going to miss you being in the area but I’m so pleased that things are working out and that you’re happy! We can’t wait to see your new home Discovery 🤩“.

Thanks Kate!  I am still around your area for the next month, working in my flat.  Hope to see you sometime soon 🙂



Pat posted a Facebook comment on yesterdays blog (Day 225), saying:

“You Will Need A Few More Tyres Spaced Apart To Stop The Banging… Stay Safe and Stay Well Mate…☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿“.

Yes, Pat you are right!  The one tyre is a temporary fix, I’ve got another one to attach, plus I can tighten the ropes a bit too.




Sally posted a Facebook comment on Day 224 blog, saying:

“Great read”.

Cheers Sally, glad you enjoyed it 🙂 x


Music / Podcast Corner

Today we have Part Two of Helen’s sharing 🙂

I hope you all managed to listen to the interview that Helen shared here yesterday (Day 225).

For Part Two, Helen wrote:

“I’ve put all the songs mentioned in the interview into a playlist.”.


She entitled it: Nine Songs: Tim Minchin



Thanks Helen, I will check this out once I am using my broadband WiFi tomorrow at my flat.

As I come to the end of this blog, my hope for an early night is not going to happen.  Well, I should be in bed about midnight, which isn’t too bad.  I switched my computer on at 9pm to start the blog, but with the WiFi connection problems, I didn’t start it until 10.30pm – very frustrating!

I love waking up each morning on water, it is definitely a different feeling, compared to waking up in a bed which has ground below.  I am also finding I sleep really deeply, whether that is because I am super tired or on water, I don’t know.  We are slowly developing an evening routine and I continue to enjoy lighting the wood burner every night.  If I had moved here in the summer, I wouldn’t get the joy of that.

Tomorrow at midnight (in about 20 minutes) England goes into a full lockdown for 4 weeks.  I will research that I hope to write about it tomorrow.

Today the weather has been cold (ish), but no rain.  Cloudy.

Thanks for Reading!

Jim x