Day 223 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today I have continued  clearing through everything I own and moving all my belongings from my flat to my boat.  I have moved about 90-95% now and my flat it looking quite bare.  It rained most of the afternoon, so it was a wet move, but hey it’s nearly done!

About half of my belongings are still in the flat, which I will need to sort through over the next couple of weeks and find new homes for them all, either selling, taking to charity shops or giving away.

Yesterday, Danny introduced me to the Shrub Coop, which offers a ‘swap shop’.  You bring in your old belongings and they go out on the shop for sale.  In return for giving your belongings, they are valued up and then you are giving a percentage of what they will be sold in the form of credits for on your account.  You then can buy new things in the shop using the credits or spend in their café.

So generally, you are swapping your belongings to buy new ones.

It’s situated about a 10 minute walk from my boat, so I will be using this for some of my stuff.

Tonight I am staying in my flat, from tomorrow night I will be sleeping on my boat.  But I plan to work a lot in the daytime in my flat, as The Melting Pot is now closed until sometime in 2021 and I am still paying for Broadband WiFi in my flat.  So I might as well use that, rather than the 40Gb data I have on the boat.

I’m not totally sure if that will work, but I will try and see.

Tomorrow, a guy is coming to look at my solar panel on my boat, which has not worked for over a year, according to the previous owner.  It powers my leisure battery.  The leisure battery powers the two pumps on my boat (bilge pump and water pump) and the lights.  At the moment the leisure battery is powered by a complicated series of connections with an extension lead running out of my kitchen window, which is connected to the mains electricity inside the boat.

This evening, Brian dropped by to give me some things.  He and his partner have recently sold their second house in Fife and were clearing out a lot of their belongings this weekend.  As they also have a flat in Leith, they have ended up with duplicates – so offered to give me some.  I am leaving most in my flat for my new tenant, which is great.  Including – Microwave, plates, glasses, kitchen utensils, mixer and so much more.

Also two lamps – which is going to the boat – the lighting is really poor and I was going to get some lamps.  So the lamps will be great 🙂


I am now super tired, so I am heading to bed.

It has rained all afternoon and evening, has been cold with the rain and dampness, although the wind has dropped.  So my boat will be happy with that 🙂

Good Night!

Jim xx